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Foreshadow and Intel SGX software attestation: 'The whole trust model collapses'


Re: Intel only?

A reference to Ryzenfall et al. which weren’t as much disclosures as an attempt to cause AMD share price as much damage as possible via negative publicity.

'Disappearing' data under ZFS on Linux sparks small swift tweak


Re: I wish Linux would support the Apple File System (APFS)

Why do you wish so? Are you a Linux user? Which specific features are you missing from Linux (EXT4, XFS or BTRFS) that APFS offers?

Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin



Don’t be so self congratulatory. It’s called English but it’s really Merkin.



Yes the EU as an institition has issues. I’d wished the UK had stayed to help improve it. The federalist project is pretty much dead in any case, just a lot of pruning and weeding to do.

Gone in 60.121 seconds: Your guide to the pricey new gear Nvidia teased at its annual GPU fest


Re: I don't know for a fact or even if its happening..

I'd also love to build a new game-capable PC but it's not feasible right now due to crazy prices and expectation of new GPUs from Nvidia.

The blame for high GPU prices is on cryptocurrency miners (thanks, twats) and to a lesser extent price of DRAM, which is high due to demand for memory in phones and other devices. That's the common story. Any alternative explanations would be fun to read.

Finland government buys a slice of Nokia


It's "Networks"

It's Nokia, formerly Nokia Solutions and Networks, formerly Nokia Siemens Networks, formerly Nokia Networks.

The mention of phones in the article is a diversion.

A print button? Mmkay. Let's explore WHY you need me to add that


@steph Re: ArrZarr: Use python

CSV stands for Character Separated Values.

As for using a comma as decimal separator, I know Brexit and all but please take a peek over the parapet.

When it absolutely, positively needs to be leaked overnight: 120k FedEx customer files spill from AWS S3 silo

Big Brother

They are

Even says so in TFA.

Iran: We have defeated evil nuclear-sensing Western lizards!

Black Helicopters

Full Stalin

Pro-Palestinian campaigners were deemed to be Israeli spies and presumably sent to the gulag. A bit like idealists who travelled to the USSR only to end up in Siberia due to excessive paranoia.

'WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON?' Linus Torvalds explodes at Intel spinning Spectre fix as a security feature


Gots to be said

I'll keep this short. Linus didn't create an OS, he created a kernel.

Each time you use your Android phone you're using Linux. Not sure where the command line comes in to the picture.

Anglo, French space agencies sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G


Brexit subtext?

Would such cooperation happened under ESA without Brexit? Is this about UK institutions trying to replace vital partnerships now that they are leaving, or just business as usual?

Oracle rival chides UK councils for pricey database indulgence


Re: Thankfully x86 per core performance is improving

Hah, the inevitable £/clockcycle model.

User dialled his PC into a permanent state of 'Brown Alert'


Unplugged cable

As a junior techie I got an emergency phone call once about a "broken scanner" threatening to break a deadline. The error message was apparently to the tune of "scanner not found or disconnected".

Cue travelling across the city for the better part of an hour, to find - you guessed it - the SCSI cable was disconnected.

It was an important lesson for me, and demonstrates the reason why remote support make you walk through their annoying checklists. Not everyone can understand even the most explicit error messages.

Phone fatigue takes hold: SIM-onlys now top UK market


Re: I'm quite sure this is a global phenomenon, not unique to the UK

In countries where the tele authorities had the interest of the consumer in mind SIM and phones HAD to be sold separately and switching operators was made easy: you got to keep your number and only had to deal with the new operator. Result: cheaper and better service. So yeah, welcome to the 1990s Brexit Britain.


Fatigue schmatigue

May I suggest that buying handsets and SIMs separately was always better for the consumer, and people are finally catching on? It helps drive competition, lower prices, push innovation and get better service. There is a reason why, despite high population density UK mobile is slow and expensive: locked SIMs and long contracts.

Universal basic income is a great idea, which is also why it won't happen


Re: Homo Sapiens is obsolete

We are already augmented, without having our brains chipped. I’m communicating with a person I’ve never met, and can exchange ideas with the touch of a few buttons.

Forget about imagining the future. Stop for a moment to look at right now.


Re: UBI is not a good idea.

And this is different from people on the dole, how?


Re: UBI == death of all capitalism

Not sure which part of the world you’re from, but UBI is not extra income. It just replaces the complex benefit structures in place already. In fact in places where it’s being trialled it’s actually less than job seekers’ allowance, with the absence of disincentives to work.

Forumites == ignorant arm chair philosophers.

Compsci degrees aren't returning on investment for coders – research

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@tiggity re. all those JS coders

You should know the JS boom today is largely about the server side development (node.js) and your condescending attitude tells more about you than the level of expertise found in that field today.

Not that I'd touch JavaScript with a 10-foot pole myself.

D-Link router riddled with 0-day flaws


And if updates were published?

