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New British flying robot killer death machines renamed 'Protector'

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Why not give them individual friendly names?

They could start with: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolf and Olive.

Take that, creationists: Boffins witness birth of new species in the lab

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What is a created kind?

Central to creationalism is the idea that a deity created certain kinds of animal. There can be no new kinds, and although selective breeding can cause variations in a kind, it is not possible for one kind to diverge into multiple kinds.

Where is the list of kinds?

PC sales outlook improves: Now terrifying instead of catastrophic

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OK: IDC pressed 4 when they meant 5

If you put five years into the CAGR formula, you get -0.64%, not the quoted -0.8% - which is what you get for 4 years.

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Who cannot subtract?

The table has a column for "5-Year CAGR". Last time I checked, 2020-2016 was four years, and this matches the -0.8% figure in the last row.


UK cops spot webcam 'sextortion' plots: How vics can hit stop

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Quote from the video

"Because they are in a different country they feel they are out of reach. But I have to say that isn't the case."

I am curious. How many foreign sextortionists have been convicted targeting for UK citizens?

Red Bull does NOT give you wings, $13.5m lawsuit says so

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Re: "Truth in Political Campaign Advertising"

On the other hand, wouldn't you be happy to let a politician off without punishment in return for abandoning some of their campaign threats?

Passengers ride free on SF Muni subway after ransomware infects network, demands $73k

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Re: Woot - Free Travel Indeed

If they opened the gate and left out a bucket for donations then I would pay to support not funding the next generation of ransomware.

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Re: Ram Air Turbine

The ram air turbine loses power when you fly slowly, such as just before landing at a race track.

Have some sympathy for the AT&T devil

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Re: How I think of net neutrality

Bundled ≠ Free

Choice 1: Rent your internet connection from Telco or do without.

No Choice: Pay for TelcoTV. It is bundled with the rent for your internet connection.

Choice 2: Pay a separate rental fee for OtherTV, which provides a copy of what you get with bundled TelcoTV, or don't.

Choice: OtherTV haemorrhages customers, and has to raise its prices to cover fixed overheads. Cancel subscription now, or wait for the next price hike?

No choice: The starved corpse of OtherTV has been bought by TelcoTV. Internet connection rental prices rise to match the final cost of internet+OtherTV. TelcoTV covers its fixed overheads with just a few customers and enjoys monopoly profits from the rest.

No choice: Telco is charged with using a monopoly in one field to create a monopoly in another. A decade later, Telco is found guilty. Before sentenced is passed, the judge gets replaced. The new judge offers the 'punishements' proposed by Telco. Telco asks for, and gets extra time so they can come up with some extra 'punishements'. Telco carries on being an abusive monopoly. Another decade passes before some disruptive technology changes the situation.

This has happened before.

BOFH: The Hypochondriac Boss and the non-random sample

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It used to be MCSE.

Make Christmas Great Again: $149 24-karat gold* Trump tree ornament

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Re: Conclusive proof

Thanks for the link to Presidents by net worth. "Republicans paupers by comparison": I get average 20th century Republican $437.4M, average 20th century Democrat: $45.7M. If we take out Donald and the richest Democrat: $31.1M and $36.8M. If we just rank them, an average Republican is 9.1th on the list, and an average Democrat is 10.2th. If find it interesting that your link does not support your claims.

Normal people have a limit for wealth. At some point, they have enough money for the whole family to live in style. At that point, they switch from accumulating wealth to enjoying wealth. Billionaires shoot straight past that limit and keep going and going. For a billionaire, money is a way to keep score. I consider Donald being a billionaire strong evidence that he will use the presidency to line his pockets. If you want more evidence, Trump University, Trump Casino Bankruptcies, Trump's deals in Cuba, paying the Pam Bondi bribe from the Trump Foundation, using campaign funds to run his jet (a charter flight would have been cheaper) and holding campaign events in Trump Hotels (for which he charged the campaign and the secret service hefty prices).

