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Pressure group demands UK apes China net filter plan

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Nothing stopping them

Give a major PC distributor enough cash and they will install whatever crapware you supply on all new computers. If Mediamarch want this, then they can commission the software themselves and pay to have it installed.

Security holes poked in Chinese compulsory PC filter plan

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Import barrier or just some pork for Jinhui?

All PCs shipped to China ... will be required to bundle ...

So PC's assembled in China do not require pre-installed spyware. Also, there is nothing about taking you laptop to the market to get the spyware removed (replaced?).

Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory

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Keep them talking

If you get an annoying call, it is costing them money. Ask them to wait a bit. Get on with what you were doing, then ask them to wait a bit longer. Let them get into their sales pitch, pick of one subject and ignore the rest. When they finally shut up, ask about that subject. Keep asking stupid questions and ignoring everything they say.

Bing passes Yahoo! in Google runner-up stakes

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Bing does exactly what I would expect

I just tried "remove bing default search":

Google had what I was looking for in 5th place (a link to answers.yahoo.com).

ask Jeeves has the same link in 5th place.

Bing has nothing useful in the top ten, but does link to plenty of articles that say Bing is really popular.

US mega retailer settles spyware charges

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Always look at the agreement

If the agreement is 50 pages long or not clear, you are dealing with the wrong company.

Microsoft takes hard line on Win 7 hardware

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I do not blame Microsoft for this

Manufacturers love OS changes. One new OS, and all old devices stop working. Manufacturers could spend money writing new drivers for their obsolete hardware, or they can sit back and let you buy replacement hardware to get the driver you need.

I can imaging that Microsoft has as much difficulty getting programming specs out of manufacturers as Linux programmers do. I respect Microsoft for not playing the same game with their own hardware. Their operating system may be an overpriced resource hog fit only for malware, but I have been impressed by the quality of their mice (mine still works after about 12 years).

@Mark Legosz: Cost

The cost of some flash increased by 30% for each layer of the distribution chain is significant on a £5 mouse. Instead, USB devices identify themselves as firmware devices. The operating system gets the device ID, uses that to get the firmware, sends it to the device and resets the device. The device then identifies itself as a webcam or whatever without having to include more than 16 bits of non-volatile storage.

12 of the best... mice

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I would linke to nominate these two

Endurance mouse: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3592976.stm

Glowing mouse: http://www.bio-itworld.com/archive/091103/russell.html

EC pressure on Microsoft grows

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Why would Microsoft care?

Even if they add a dozen free third party browsers, people are still charged for IE along with the OS the might not want either. The obvious solution is to limit Microsoft to shipping a free demo version of their OS, and letting lock-in victims buy functionality if they want.

BSA urges London companies to check for pirate software

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If the BSA annoy you, remove their funding


VIA offshoot aims ARM SoC at Intel's Atom

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It wont catch fire if you block the air vents, so why not call it a laptop?

Looks very interesting, but what was the point of PATA?

Boffins: Ordinary lightbulbs can be made efficient, cheaply

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Bring on the confusion

The output from lightbulbs could be measured in well defined Lumens, but energy efficient lightbulb manufacturers prefer to say "as bright as a 60W bulb". They look for the dimmest bulb that draws 60W for their comparison, so customers are disappointed.

If a light fitting is rated for a bulb that uses 60W, imagine what the shop assistant will say about an efficient bulb with the same output as an 80W bulb.

Blighty’s barmy for e-cars, poll discovers

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Gets my vote

Petrol tax is about the same as the cost of replacing a worn out battery. There is a limit to the amount of environmental damage that dead batteries will do, but I can see no limit to the damage caused by government spending.

Sims 3 pirated 180,000 times in three days

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EA: "Downloads did not hurt Spore's sales"


The article mentions up to 500,000 downloads, but also mentions 1,000,000 sales. A later article expected 2,000,000 by the end of the year.

Looks like a cross between "Try before you buy" and "Viral marketing" to me.