Do users update network gear, even when patches are available? I despair.

The new, new Psion is getting near production. Here's what it looks like


Disappointing looks

Looks a bit too generic, basically a random Huawei slab plus a keyboard stuck to it with a sheet of shiny metal. Maybe it's the Android button symbols on the side screen.

Google rushes to curb Oreo's massive appetite for your 4G mobile data


Data allowances

How quaint.

But seriously. My 4G is 100mbit/s whereas my ADSL is 24, both unmetered. Sounds like a good feature.


Hey, cloud big three! AI-wielding Huawei says it's coming for you

Big Brother

Re: The world according to Huawei

So, a Chinese version of Google.

Reality strikes Dixons Carphone's profits after laughing off Brexit threat


The phone market elephant in the room

Phones are commoditized. Apart from a few prestige phones it's a race to the bottom, with ever slimmer margins and less profit per sale. It affects the entire value chain from component manufacturers to retail.

Beer because soon it's in the same price category with your Chinese Android phone.

Qualcomm moved its Snapdragon designers to its ARM server chip. We peek at the results


Invoice for new keyboard


UK industry mouthpiece wants 'near-universal' broadband speeds of 30Mbps by 2020


Re: 30Mbps? By 2020! Sad! Nay, Pathetic!

Not to mention Romania.

Make America, wait, what again? US Army may need foreign weapons to keep up


Re: Photo: a BFG-9000 variant?

Looks like one of those net-flinging drone-catching potato guns featured on El Reg some time back.

College fires IT admin, loses access to Google email, successfully sues IT admin for $250,000


Re: Triano Williams goes to court

I'm intrigued by the cloud email comment. In my experience many IT houses - even ones with thousands of employees, that ironically enough also might provide Exchange to clients - use cloud email from Microsoft and Google.

I use gmail as my personal mail but am considering going back to self hosted. More due to political-social principles than security, features or cost.

Dovecot mailserver graded 'nearly impenetrable'


Re: Cool!

As it turns out, Dovecot is developed by original author's company, which in turn associated with (owned by?) Open-Xchange.

Trump's cyber-guru Giuliani runs ancient 'easily hackable website'


You've all been had.

It's a honeypot.

Looks like I was beat to it. Never mind, this post is staying.

Maps and alarm clocks best thing about mobes, say normies


I'm a normie

By conventional nerd wisdom the lack of applications for Windows phone was a huge drawback. When I had a Windows phone I found it perfectly adequate and I actually liked the user interface, despite getting shouted down for saying so on these forums.

TV anchor says live on-air 'Alexa, order me a dollhouse' – guess what happens next


Lots of potential synergy with

The ole airport announcement gag.

Don't panic, friends, but the Chinese navy just nicked one of America's underwater drones


@Big John

You never closed that bracket. I won't be able to sleep tonight.

If only our British 4G were as good as, um, Albania's... UK.gov's telco tech report



Did someone mention landlines? A landline phone is ancient history for anyone under 15 anywhere else in Europe. My kids wouldn't know how to use one.

I'm about to get rid of my ADSL connection in favour of a 4G modem. Faster, unmetered, cheaper and I no longer need a static IP address so it makes no sense to keep using DSL. Unfortunately I live in a fibre black spot so that is out of the question.

Microsoft quietly emits patch to undo its earlier patch that broke Windows 10 networking


I got caught by this

Spent a lot of time trying to fix the LAN connection on my son's PC. Strangely the connection was fine using a USB WLAN dongle, so I was testing different cables, switch ports, restarting the DHCP server and tailing logs, checking for driver and firmware updates etc. until I happened to run the correct magic netsh command. Glad to know the root cause.

For the whingers, crap happens and there's even a name for it.

nbn™ aces the easiest construction target it will have for two years



To summarise the article, the YOY increase in BFB (Bloody Fast Broadband) is preserved thanks to MTM, which spurns FTF (Fiber To Farmer) in favour of RBR (Ruddy Bush Radio).

Getting to the bottom of the cloud debate


Re: Cloud

You've hit the nail on the head. Moving your legacy J2EE accounting service running atop Oracle from your server cabinet to a rented virtual server is not cloud. Cloud is about replacing that application entirely and buying it as a service. It's about cutting out the cost of running a server in every office and having an IT guy looking after it.

"What if we get an Internet connection issue and can't pay our bills", you cry. You have a plan, just like you should have a plan for the eventuality of a power cut. Turning the question on its head, what if you have a burglary or a fire? Why should your business be dependent on the physical integrity of your office? I'll rather trust my core business to a collection of professionally run datacenters across the continent.

Many core premises of onsite IT are being eroded.

1) Connectivity is improving. With unmetered 4G being the norm in progressive countries, you have the situation where your phone has a faster internet connection than the office LAN.

2) Geography is less important. Not everyone is working in the same office. Increasingly they may be on the road, working from home, or contracting from another country.