Donald's transition team does not look like draining the swamp. It looks like a 747 full of giant alligators. The next steps to dictatorship are strengthening the libel laws followed by appointing special persecutors to harass everyone who ever said things about him that he didn't like. There is only so much corruption one man can do with a busy schedule of rallies. The bulk of the corruption will be delegated to his appointees. The only limit on their activities will be the price of a presidential pardon.


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I saw the troll icon. I just thought your post was a waste of space.

Who's in Peter's file? Moneybags Thiel hits up Silicon Valley brains to join his Trump think tank

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Re: Wiat...

Job description: The successful applicant will receive no power or authority whatsoever but will be blamed for everything. Pay will be HUGE ... delayed ... withheld.

That sort of job goes to someone who is either a drooling incompetent or has seen an opportunity for corruption. The drooling incompetent will do less damage.

NASA trying to rein in next-generation super-heavy lifter costs

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LDS: ESA heavy lift vehicle

I looked for rockets comparable to SLS block 1, and drew the line at Falcon Heavy. The biggest ESA rocket I could find (in development) is Ariane 6, which will get 11t to GTO. This is half the payload (to GTO) of a Falcon Heavy. If ESA have something bigger on the drawing board then I apologise for missing them off the list.

Russia is on the list because they have a plan for a big rocket and the US does buy rides to the ISS from Russia. As Russia is on the list, I have to put China on too. I am not saying buying Russian or Chinese is the way to go, but they are options to be considered just like all the other big rockets that have never made a test flight.

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Just out of curiosity

Big John, the undisputed expert on all things Trump related. Which option would Donald pick?

(A) Continue federal funding for the development SLS at enormous expense and preserving jobs in the Republican states where (Space shuttle derived) SLS components are built.

(B) Propose a budget that would allow NASA to buy heavy launches from the lowest bidders. SpaceX, Blue Origin, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology and RSC Energia are all working on rockets that could compete with SLS. This budget would effectively cancel SLS, but could be blocked by Republican politicians.

Microsoft's cmd.exe deposed by PowerShell in Windows 10 preview

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Re: But muh scripts!

I am not convinced that whatever command.com is called these days has been removed. I read the article carefully because I could see the looming catastrophe threatened in the title. Every opportunity to mention that existing scripts will still work was carefully avoided, and the strongest statement is the default has been changed. Reading between the lines suggests that your scripts are safe for the time being.

But since you have mentioned it, I am sure support for traditional batch files can be removed from Windows 11 standard, but will be available with Windows 11 with extra pricey bells and whistles.

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Re: UnderpoweredShell

A Bugatti Veyron goes over 400km/h with its 746kW engine. If we increase the power to over 3300kW, a BelAZ 75710 has a top speed of 64km/h. Increasing the power did not make a faster vehicle. Linux has some cut down shells (dash and lash) that might be faster than the less user hostile bash shell.

The surprising thing about the name is the vague reference to functionality (usable as a shell). "Internet Explorer" carries with it a hint of legal liability if the software cannot be used to explore the internet. "Edge" avoids even the slightest chance of implied fitness for purpose. I am surprised powershell has not been renamed to something like "Steve" yet.

Your browser stats are interesting. Microsoft's aggressive Windows 10 push still has not got 10 half the market share of 7 according to netmarketshare. I wonder how much of that is hardware that cannot run 10 and how much is because determined users carefully avoided the download button every week for months.

Bong: Let me talk to Trump

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Re: only the odd few million dollars from our wealthy and successful fathers

Duffy Moon: How much has he increased his initial fortune in real terms?

Donald has made a profit, but he would have got more by simply dumping all his money in the S&P 500. Donald is not a business man. He just plays one on TV.

One of the few good decisions Donald made was not to follow his brother's example. Fred Trump Jr died of alcohol aged 43.

