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EU begins formal probe into US gambling ban

Jason Rush

Easy Fix

As US Law States, you can gamble in any state provideing that state allow's it! Indian Reservations are a Sovereign within the boundreies of the US thus with state approval they can gamble on there land, with that said IF you live in a location where gambling is allowed then you theorectically could gamble online, if you do not live in one of those locations then you cannot, IE the gambling is taking place in a location where its not allowed, it has nothing to do with where the money is located, where the server is located or anything of such, it is based on the person whom is making the bet. the US will just change the law to allow US compaines to run servers from there casino's if it become and issue as stated above, though this would do not good as whos going to sit in there hotel room and gamble on the computer when they could just go downstairs to the casino floor! so US compaines would probly get a lot of the business and taxes would still be paid.

California to snatch control of citizens' air-con

Jason Rush


Well simply put So Cal Edison and the other larger electrical provides here in California already have A/C controlled devices and they can install on your A/C unit's to shut them down, the only diff between those and what is being talked about here is that they are optional and you get credit 4 months out of the year for having them, i personally had one installed on one of my unit's, why not if im going to get credit on my bill the 4 hottest months of the year and they can only shut the unit off for a max of 3 hours per day and i can at any time have the device removed i see nothing wrong with that, now if you want to control my thermo thats a diff story, besides that what FM Blockers were invented for, additionally since there would officially be no way to tell if the thermo was there prior to later why not just order one from out of state and replace it?

New Jersey bans sex offenders from the web

Jason Rush

just more

This is just more regulation of the people leading to the communist nation of america!. california just passed a law stating you can no longer smoke in a car with a child under the age of 18 or be fined for it. i have never understood why the goverment thinks that it is it's job to protect people from themself's or there children. as far as i am concerned the NJ law is just flat out stupid! and as others have pointed out banns people who have otherwise commited a simple crime and not a true "Sex Crime", our law's in this country need to be changed so that every law written into rule should be voted on by the public 1st, then get a real president into office who actually worked for a living prior to becomming president!

Thousands snared by malware warning from big-name websites

Jason Rush


one of my customer's got this bad boy and ill tell you what, it looks very legit, to my eyes i knew something was wrong but to any typical EU this looks normal. its mean too, i couldnt find one Anti Virus which actually could remove everything nor one Spyware/Adware program, i ended up having to removed what i could with programs and the rest done manually. be carefull with this one.

'Fiendish' Trojan pickpockets eBay users

Jason Rush

User Error

This is simply user error, No Antivirus out there can detect every virus or alike the ,minute it comes out, people claim AV being better but i personally have found it lets more viruses pass then any other ( remember a virus is no longer what it was ten year ago ) Adware and Spyware are all a form of a virus just with different name.s. im still baffled why anyone would wire that much money without the car in sight, if your not where the car is you use a service like pay pal to make the payment then you can fall back on there policys if ripped ( Maybe ) there was much more this user could have done to protect herself, people need to start realizeing there is nothing different from the internet and real life, you should be taking the same cautions here as you would down the street.

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