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Israelis vote for Eurovision nuclear apocalypse


Fact & Fiction

Fact - Before the UN partitioning of Palestine, there was no modern state of Israel.

Fact - If some idiots decide to kick you & your family out of lands you have been living on for generations because a whole of lot countries feel sorry for a a group of people persecuted in the latest global wars - you'll feel pretty pissed off too.

Fact - If at that time of the partitioning, the governing body for that state was to be drawn from the Jewish people as opposed to from all citizens (Arabs & Jewish) where's the democracy?

Fiction - The continued charade maintained by Israel that they don't have nuclear arms.

Fiction - The so called democracy available to non Jewish citizens of Israel.

Fiction - That we all actually give a hoot about Eurovision.

Fact - We contribute to this debate 'cos Top Gear isn't on 24x7.



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