Donald's has driven casinos into bankruptcy by billing them the expenses required to run his personal luxury jet. The bankruptcies have been a great success for Donald, but not for all the small investors he dumped on. The only thing we know for sure about his current debts are that he would rather have pussy grabbing, Cuba deals and Russia connections in the news than his tax returns.

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Re: disappointed || appalled

@steve 124

Good News! You will not have to put up with the biased liberal media for much longer. Donald has promised to strengthen the libel laws and sew everyone who published everything that you did not like. As a foreign site, The Register - like ISIS - with be cut off from the Trumpernet. In just a few months, we will never have to put up with each other's comments again.

Stolen passwords integrated into the ultimate dictionary attack

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Re: Sites also a problem

The site bought some software that is supposed to identify who is typing by looking at the amount of time between key presses and releases. Clearly people pasting a randomly generated password for each site from an encrypted file are a threat to sales of this software. Such people must be bashed repeatedly with inconvenience until they use "correct horse battery staple" for all their accounts.

As a bonus, key timing software can decloak privacy nuts who use different user names for different accounts. It is almost as if these people do not understand that they only exist to promote the sales of analytics software.

Google: If you think we're bad, you should take a look at Apple

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Re: They're right about Apple and MS

I think each * is supposed to represent one letter:

$ echo $(grep '^c...nts$' /usr/share/dict/british-english-insane)

cements chaunts clients covents

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Back when I was a PFY, the way to buy a PC without Windows was to buy the components and bolt them together yourself. There was progress over the years, with some small distributors selling blank pre-assembled machines, but if you had the technical skill to understand the value and find the distributor then you had the skill to assemble a PC. The full details of the deal between the big PC distributors and Microsoft is secret. It could have included 100% Windows bundling or else, but a simpler explanation was the hardware+windows was sold below cost, the difference was made up with crapware and the profit came from the commission on MS Office - neither of which were available for Linux.

That was less true with laptops. The EOMs paid for Windows on all laptops. It was just about possible to buy a laptop without Windows, but the EOM, distributor and customer all paid for an unused Windows License. This caused seething hatred from Penguinistas - easily 10milliTrumps. The first mainstream Linux small cheap computers arrived at CeBIT, and on the first day they were packed up and taken away without explanation. The popular assumption at the time was that Microsoft threatened the manufacturer with expensive Windows licenses. (The standard anti-trust dodge was a price hike for all, and "marketing support" for "qualifying partners").

It is remotely possible that you are technically correct about PCs, but there is no way you will ever convince grey beards that Microsoft could not at one time effectively insist on Windows Tax on all laptops. The deals are still secret, but a more modern version probably involves software patents (spit) that are just as valid as SCO's claims, but are the cost of getting Windows for the same price that competitors pay.

After years of farting about, the EU did get Microsoft to offer (defective expensive) documentation for SMB. They did get Microsoft to add a browser selection dialog box (but no refund if you did not pick IE). There were some hefty fines, which either reduced taxes or increased budgets in the EU (probably a bit of both). Changes in the computer industry did not come from EU court decisions. A competitive product became available before the courts got half way to a verdict (and the sentences were either irrelevant or ignored for years).

Phone manufacturers are well aware that an EU judgement + enforcement would take at least a decade and would be meaningless five years before anything happened. If Samsung had a problem with Android, they would sell Tizen phones. The other big manufacturers have something similar and the smaller ones could license Tizen. The EU are welcome to investigate, and perhaps they will find something that eventually provides some financial benefit to EU tax payers. Don't hold your breathe.

Silicon Valley VCs: We're gonna make California great again – on its own

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Re: @AC food embargo

If N California stops sending food south, then S California stops sending the money to pay for it back north. After a moment of thought, each side decides a trade deal is a really good idea. I have no idea if such a deal would be better or worse than what is happening at the moment, but the starvation and poverty plan does not sound like the best idea in the world.

Trump's torture support could mean the end of GCHQ-NSA relationship

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Re: irrefutable proof of torture

It will be live on Trump TV. The advertising revenues will be yuge. There will be a Trump hotel in every city with its own torture stadium.