Sky shoots Swan Lake in 3D

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A title is missing

@raving angry loony

Current "3D" means stereoscopic. There are two ways to get proper 3D. Tell a computer where your head is, and the computer can render the right image on a TV so it looks like there is a 3D scene infront of and behind the TV. This is limited to computer generated material and is not useful for two people watching the same TV, but it is very cheap. I am surprised that you cannot get this as an add-on for games consoles now.

The other way is to spin a screen very fast and use 3 high speed projectors to put images on the screen that change as the screen rotates. The image is limited to places where the screen can be (nothing can appear to be infront of or behind a sphere), three viewing angles are blocked by the projectors and the image darkens as your point of view becomes vertical. If there was a guaranteed mass market, the kit would cost a few thousand pounds. Content would be hard to produce - multiple cameras shooting from all directions at the same time, then the cameras have to be replaced by background in post production. It could be done if there was an audience ready to spend lots of money on 3D films. Even if the porn industry had not been decimated by free content on the net, this stuff would still be over a decade away from being anything but a curiosity in a science museum. Your best bet for 3D footie is to take 21 friends and a football to the park.


Sounds like you were looking at a hologram. If you shine a laser onto a holographic plate, it looks like there is an image infront of or behind (or both) the plate. If you move around, the image changes as if it was a real 3D object. The holographic plate is a piece of high resolution photographic film. The resolution is several thousand dots per millimetre. LCD's have a resolution of several dots per millimetre. You can get that sort of resolution with LCD on sillicon, but the result is either tiny or expensive. You can also store a 3D animation with current technology. 1,000,000 times the size and bandwidth of a 2D film is expensive, but technically possible. It would be cheaper to hire some actors for a private performance, and walk around the stage.

Anyone seen microdisplays for sale? Several companies claim to have them, but as soon as you look for a price you get customer friendly notices like "You need Microsoft .NET framework to beg for a quote", "If you need to ask for the price, you cannot afford one" or "FOAD because we hate customers/developers/anyone who might generate sales". I have always thought a microdisplay would be far more convenient than a laptop display, but judging by people's opinion of 3D specs, I could be alone there.

Rambus pitches XDR2 for future memory

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Rambus leaping in the wrong direction

Two ways to make memory access faster:

1) Put 4 CPU's in one chip, put the chip in a socket, connect the socket to another socket via a PCB, put another PCB in that socket and solder memory chips to that PCB. Then come up with some patented process to reduce the latency and power requirements of all those gigantic sockets and PCB's.

2) Put 1 CPU in a chip and use the remaining space for embedded DRAM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1T-SRAM, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EDRAM). All the connections are low latency low power on chip busses.

Guess which is the best choice for small cheap computers?

Nork nuke quite a lot less powerful than Hiroshima

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"a blatant violation of international law"

If only they had said it was just a natural earth quake. Everyone would have been happy.

Wikipedia lets Creative Commons into its heart

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AC: 01:29

The only reason you can use proprietary or free/open source software is that you have a license. If you do not respect the license, you lack the authority to use the software. That restricts you to software that has passed into the public domain. What OS and applications do you use?

Commercial software exists because the authors are financed by license sales. BSD licensed software exists because the authors use the attributions required by the license to justify educational grants. Free/open source software exists because some programmers like the requirement that if someone else distributes modified versions of their software, the modifications have to be made available for anyone to use.

Almost all software exists because of copyright law and licenses. I have a great deal of respect for the people who created licenses. Because of them, I am able to earn a living, use some excellent software, read interesting books, watch films and listen to music without requiring musicians to be present.

Get a clue you freetard.

Boffins build basis for 9TB DVDs

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@Simon Neill

Take a look at the back of your computer. Have you noticed that the contacts on almost all the sockets are gold plated. Same with the connectors on the cables. Take a look inside, and you will find gold plated expansion cards, gold plated socket for those cards, and gold plated pins on the CPU and its socket. Next, go to the factory where the computer was built. If any of the chips are Ball Grid Array then the circuit board is probably gold plated. The older style chips with pins around the edges use gold to connect the pins to the chip.

A 500nm layer of gold covering the area of a DVD is US$1.40 at today's (high) prices. I doubt that they would need so much gold, or that the mass market would want 9TB in a 12cm disc when they could have 1TB in a 4cm disc, or whatever flash and hard disks look like 10 years from now.

