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Steve Fossett may be alive, investigator claims

Black Helicopters

No cash trail because

"None of Steve's wealth was transferred out or withdrawn in any manner that would suggest a planned disappearance. Steve has not accessed any of his assets since his disappearance."

Perhaps because he's living in a bedsit next door to his missus accessed by a secret door which he bolts through when ever the rozzers come to the door!

Nah, too ridulcuous to be true ;)

Inquirer celebrates spammer murder-suicide

Paris Hilton

I wonder...

how many people (ok idiots) lost their life savings to the 'nuisance bloke' spam scams and ruined their lives ... maybe even to the extent of taking their own lives.

The fact that he decided to take 2 innocent people with him shows the character of the man, not a human I will miss I have to say but the inq piece is pretty poor taste.

Call me cynical but 'news' sites/hacks sniping at each other about standards is the pot calling the kettle black. I've seen plenty of articles on this site over the years in appalling taste that someone somewhere will find abhorrent. The saddest part of this story is the baby that was in the back seat. What a welcome into a shitty world.

Paris, because she can't read spam so she eats it instead.

Barclays Capital slashes contractor rates by 10%

Paris Hilton


I'd like to see them try this sort of thing with a unionised workforce. A UK Wide IT strike, now that would be something!!!

Paris becase she always gives 100%

ISPs demand record biz pays up if cut-off P2P users sue


@ JonB

Eeeeeeeeee Awwwwwww ;)

Sold for a pound! Now I'll just 'copy' everything I own to a million or two disks and sell them for a pound too for the next 75 years...in fact if I don't live that long my kids will collect them on my behalf. Pretty good deal I think akin to the chess board grain of sand. It doesn't sound like much but I'd likely do far better out of it than the current business model.

I agree with you that you stop buying their products and not steal, just because they have been getting away with some pretty dubious business practices for a long time does not make them in the right to protect them. What I don't agree with is the way in which they are trying to deseperately protect their existing business model through legislation before their coffers run out and leave ISP's and the public shafted by their death rattle.

Begone foul and greedy business suits and let a more diverse and exciting industry replace it where artists get our money for appreciating their efforts instead of the IMO useless middle man 'steal' it all.

Theives! ... oh sorry




I'm no expert but from the multitude of sources I've tried to gather information from over the years I believe most artists will make around 1p per album sold in physical media from their record deals (a really amazing deal apparently is about 10p). To make this the artist has to spend time in the studio, this used to be weeks/months but from what I understand is now more likely days for the newbies, longer for the 'big guns'. They almost never master their own records (think radiohead are one of the few if only to have done so) so the record company can rightly lay claim to some the creation aspect of the record and thus gather revenue. It used to be the case that almost everyone from managers to producers used to pop in to the studio to play a couple of triangle notes so they could get some performance rights on a track. Add to the fact that like book publishers the record companues will usually negotiate as part of any deal the sole distribution rights (should they wish to distribute it) for a long long time.

These record companies behave much like loan sharks for artists. You get signed on a £x album deal for an advance (loan) of £x. They determine the interest rate of that advance and will spend that advance usually without the express consent or knowledge of that artist on marketing, travel, legal, clothes etc etc. In other words, they are as good as lawyers at the billing process.

I remember once reading that a judge had said during a record pricing dispute trial (the outcome of which was dropped after the RC's agreed to pay a fine of over $600m to settle and to claim they were blameless) that the record companies accounting practices for computing royalties were ridiculously complicated to the point of being delibrately obfuscated. More difficult to crack than some mafia money laundering cases I believe was the soundbite from a DA department.

The record companies usually determine the amount of studio time an artists receive and the timing of it with the option to accept or reject the material submitted to them thus ensuring they have a measure of control over the length of any deal in years and the content an artists puts out (while the interest builds nicely on that loan). Sprinkle on top of this complete and total control over the distribution chain and you got yourself a nice little racket, save for the one or two pesky lawsuits for racketeering and price fixing which cost a few hundred mill.

Now enter the digital age. Cheaper and cheaper end to end cost of CD's vs Tapes and Vinyl plus distribution with any physical media at all, all good so far. Pass those savings on to the artists or customers did they...?

Not sure what the situation is rgd distribution media royalties but if it is similar to the issue that has caused the hollywood writers strike for the movie industry then I guess artists are not doing so well on that front, another score for the RC's

So .... Why don't I save my money on buying the RC's sh!t, go to a gig where I can expect to pay anywhere from £5-£50 depending on the venue and artist, I'm led to believe that this is where artists make their money. I can also buy tshirts, cd's etc directly from them. Moreover with things like myspace and iTunes even the little man can have mp3s for sale or to help gather interest in the gigs and make more than a traditional record deal would net them.

Whilst it is a slightly dubious thing to hang a point on cos it's a one off, Radiohead have publically stated that they made more from their little pay what you want experiment than they have done from record sales with parlaphone from their entire 15? year careers. I'm not trying to say that is the norm but they must've sold tens of millions of albums over that period and received a very very small percentage for that to have been the case.

so why don't we all get together, government, artists unions and consumer groups (no RC's please) and decide to create a univeral tariff of some sort where the artist's union can collect say around 2p per album, doubling the average artists coffers, increase the amount the chancellor can get his paws on and put this nasty protectionist business out of pasture where it belongs.

I want to support artists and see them get the money I'm willing to pay for their music. £5 for everything they've ever done is a hell of a lot more than they currently make so why not go down that road.

In an age when I can carry around 20k albums in my pocket, the value must readjust itself to that if things are to go legit. Otherwise people keep taking it for free. Who has about £200k in the other pocket to pay £10 each for all those albums ..... only the RC execs, that who!


Cops coax half-naked Czech wolfman from Cardiff tree


more concerned about the road

this seems symptomatic of a growing endemic in the UK. Why close the fuppin road for one fuppin nut up a tree! The next overly officious little sod that damns (sic) our transport network for no good reason should be tied to the nearest high street and used as a speed bump.

Plus the fuppin nut just wants attention, fiver says if people just ignored him he'd get bored after a while and go elsewhere. If not, I've seen how they get big dumb animals down from trees on the discovery channel. Trampoline and a tranquiliser gun. For an added bonus film it for 'You've been framed' and use the money to buy engraved bullets for the worthelss road-closing meatsack!


Ofcom: no comeback for TV on analogue spectrum


You can't polish a turd


ok I admit I do actually know what HD is, never seen it, not even through someone elses...whats all the fuss about?

I think I might have turned my big 'ol gogglebox on about a week ago but I'm not entirely sure.... perhaps I should pay my bbc licence fees by usage like the governments ridiculous 'pay as your drive' now sidelined scheme.

I think it was the introduction of reality tv, no perhaps cookery, maybe DIY, no maybe .... well suffice to say, it is without exception unwatchable. Its physically painful to sit and watch yet another truckin episode of 'strictly idol brother corry enders @ home location in the sun' or derivative thereof. It makes my bowls ache.

Even 'The News' these days treats the trials and tribulations of Hilton Prague and Britneys Bongos like something actually worth wasting a vocal chord vibration over. Hold my hair back and pass me the towel, I'm wretching.

The only tv I watch now is downloaded because it is the only way I get something actually worth my valuable time or that doesn't cause my brain to sponaneously start oozing out my ears.



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