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Google sparks online outcry after its currency converter goes haywire for third time this year

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"Oh! It's that thing that other people have when they screw up! We don't do that kind of thing here."

Facebook's at it again: Internal emails show it knew about Cambridge Analytica abuse 'months' before news broke

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Re: Be careful where you tread

I think you'll find this baby is a cuckoo or a changeling. Whatsapp may have had it's uses just like Friends Reunited but now it is a part of the pandemic that is Faecebook it needs surgery.

There are other flavours of communication that don't leave an aftertaste.

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Be careful where you tread

Facebook is the cockroach of the internet, needs treading on but then you will have a mess on the sole of your shoe. There is also the saying that if you tread on a

cockroach it will release hundreds of eggs that will become little cockroaches do I guess Faecebook needs incineration.

Campaigners cry foul over NHS Digital plans to grant policy wonks and researchers access to patient-level data

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Rich and Granular

Aren't these modern buzzwords and phrases just great?

Translated, ' rich and granular' means all of your data down to the tiniest detail, warts and all. Think what a marvellous contribution you will be making to healthcare/drug marketing/health insurance/richer better targeted advertising direct to you etc.

Chris G Silver badge

Sounds to me

As though ' All your health data are belong to us' and that everyone in the health sector from the bloke who unblocks the toilets in the local A&E to Uncle Tom Cobbly and his health insurance company will have access.

Glad I won't be in that system.

Not quite the Bake Off they were expecting: Canadian seniors served weed-infused brownies

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Cool! Dude!

I think a lot of you underestimate preceding generations. Being a retired farty I can tell you that few of my generation haven't tried the occasional blast back int the '60s. Also back in the '60s at a party that my dad (who was a cool dude) was attending with me and a lot of my mates, someone was skinning up , glanced at my dad and said ' you don't mind do you?. The old man replied ' I was rolling those in the Western Desert in the 1940s, I don't think I'll be shocked.

One of the aunts of my girlfriend at the time was a coke snorting flapper in the roaring twenties so turning on is nothing new.

'Sharing of user data is routine, yet far from transparent' is not what you want to hear about medical apps. But 2019 is gonna 2019

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Re: One silver lining is that most of the programs encrypted this data while in transit

I suspect the main reason for encryption is to protect their data not yours, once your data is in their hands it's a part of the product fr sale, so they don't want to lose it in transit.

We fought through the crowds to try Oculus's new VR goggles so you don't have to bother (and frankly, you shouldn't)

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Re: Been waiting...

So no goo? For this year's 'fully immersive' holiday experience?

I get the feeling that a full on VR is going to need a full-on AI to run it as well as a whole range of better physiological interfaces.

Pre-checked cookie boxes don't count as valid consent, says adviser to top EU court

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Re: Let's report every case of this to the ICO

Even more annoying are those sites that have a box to untick but whrn you do, they just go back to the previous page. Or, those sites that tell you you can change preferences but provide no links or pages where you can actually do something.

Our amazing industry-leading AI was too dumb to detect the New Zealand massacre live vid, Facebook shrugs

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Facebook virgin

I have little to no clue how FB works but curious; Did Facebook make any money out of the videos before they were taken down?

Brekkie TV host Lorraine Kelly wins IR35 ruling against HMRC, adds fuel to freelance techies' ire over tax reforms

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@AC. It is not evasion or avoidance if she is being taxed wrongfully by an organisation that either doesn't comply with or understand it's own rules.

She has a services company that undoubtedly pays it's legally required taxes based on declared income and audited accounts. So don't cut people off with 'Fuck off before yo start' if you are speaking via an anterior sphincter.

Super Cali optimistic right-to-repair's negotious, even though Apple thought it was something quite atrocious

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Next on the list

Should be car manufacturers and the likes of John Deere who try to make it virtually illegal to service your own car or tractor.

Size isn't everything when talking mobile performance: The UK's largest cities suck at it

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I'm with the Nimbys, a much larger antenna should be built in someone else's backyard so that Bourneville can get a decent signal without an ugly mast.

Croydon school rolling in toilet roll after Brexit gift deemed unfit for the Queen's Anus Horribilis

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No such thing as a private beach in Ibiza or anywhere else in Spain, even the beach in front of the King's summer house in Palma can be accessed by anyone.

Regarding ' The picturesque London Boroughof Croydon' photos or it doesn't exist.

How much paper to remove a borough sized skidmark?

Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes

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Based on what is repeated from the Seattle Times article, it seems to me that Boeing may be culpable due to lack of testing subsequent to the upgrade and/or failure to address feedback from the first crash and comments from other pilots.

Qualcomm wins Apple patent case, loses Apple patent case, wins Apple patent case, loses Apple patent case...

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With a bit of luck

They will sue each other in ever decreasing circles until they disappear up each other's jacksies.

That'll give someone else a chance.

From MySpace to MyFreeDiskSpace: 12 years of music – 50m songs – blackholed amid mystery server move

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No worries for FB fans

The Zucker NEVER throws any of your data away.

Bits and Bytes my precious!

Hey, US taxpayers. Filed your taxes? Good, good. $500m of it is going on an Intel-Cray exascale boffinry supercomputer

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Will build about 125 of Mexican border wall or an Exacomputer.

I know which is most likely to be beneficial to the US.

Public disgrace: 82% of EU govt websites stalked by Google adtech cookies – report

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Has anyone done a feasibility and benefits study on nuking Gargle, Faecebook et al from space?

If someone fancies doing a crowdfunded start-up of Nukes for Privacy, I'm in with a couple of quid.

UK libraries dumped 11% of computers since 2010-11... everybody has one anyway, right?

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Re: There are more vulnerable than you think

My father passed away at the age of 92 three years ago. The bank, hospital, social services were all appalled that he had no access to the internet. When he would tell them he had no intention of buying a pc or learning how tuse one they would roll their eyes and say surely a family member or neighbour could helpyou learn.Nobody listening t what he wanted only interested in what they wanted. So stuff the UC online government should be for the people not the other way round.

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Re: It's almost like...

Hmm! Sounds like most goverments to me.

What made a super high-tech home in Victorian England? Hydroelectric witchery, for starters

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Re: It's a marvelous place

With three eyes and assorted extra parts.

UK code breakers drop Bombe, Enigma and Typex simulators onto the web for all to try

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Re: You have to run GCHQ code

I think it may come to the point where, if you are not using Government sanctioned apps, you will be automatically considered to be hiding something.


Chris G Silver badge

I may as well say it

Do these apps have a government back door to save us from ourselves, terrorism, organised crime and paedophiles?

Mayors having a right 'mare in Florida: Acting mayor arrested weeks after boss also arrested

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Stop bleating around the bush.

Brit prisoners to be kept on the straight and narrow with JavaScript and CSS

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Re: It's been done before...

I worked with a bloke who had been trained as a brickie in one of Her Majestie's Colleges. He went on to specialise in smash and grab!

Facebook blames 'server config change' for 14-hour outage. Someone run that through the universal liar translator

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I'm in

After the previous 150 comments I have nothing to add but I didn't want to feel left out.

Chris G Silver badge

Re: re: downvotes

@ripper. Same here, calls to Moscow and other staions East are a daily occurrence, plus I live in Spain and have friends in the UK as well as a scattering around the five continents

My preference though is Telegram, Mark's Malware can take a jump.

Science says death metal fans delightful and intelligent people, great at dinner parties

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Re: Not surprising

Speaking of Motorhead, my brother and I were.on the door at one of their first gigs in London at the Saxon Tavern the in the '70s.

Lemmy and the band were as nice as pie, the only trouble we had were fans who were so far out of it on barbs they kept falling down the stairs.

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Re: Observation.

Barry Manilow, Val Doonican and the Birdie Song, all heavy contributors to the downfall of the human race!

Alternatively listen to a band like Disturbed who have genuine talent and you will feel better, the thoughts of assassinating Barry Manilow slip away.

Chris G Silver badge

On the one hand

You have music that contains lyrics about puke and on the other, you have music that makes you want to puke.

Too much Sunshine pop will reduce listeners to thr mental vacuity of Ken a Barby.

When working out I like to listen to Industrial Speedcore.

Brit rocket wranglers get Reaction they wanted after rattling SABRE

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With Boeing and DARPA in the loop, I hope they have their IP really tied down. I wish them luck though, it's good to see Brits leading in something.

NASA admin: What if we switched one delayed SLS for two commercial launchers?

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Plus of course the chief executive will have a drive that's yooge!

Chris G Silver badge

Of course

NASA should leak plans for golf courses and heavily controlled immigration laws for Mars and the Moon. Then see if funds are forthcoming.