Trump's plan: Tariffs on electronics, ban on skilled tech migrants, turn off the internet

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Re: What Trump can do

Give presidential pardons to a bus load of supporters who express their opinions to first congress critter to show a little back bone when Trump tries to impose his simple solutions.

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Easy: Lock them up!

Cheap prison labour.

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Re: Post election nothing much will happen / change....

Trump isn't the pilot. He is the figurehead. By all means hope if you can, but you seem to have noticed that if regulation is mentioned at all, it will be promptly forgotten once the cheque clears.

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Re: yeah terrible ain't it

Please explain how "tax cuts for the rich" deny 1%s their bonuses?

FBI's Clinton email comedown confirms it could have killed the story in a canter

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The strangest thing about the whole story

By far the most damage was done by democrat supporters getting their facts wrong.

Teen in the dock on terror apologist charge for naming Wi-Fi network 'Daesh 21'

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Re: Odd thing

Read the bit of the article that says "...if they provoke or praise terror activities..."

Yes, it is illegal in France to call Daesh Daesh. We have a similar law in the UK, but it does not apply to politicians because ... erm ... err ... well I am sure there must be a good reason.

Computer forensics defuses FBI's Clinton email 'bombshell'

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Re: Hillary did not delete _ANY_ emails

She used her private email address for work. This created a mixture of private and work related emails. When she was asked for her work related emails, she hired an independent law firm to classify all emails and send only the work related ones. This is extremely legal, and can you imagine for one second that the Republican witch hunters would not have sent every personal email straight to the press?

If anything, the Republican's focus on this non-story is proof that they have not even one legitimate complaint against her.

Ghost of DEC Alpha is why Windows is rubbish at file compression

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Diversity not completely dead

6 Alphas show up on Debian Popcon. That puts Alpha head of M68k and S390, but behind prehistoric versions of ARM and MIPS.

'Hacker' accused of idiotic plan to defraud bank out of $1.5 million

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Re: FBI Hillary, Trump

I think most of the the FBI have more sense than to trust a promise from Donald. It appears to be Comey's personal feud, and he is doing Republicans more harm then good.

Samsung are amateurs – NASA shows how you really do a battery fire

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Re: Maximum accountability!

I didn't say it was your fault. I said I am going to blame you.

Adobe emits emergency patch for Flash hole malware is exploiting right this minute

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When your health insurance web site requires flash

That's a pretty good definition of "need" to find a different health insurance company.

Vatican and musicians at odds over appropriate use of crematorium leftovers

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Re: Resurrection of the body

If I walk to the shops, my route goes through a catholic cemetery. I have never seen anyone being buried there. No fresh grave sites. No head stones dated in the last 50 years. I have seen funeral services, but no coffin and the mourners are always in the same place - which has no head stones. I used to live opposite a massive multistory cemetery. About once a year trucks of soil would arrive and another 0.6m would be spread over the top of one section ready for a new layer of corpses.

An ashes grave site can be rented for £1 to £17 per year. My personal choice is to be dismantled for spare parts, used for practice by trainee dentists and surgeons and burned in the hospital's incinerator. I am not sure exactly what happens after that. Probably the scrap metal goes for recycling and the rest to landfill.

If the pope wants to provide ashes grave sites on consecrated ground for free, then that is his choice. BillG, you are welcome to contribute to the Pope's "Graves Sites for Everyone" charity, but please consider spending the money on the living instead.

What has 500,000 thumbs and is no longer being sued by HP? Panasonic

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As you said ...

HP did all that work passing the price on to end users. Surely they should be rewarded with a slice of the pie too

Accountant falls for sexy Nigerian email scammer, gives her £150k he cheated out of pal

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I haven't seen a 419 for years

Scammers do not lack competence. The blatentness of the scam drives away people likely to figure out what is going on before the pay day. There are sufficient old(=trusting) church going(=gullible) professionals(=access to enough cash) so there is no reason to waste any effort on the common or garden paranoid cynical pauper.

