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Ofcom: no comeback for TV on analogue spectrum


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For whatever reason I thought the BBC were going to transmit HD via analogue methods - ie wasteful bandwidth.- this was rather a mistake! At any rate my point still stands that at least OFCOM are looking forward and thinking of introducing a more efficient codec (MPEG4). I admit this way confuse the consumer (which incidentally is why OFCOM are holding back DAB+ in the UK). Like I said HD over IP for the mass market is a very misguided plan - I suspect (or hope!)whoever announced that at the BBC did so in error. However the way OFCOM usually operates, there will be problems and olng the way and HD over IP could end up being the main way to get HD content before 2012 (terrestrially)!


Well done OFCOM

This is the first I have said this but OFCOM are right. Digital HD is far more efficient and is the way forward for HD. If HD is transmitted via analogue methods there is nowhere near enough bandwidth for a large number of channels. I hope the BBC's plans have prompted OFCOM to act quickly, as this will be a first for them! I can see the BBc have little choice as Sky is the only method of getting HD - with increasing HD demand and a huge number of HD capable TV's being sold the BBC and other terrestrial services need to get HD going. the BBC's plans for HD over IP being the main deivery method for HD are a little misguided if they expect this to be their main deliver method - the bandwidth simply isnt there for mass demand HD over IP - but as part of the BBC's iplayer strategy, its great to have a choice, so good on them for at lest offering it.

Off topic I know, OFCOM certainly arent perfect - the UK is falling behind other developed countries with the severe lack of fibre - whilst France, Sweden etc are already implementing fibre, OFCOM have yet to finish a study on an action plan! If we had FTTH or even FTTK, maybe HD over IP would be viable! Come on OFCOM lets join the 21st century, why do they aim for mediocraty, shouldnt they be aiming for leadership in an in ever increasingly tech orientated world/economy.


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