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EVE Online goes dark to fight security breach

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Right thing to do, but tiresome

Under these circumstances, shutting the lot down was the right thing to do. No question otherwise, leaving it up with the risk of things getting worse would be foolish, I think we can all agree that.

Asking for their money back is also stupid. In cases like this, I do believe that the customers game time should be extended for the duration of the downtime. As loosing 10 hours of play is really a disgrace.

The reason I say this is simple. Eve has to be frank far too much downtime, a scheduled one hour daily down time, and extended downtimes in Eve are far form rare.

I have played EVE for some time now, and have seen so much downtime it's beyond a joke. For one thing, 1 hour a day takes the piss to be frank. We as customers are paying for 90 days or 30 (what ever) yet we are actually receiving 90 hours less than what we pay for. When you add all these ours together, you realize we loose quite a lot of time in which we are paying good money for.

To make things worse, the so called "1 hour" downtime is quite often more than an hour. Now a 5 - 10 minute restart of the servers is logical when you consider the daily traffic, but an hour? Takes the pure, unfiltered piss.

But back on point, in this case. DT was sensible and the right thing to do, but I stand against loosing 1 hour a day, every day on top of that.



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