'Air fuelled' battery tech invented in Scotland

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277km with a battery you can carry

3050 Wh/kg is almost 11MJ/kg. A Tesla Roadster does 2.53km/MJ or 27.7km/kg of battery. (actually you could go further as you are not lugging around a hefty Li-ion battery). For comparison a Honda Civic VX (51mpg=21.7km/l) goes 29.5km/kg of fuel.

A 1kg battery would handle my most common round trip journeys. Charging time is not that important, as it would be practical to swap a pair of 10kg batteries every four hours on long journeys.

All figures came from: http://www.stanford.edu/group/greendorm/participate/cee124/TeslaReading.pdf and http://www.mgkscotland.co.uk/lift_drive/health&safety/lifting.htm

Gut instinct no protection against net scams

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Should have polled MP's

If you have a good product, talk to the engineer. If you have a slightly crappy product, talk to the pointy haired boss. If your product is complete and utter crap, sell it to the government.

Credit Management meets computer automation

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What would you rather do?

1) Talk to a machine for 5 minutes, find the machine cannot help you, then wait half an hour for a human. The human is overworked, underpaid and has not been given the resources or authority to do a proper job. There is a risk that whatever you agree over the phone will be forgotten the next day. You will have to make the same phone call again later, and explain it all again to the person in the next cubical.

2) Type a letter. Print two copies. File one and post the other. Let the letter wait in a queue for you. Both sides get to keep a reminder of what was said, and overworked staff can deal with their in tray at a steady pace rather than with the added pressure of 50 tax payers on hold.

Acer readies HD netbook

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Why bother with Vmedia?

If you want to watch a film on the train, it would be simpler to just copy a couple of DVD's to flash before going out - unless your operating system is full of anti-format shifting crippleware.

Intel wants Medfield in smart phones

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What do you want from your phone?

Two hour battery life, a battery the size of your hand or non-x86 CPU?

UK.gov international net clean-up plan gathers dust

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The simple way to deal with objectionable content

Just ignore it. Labour have demonstrated that the can ignore petitions.number10.gov.uk, so why can't they ignore everything else they object to.

Expenses row MPs warned to change cash card PINs

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They need to change their pins ...

... because the pins used to be set to the last four digits of the card number.

Intel's record fine will lead to civil suits, says expert

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@adnim: where the fine ends up

The fine is paid into the same fund that national governments pay into to run the EU - unless Intel appeal, in which case Intel still have to pay within three months, but the money is held in trust. If the appeal fails, decide for yourself if this means lower taxes or a higher EU budget.

Intel to appeal EU fine

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Pull the other one Otellini

Paul Otellini: "There has been absolutely zero harm to consumers."

This message was typed on an Intel laptop. I wanted AMD, but there were no AMD decent laptops for sale in the same price range. Bear in mind that AMD were unable to give CPU's away for free because distributors would have lost their "Intel only" rebates. If I underclock my AMD desktops so they use less power than a laptop, I get a silent computer with better performance than my noisy Intel laptop.

If Mr Otellini cannot spot the harm that his company does to consumers, then by all means use his appeal as an excuse to double the fine.

(I found answers to my biggest questions about these fines: Intel have three months to pay the current fine - even if they appeal. If they appeal, the money is held in trust and earns interest. If Intel lose the appeal, the money goes into the same kitty that national governments pay into for EU membership. Decide for yourself if that means you get lower taxes or a bigger EU budget.)

Firefox users caught in crossfire of warring add-ons

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@raving angry loony

Konqueror: Settings->Configure Konqueror->Java & Javascript: Can turn off scripts globally, by site or prevent the most obvious objectionable behaviour.

Konqueror: Settings->Configure Konqueror->AdBlock Filters: Block all ads, or block ads by source.

You can also use a user style sheet to fix the colours and layout of ugly websites, turn all cookies into session cookies, not install the flash plugin, change the browser id, and do all sorts of other fun things without using any plugins.

Another excellent browser is Lynx: no java, javascript, flash, images or CSS - all without having to configure anything. There are lots of fun things you can do with /etc/lynx.cfg. Links and w3m have similar advantages to Lynx.