Year 1 of GDPR: Over 200,000 cases reported, firms fined €56 meeelli... Oh, that's mostly Google

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Know how to make a complaint in Europe? After 15 minutes of scrolling through a duckduck search and opening potential pages, I am none the wiser. Perhaps I am not asking the right questions.

Never thought we'd ever utter these words, but... can anyone recommend a spin doctor for NASA?

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Re: Blame it on the thrusters

I think it's part of the braking effect as it gets ready to rendezvous with humanity.

Just Android things: 150m phones, gadgets installed 'adware-ridden' mobe simulator games

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Asleep at the switch?

But, but, we're making money out those ads.

Let's see. Translation, facial recognition, running people over... What else can AI do? Ah yes, predict planet mass

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Are they confusing accuracy with a similar outcome to the usual methods to obtain results?

Neither one can be assumed to be accurate when all of the calculations are based on relatively flimsy evidence st stellar distances.

Boeing... Boeing... Gone: Canada, America finally ground 737 Max jets as they await anti-death-crash software patches

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Short cut

It looks as though penny pinching may be to blame on the part of Boeing. While minor upgrades to a model may be okay with only the issue of a bulletin, changing the engine type and altering the aerodynamics and flight characteristics should always require new type approval and relevant training. Also in this case it seems as though instrument redundancy has also been left out to save money. Boing should be held to account along with whoever allowed them to get away with taking shortcuts, whether it is the FAA or pressure from the administration.

They're BAAACK: Windows 10 nagware team loads trebuchet with annoying reminders to GTFO Windows 7

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Re: Is it stable yet?

I think I misread the question as ' is it A stable?'

Well yes, I think it is a stable, it smells a bit and quite often there's a lot of shit to shovel out.

UK joins growing list of territories to ban Boeing 737 Max flights as firm says patch incoming

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Re: Already a patch available?

If I had relatives on either of those two flights I think I might be testing that question in court.

Strewth! Apoplectic Aussies threaten to blast noisy Google delivery drones out of the sky

Chris G Silver badge

I wonder

How difficult it would be to make one of those rocket nets they ude to catch migrating birds?

2 weeks till Brexit and Defra, at the very least, looks set to be caught with its IT pants down

Chris G Silver badge

Re: Very optimistic

Defra hasn't coped with anything new ever, in any if its incarnations. I have a few farming friends and their lives no matter what they farm are always at odds with a ministry who will listen to anyone as long as it's not a farmer.

Airlines in Asia, Africa ground Boeing 737 Max 8s after second death crash in four-ish months

Chris G Silver badge

If you modify an existing model of aircraft such that the modification alters the flight characteristics significantly, then the new model should undergo new C of A testing and flight training. Clearly Boeing used their muscle and political clout to avoid that. Also interesting that a manufacturer insists that 80% of accidents are human/pilot error; ' it's not our planes, oh no!'.

Astroboffins spot hefty pair swinging together. What? Um, we're talking about record-breaking massive binary stars...

Chris G Silver badge

Why binary?

It seems likely that the binary systems could be a result of tidal forces within the original accretion disc, causing the material to separate into two distinct bodies. There could be a threshold for where the minimum and maximum amounts of material could allow this to happen.

I am not by any stretch of the imagination, any kind of astronomer and the maths are totally beyond me.

'What's up, Skip?' asks paraglider – before 'roo beats the snot out of him

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Re: Attack?

The guy was lucky when you consider although the top half looks like a demented rabbit the bottom half of a full grown roo can be compared to a velociraptor, he could have been left dead for the dingos.

Small Brit firms beg for 'light touch' as only half are ready for digital tax reforms due next month

Chris G Silver badge

A slight discrepancy

Between the numbers of HMRC and those of the FSB, I know whose I would trust most!

Hapless engineers leave UK cable landing station gate open, couple of journos waltz right in

Chris G Silver badge

Something smells

Curious as to what a couple of reporters were doing poking around in a caravan park ? Also

, It sounds as though the engineer were in there so anyone trying to cause trouble would get a twat round the head while one of the others would be calling the cops.

I terrorists really knew where the place was and wanted to damage it, I don't think they would need to wait for someone to open the he doors.

Usual Wail mountain out of a mole hill stuff.

Freelance devs: Oh, you wanted the app to be secure? The job spec didn't mention that

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Re: The devil is in the details

You may expect a bog in a garden to have a roof but you definitely have to specify what the roof will be built from, plus flat, pitched, ridged etc. Perhaps ordering a building is more complicated than a piece of code.

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