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Napster spins music for the web

Johnny Kelly

Update: Not in UK either

The UK download site still hasn't been updated to version 4.0. I used a proxy server to obtain a copy of the 4.0 software from the U.S site.

The software refused to accept my login information, which I knew was quite likely, but I just wanted to check.

So now I've rolled back to and shall sit quietly and wait for America to realise other countries exist.

Johnny Kelly

U.K Release?

I've been reading this news of the 4.0 update being available "from today" or "available now" for a couple of hours. So far however, the U.K Napster download site is still serving up ver

This may no longer be the case tomorrow morning I suppose, but to be told over and over again in press release and news story that I can get something now and yet not be able to makes me feel like the U.K is getting a little looked over by the people.

Hopefully it's all just a time zone thing and the announcement will spread over to the U.K tomorrow. Here's hoping :-)



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