Microsoft and Linux trade patent words in Europe

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Not clear that TomTom paid for FAT patents

There were several patents involved in the deal, some of them for hardware. TomTom settled because the cost of fighting was large compared to the cost of settling. Microsoft settled because the terms of the deal included secrecy about how weak the FAT patents are. The idea is to say "TomTom settled" to everyone else who uses free/open source without mentioning that using free/open source software was not the real issue between TomTom and Microsoft.

"OSI approved" license means nothing in the open source world. The OSI approved lots of licenses - some good and some poor - and many incompatible with each other. In short, if it is not GPL or a BSD variant, then checking the license allows what a programmer wants to do and is a real barrier against misuse costs more effort than finding another piece of code with a GPL or BSD license.

Microsoft like to send press releases about making friends with open source but their business model depends on technology lock-in. Many free/open source users and developers place a lot of value on the absence of technology lock-in. Free/open source users are not going to change their minds, and I do not see Microsoft changing while they still have cash to burn.

Microsoft answers EU antitrust charges

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Broken windows please

Disabling IE at the press of a button will not do anything useful. A money back for IE button is closer to the useful. The real answer is broken windows for free, and buttons to pay for unbreaking what users really need.

Adobe users imperiled by critical Reader flaw

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There are elevation of privilege attacks for Linux

Here is an elevation of privilege attack for Linux kernels up to and including 2.6.10. It has sufficient privilege to escape from user mode linux and chroot jails.


Simply "using linux" does not mean you are secure. You must also take precautions in proportion to the value of the machine you are protecting. Always keep up to date with patches. Getting rid of javascript, java and flash is also worthwhile. Most decent websites work fine without these. Adding javascript to PDF was beyond stupid.

DARPA looking for mind-controlrepair brainplug tech

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Who is ready to try it?

"I thought you said you could just read his brain electronically," protested Ford.

"Oh yes," said Frankie, "but we'd have to get it out first. It's got to be prepared."

"Treated," said Benji.


Darling's £0.5bn offshore windfarm 'leccy-bill stealth levy

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@AC 14:35 Here are your figures

Figures for energy consumption, energy generation, construction and maintenance costs:


AMD chases Nehalem with speedier Shanghai

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How to avoid making money:

Advertise some new parts then refuse to sell them.

AMD excel at this. Please AMD, design things and sell them. I would like to have some competition for Intel at least as neither Intel or AMD will compete with Via.

Profs: Human race must become Hobbits to save planet

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Publicise one of the alternatives to BMI

Advantages of BMI:

* The definition is widely known.

* Several people can calculate it even after a modern education.


* The formula gives poor results for the very tall, very short and for athletes.

* Even less than unuseful for making national plans about health/weight.

Height/(mass^2) is the wrong formula. So is height/(mass^3). If you scale people equally in all dimensions, mass increases with l^3, but ankle strength increases with l^2. Tall people cannot afford to grow thick and wide in proportion to their height or they will damage their ankles. (Excessively tall people end up in wheel chairs for this reason.)

A tolerable formula would be something like height/(mass^2.3), but people argue about 2.2 or 2.4, so there is no consensus on a good definition. Also, after a modern education, the number of people who can punch <x^y>2.3 into a calculator is quite small.

It would be nice if politicians could understand the weaknesses of the BMI formula, but frankly I think they have many more scary mental deficiencies that this.

Boffins build super-accurate atomic clock

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@Kelley Johnston

Protons are not elementary particles. Composite particles that contain an odd number of fermions are fermions. Quarks are fermions and protons are three quarks, so a proton is a composite fermion.

Atoms are made of electrons, protons and neutrons. Electrons and neutrons are also fermions. Atoms have the same number of protons as electrons, so atoms with an odd number of neutrons are fermions (unless there is a force that makes atoms pair up to form bosons).


Tough on e-vehicles, tough on the causes of e-vehicles

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Catch the trolleybus

If you do not have to pay road tax, insurance and vehicle maintenance, and you travel alone, you can afford to catch a bus. Once you have a car, taking the bus is out of the question. If we loose road tax (and increase fuel tax to match), and switch to insurance/mile instead of insurance/day, there is some incentive for people to consider buses. Break the bus route monopolies, and prices will become competitive. With lower prices, you get more people one buses, and a more frequent service, which makes buses a useful choice for more people.