3) Online services are competing with in local services. Those services you are running are being replaced by cheaper alternatives like Gmail, Office 365, Azure Active Directory etc.

Obviously the IT guy will have a hard time accepting the state of things, but it's the way we're going. Deal with it, and adapt.


Re: Friends don't let friends have servers


Now set me up a test environment consisting of geographically redundant databases, terabyte scale file storage, a fleet of application servers and a web tier fronted by load balancers and a global content delivery network. Deploy my application to it. You have 20 minutes.

OK, I've run my tests. Please destroy it all.

Now set it up again for a new round of tests. Then be so kind to replicate the entire infrastructure to datacenters on each continent for production.

How's it going? Still updating the BIOS on that blade server? I'm here on the North Pole with a laptop and a ropy satellite connection, yet I'm designing and deploying global infrastructure at a whim.

I'm sorry but anyone developing software or an online service is likely to regard IT departments as mere roadblocks and amateurs compared to what AWS (yes, even Azure) can offer. I say this grudgingly as I've got a sys admin background myself, but the harsh reality is they're right. Knowing how to optimize for performance or being good at hardening a server is not what will let you keep your job. It's being able to do it on 1000 machines at once.


Friends don't let friends have servers

There is really only one question to ask: Public cloud (AWS) or private cloud (OpenStack). If your answer is "neither", you're probably a dinosaur or have a very specific set of circumstances.

There may be legitimate reasons for running your own server infrastructure, but most often it boils down to "we're afraid of change", "we're afraid for our jobs", or people simply don't understand the possibilities. Renting or running your own virtual servers does not a cloud make.

I challenge you to stand up and say you do a better and more professional job at running secure and resilient infrastructure than the people at, let's say Amazon, Google or Microsoft. That's some hubris.

Virgin Galactic and Boom unveil Concorde 2.0 tester to restart supersonic travel


Re: whoop!

Beat me to it, have an upvote.

Sent from my iPwn.

Getting your tongue around foreign tech-talk is easier than you think

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Re: Cul de sac

Reminds me of the time I visited Sweden as a youngster and encountered an advert for a fartfest.

IT Angle

Re: Courriel / "50% extra"

@I ain't Spartacus: You can hardly lay claim on the word "extra" as it's - quote - "a Latin preposition, denoting beyond, outside of".

But otherwise, point well put. It's the same elsewhere here in Euroland and elsewhere in the world - we welcome our Anglo-American cultural overlords with open arms.

While I've got the floor, may I kindly request Britain try return to your sane selves. It was your job to set the standard. Since the Brexit vote we've had to look to Germany for that, and I don't want to learn German at my age.

Pair programming – you'll never guess what happens next!

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Pair programming? So last decade

Mob programming Moar is betta!

And for the "geeks are introverted" crowd: Mob programming for the introverted

Sweden axes 700MHz spectrum sale over 'national security' fears


Total defense encompasses defense of local industry

Ericsson stock is down. Need a big government contract. Mmm. Pork.

Boffin's anti-worm bot could silence epic Mirai DDoS attack army


Anti-worm nematode

A nematode is a worm. So anti-worm worm.

Burgundian iPhone wrecker hit with damages, suspended sentence

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EU warranty rule does work

The missus' macbook screen was having trouble after about a 18 months' use. It got fixed for free no muss no fuss at a local Apple repair shop, even though the warranty was ostensibly 12 months.

LASER RAT FENCE wins €1.7m European Commission funds


Re: One small step...

What is "humanus humanus"? Do you mean Pediculus humanus, or perhaps Homo sapiens sapiens?

A plumber with a blowtorch is the enemy of the data centre


Been there

Oh look, a cable with a connector.

Oh look, a box with blinkenlights and sockets.

Perhaps they fit...

Perhaps they should be connected ...

Why is the internet broken?

Lessons learned:

1) Use "proper" managed switches with loop protection, even at the edge.

1.1) No desktop switches.

1.2) Keep the switches locked up.

2) Monitoring - SNMP is your friend.

Tim Cook: EU lied about Apple taxes. Watch out Ireland, this is a coup!


Sovereignty Shmovereignty

We western democracies try to foster free trade, because we know it is a Good Thing (tm). That means removing obstacles such as import duties, but also removing other practices such as non-tariff barriers to trade and unfair state aid to companies. Those are agreed upon under the auspices of trade agreements and transnational bodies such the WTO. When a country is not playing fairly, eg. engages in dumping, these organizations intervene because it is their job to do so.

The job of the European Union is to create a common internal market with a level playing field. The level of integration is higher than other treaties, but the principle is the same. Ireland agreed to specific terms when it entered the union and got the benefits of participating in the market. If the findings of the commission are based on fact and Ireland has broken the rules, then corrective action has to be taken.

Crying about lost sovereignty is disingenuous and besides the point.


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