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Singapore Airlines bans A380 rumpy-pumpy

Gates Halo


"One must be pretty stupid..."

"Second, A380 is not french but franco-germano-something..."

WOW, you really know how to make your point about stupid people...do some RESEARCH before you post!!

But then again your probably French

World's most gullible supermarket chain falls victim to online scam


@More on hot coffee

I like my coffee hot, not warm. When I get a cup in the morning I expect it to be to hot to spill on myself.

Student taser victim spared electric chair

Dead Vulture

The only thing better then tazering a college student...

is beating the snot out of him with batons.

2012 Olympics to be 'car-free'

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Another reason

...not to visit the UK

Women's panties threaten Burmese Junta


It's not just in Burma..

when I see extra wide pants I'd lose my desire to live

MIT boffins plan for asteroidal doom

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By then Germany will have invaded and taken over France...again

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