More people on buses means fewer cars, so we do not need to widen all the motorways. Divert road widening funds to overhead (or trenched) power cables, and you can run electric buses (with tiny batteries to take divertions when the normal powered route has roadworks).


Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines

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@Lee Jackson

Some people download to keep. Others use it as a "try before they buy" system to make purchase decisions. I am curious to see whether trashing pirate bay reduces or increases music sales. It will take a long time to tell. The worst music thieves are often children who grow up, get a job then buy legitimate copies when they can afford it. Hearing other people's illegal downloads encourages some people to go shopping. I have no idea where the balance of profit really lies, but I am sure it is nothing like as one sided as the music industry claims.

Govt powers up electric cars with £5k subsidy

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Think like a politican, and you can find solutions for everything ...

@Andrew Kelly: You, your wife and both kids drive a G-Wiz each. Four cars will only cost £8K with subsidy, add a couple of portable generators and your are still price competitive with a new car big enough to carry the for of you and your luggage.

@Adam: AFAIK, parking meters in Canada include a standard power socket so your engine does not freeze solid while you are at work. If the Canadian government can come up with one standard socket, I am sure our government can agree on at least two new standards. Twice as good! Decent home charge points have a power switch inside your house. If someone unplugs your car at night, the switch trips, so they cannot steal your power until they break in and flick the switch back. There you go: everyones' problems solved.

Instead of hulking big batteries around, we could use small batteries to get people to and from main roads, and then over head power lines for the bulk of the journey. As we are leaping towards a Stasi state, a quick run through the national database would show who travelled where in what size car, so peoples' electricity bills could be calculated with equipment that is already budgeted and approved. It is a good thing our government have so much experience of massive IT projects! What could be more popular?

Flocke Kroes Silver badge

With an energy budget like this, it is a good thing he's not Chancelor of the Exchequer

A G-Wiz is currently about £7K. I am sure that next year it will be £12K.

I do not see 3500 gigantic windmills under construction, so Gordon ¿must? have come up with some other power source for all these electric vehicles. A sterling engine can convert hot air into electricity, but even Nu-labour will struggle to meet demand.

Mac and Linux Bastilles assaulted by new attacks

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They missed the first step

Both the links for Linux are about installing a rootkit via "/dev/mem". You need to be root to access that device. There is nothing about how to get root access. Even given root access, the rootkits I have tried so far have failed to handle even simple security customisations.

Things would be very different if Linux users were limited to only x86/amd64, one or two secure kernel builds, and just a handful of customisable hoops to make crackers to jump through.

SandForce's revolutionary SSD controller

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@AC 01:30

I am afraid it is less sane than that.

There are physical sectors - specific areas of silicon on a chip, and there are logical sectors that the operating system asks to read and overwrite. There is also a map that converts logical sector numbers into physical sector numbers. The map is stored in physical sectors, and maintained by the flash controller chip. The operating system does not have access to the map.

When you ask the operating system to delete a file, the operating system writes a few sectors. One will be the directory containing the file. Another will be the sector containing the file's inode (file size, creation/modification/access dates, where the file is stored on the disk). There may also be some changes to sectors to account for some newly deallocated space.

The flash controller writes the data for each of these logical sector writes to some pre-erased physical sectors, then updates the map so that requests requests to read these logical sectors return data from the newly mapped physical sector. At some point the physical sectors that contain the old contents of the directory, inode, free space list, journal and so on get erased. The flash controller has to keep track of which sectors are erased, how many times they have been erased, and where the map is. Writing a single logical sector to flash can result in several physical sectors being written or erased.

During all of this, you may have noticed that none of the data for the file that was deleted has been modified at all. The flash controller will dutifully preserve the file's contents until the operating system decides to allocate those logical sectors to a new file.

A good way to massively improve the performace of flash disks would be to add a new disk command that allowed the operating system to tell the flash controller which sectors no longer contain useful information. This would give the flash controller advanced warning of which sectors can be erased, so it has a wider choice of erased sectors to choose from for the next write operation.