419s have been illegal in Nigeria for decades - the scam is named after section 419 of the Nigerian Criminal Code. The problem was the scammers became rich enough to buy policemen, judges and politicians. These days they are senior government officials. The victims of 419 scams have done horrendous damage to Nigeria by fuelling corruption.

Donald Trump running insecure email servers

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Re: It's cool.

One of the things you will not find is an invoice from Paul Manafort. Paul does not charge the Trump campaign for his services, but I doubt that he contributes his time out of the goodness of his heart.

No need to hunt for clues in Trump's emails. Just check the changes to Republican policy.

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Re: Which server should he have used


Perhaps Donald did hire the best people to set up his emial, but forgot to pay them and they refused to do any updates without payment in advance.

Brexit? No impact at all, chuckles reseller juggernaut

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Re: Get on with it!

It is entirely possible to not start Brexit ever, or even cancel the exit within 2 years of invoking article 50. The referendum told the government what the people thought, but the government has never cared about what we thought before, didn't make the result of the referendum binding on themselves, and continue to ignore every single one of us unless we happen to agree with what they want to do anyway.

Democralypse Now? US election first battle in new age of cyberwarfare

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Re: delusional1916

A Trump win equals WW3 with Mexico because they won't pay for a wall or with Canada because Kim Campbell called him a sexual predator or with Wisconsin because of Paul Ryan or with the Czech Republic because he had a bad hair day or with Malawi because he miss-typed Mexico.

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Re: How did Donald quickly find deleted incompetent Russian propaganda?

h4rm0ny, you got it crooked. Donald quoted an article in Sputnik which was an altered email from Sidney Blumenthal to John Podesta. The original email quoted an article by Kurt Eichenwald about Benghazi, but the trimmed one portrayed Eichenwald's quotes from official reports as Blumenthal's own words. Sputnik really messed up on this because they thought they were be publishing after the altered email would be published by Wikileaks.

The full details are here.

Pair programming – you'll never guess what happens next!

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The problem was solved last millennium

I thought the ideal programming partner had been identified years ago.

AI software should be able to register its own patents, law prof argues

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Re: Citations for Dr Stephen Jones

You could start with the EFF's stupid patent of the month (If they had the funding, it could easily be stupid patent of the hour). The situation has been ridiculous for so long that even senior judges know there is a problem. :-(

(Dr of what? Inability to use a search engine?)

Hey! spies! Get! in! here! and! explain! this! Yahoo! email-scanning! 'kernel! module!'

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In other news:

Hens missing. Senior foxes take charge of the investigation.

Queen Lizzie awarded good behaviour medal

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laws that forbid mocking Our Royal Overseers

We have plenty of laws against free speech, especially on the internet, as we were recently reminded by TheRegister. If anyone can read May's web site without throwing up, it would be interesting to check if it fits the crown persecution service's guidelines for hate speech.

IIRC, there was a law against insulting the Prince of Wales' girlfriend that came with a death sentence, but I can longer find any evidence of it. For the time being, you can still commit arson in the royal dockyards and soldiers can mutiny in time of war without getting hanged or beheaded or shot.

Various laws removed the death sentence from the UK, including the 6th and 13 protocol of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998. Theresa may has said "The Human Rights Acts needs to go". Shortly afterwards I am sure the Motion Picture Ass of America will bring back the death sentence for piracy.

(On a lighter note, I am looking forward to Liz 10.)

Oracle: We're going to be the practical AI people, we swear it

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Now with Genuine People Personalties™?

Intel is shipping an ARM-based FPGA. Repeat, Intel is shipping an ARM-based FPGA

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Did they Include Intel's signature feature?

Intel® hyper-pricing.

Steve Jobs' thermonuclear showdown with Samsung reaches US Supreme Court

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Think of the lawyers

If lawyers could not get paid three times for the same work then there would be a lawyer on every street corner begging for spare change.

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