An even better solution would be to forget about complex flash controllers completely and let the operating system maintain the logical to physical map itself. (Linux already has a choice of controllerless flash specific file systems available, but linux users get to pay for expensive performance hitting hardware that works around lack of development in a certain operating system).

Microsoft downsizes Seadragon and Photosynth brains

Flocke Kroes Silver badge

Seadragon has been cancelled before


Russian schoolgirl invents inertioid-driven Venus rover

Flocke Kroes Silver badge

Can they detect the aura of a "sceptic"?

This sounds like an oscillation thruster.


These work by throwing an internal mass back fast enough to overcome friction, and make the vehicle lurch forward. The mass is returned to initial position slowly, so the vehicle does not slip back. Oscillation thrusters work fine on a flat uniform surface. They are poor at going up hills, and dealing with surfaces with different amounts of friction.

Oscillation thrusters depend on static friction being greater than dynamic friction, so they do not work at all in space - although they do make impressive demonstrations for fleecing ignorant investors. What colour is the aura of a rich twit dumb enough to invest in yet another impulse engine?

Secret European project to battle online jihad

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Government Policies for Dummies

Oop's, I just glimpsed a terrorist website. Excuse me while go and plant a bomb.

Don't laugh too much. I am sure Gordon & Jacqui get their policies from sites like http://www.cranks.r.us/.

Brown pledges to make Britain's drivers greener

Flocke Kroes Silver badge

A big wind turbine for every 4 square km?

Combining the amount of fuel used in the UK for road transport in 2008-9 with the energy densities of petrol, diesel and LPG, I get a power use of 50GW. You would need over 35000 of the largest wind turbines in the world to generate that much power. (I assumed 25% load factor, which is optimistic considering that they are so close together and most would not be windy locartions).




Microsoft hit with €9m fine over German pricing

Flocke Kroes Silver badge

What is the problem?

I am a bit confused about what Microsoft has done wrong here. I assume the real reason for the fine has been lost in translation, or someone has avoided the main issue to make the judgement look controversial.

I do not see what is wrong with a supplier and a retailer agreeing on a retail price. I support Microsoft's right to rent third rate software at exorbitant prices. If Microsoft want to reduce the price of a product for one segment of the market, their choices are to sell direct, or to form an agreement with a distributor to pass on a price reduction to customers.

Microsoft's financial support for the adverts looks questionable. If that support required a promise not to install open source office software on all PC's for free, then I could understand a fine. Unlike Vista, it is possible to buy a computer without a copy of Microsoft Office. People can choose a free product that will work for years, or to pay Microsoft so they can swear when the format of a document gets screwed up because someone is using the wrong version of MS Office.

Does anyone know what is really going on here?

Intel intros 2GHz Atom

Flocke Kroes Silver badge

New invitation to an old scam

Quote the top speed, but neglect to mention that the heat sink is not big enough to maintain that speed.

Quote the top speed, but neglect to mention that the battery life was measured at a lower speed.

I would be peeved, but all computer parts are carefully labelled to cause confusion.

Nork splash shot snapped by passing satellite

Flocke Kroes Silver badge

@Camilla Smythe

Low earth orbit starts at about 160km up. Orbital velocity is about 11km per second. Even at 10g, a rocket will have to travel over 1200km to reach that speed. Rockets turn to near horizontal not long after launch.

I have reading too many register comments - at first I thought it said: "US aerospace defence commentards".

Microsoft to offer Windows 7 downgrade to XP

Flocke Kroes Silver badge

Or put another way ...

Microsoft has said: "We do not give a damn what people want. They will have to pay for Windows 7, even if they have no intention of ever using it, and would prefer something cheaper instead. In fact, if they want any Microsoft operating system except Windows 7, they have to pay for the most expensive version of Windows 7 we license. This is because older Microsoft operating systems are far more valuable to customers than the new ones and we need some excuse to say people want Windows 7."

If people swallow this, "Windows 8" require twice as much hardware to run half the speed of W7, but the $1000 version will let you upgrade to XP.

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