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Taylor Swift boycotts Apple Music over no-pay-for-plays shocker


Re: I'm with Ms. Swift

Apple may have trialed the idea of forcing artists into the deal. Google about "Anton Newcombe of the band Brian Jonestown Massacre" and Apple threatening to pull their music from the iTunes store if they don't sign on with the new music-streaming. Apple has yet to deny doing it that I can't find on the net so far.


All small Indipendents to absorb three months of zero income?

From what I've read, Independent Labels are in fear of being bankrupt paying for Apples's customer acquisition costs with this scheme.

Apple CORED: Boffins reveal password-killer 0-days for iOS and OS X


Re: Waiting game?

I imagine a lot will feel the screw. Many of us CAN'T upgrade to the next version of OSX every time they release one. It breaks our existing programs to often. Add to that Apples' POLICY of refusing to patch ANY past versions once another is released......we are just screwed. This is the "Apple Screw™" and how it turns...

'Get your ass to Market Street!' Arnold Schwarzenegger to give drive-by directions


Get to da chawpaaaaa...!

In this case it might be, "get to da schawping mawl...!



FCC boss sketches out bargain broadband for hard-up Americans


Re: Broadband or running water?

"And they couldn't use the computers at their local library... "

Just a bit of data on Libraries. At least the ones in my city. You often can't get time on their computers. There is often a waiting list. Then when you do get on one you are limited to a 30min session. That doesn't work when you have to take a 60min online behavior test for that simple Box Store retail or shoe store job. Yup, those national retail chains make you do that now and the Libraries don't let you have that long of a session.

SourceForge accused of shackling GIMP in kinky adware

Big Brother


Crapware wrapped into the download is just more unprofessional garbage that reflects badly on sourceforge.

Why does Uber keep its drivers' pay so low? Ex-CFO: 'Cos we can'

Big Brother


Uber's Executive pool has failed the human test. Someone who has still the littlest bit of humanity in them would not respond that way.

Russia will fork Sailfish OS to shut out pesky Western spooks

Big Brother

Dear Putin; Please make your OS have a English option. Thank you.

It would be nice to have a smartphone with no back doors. As it is, anytime American authorities desire they, supposedly, can shut most of them down over wide areas during a police state action against protesters. It would be nice to have the one Russian made phone that is up and working so I can still contact loved ones.

IN YOUR FACE, Linux and Apple fans! Oculus is Windows-only for now

Thumb Up

Windows only? Well that's Okay Facebook.

I'm glad Microsoft has such good friends.

I'm sure Bill Gates and his Microsoft will reciprocate.

It’s Adobe’s Creative Cloud TITSUP birthday. Ease the pain with its RGB-wrangling rivals


Just my useless opinion

I find it unprofessional and irresponsible to their professional customers when a software maker like Adobe makes their product "Connection Dependent" in order for it to continue working.

That DRM support in Firefox you never asked for? It's here


Re: I'm glad I use.....

Thank you. I was considering mentioning this one. I'm glad to see someone beat me to it. SeaMonkey is one of my favorites!

iPhone case uses phone's OWN SIGNAL to charge it (forever, presumably)


TAP (Technology Atrophy Prevention)

Well, if a certain amount of the signal was crawling back over or through the casing material and becoming a waste energy, why not reclaim it. It's innovation. It's something that most corporate paper pushers in their own internal "Four F" psychology/mentality will never grok. That makes it an imperative for those who operate in a mentally better place to push the envelope to prevent technology stagnation and atrophy.


Apple MacBook 2015: Twelve inches of slim and shiny fanboi joy


Re: It's an iPad with a keyboard.

Now that makes sense. I agree. It is an iPad with a keyboard.

Of course I always thought the "Air" product line was supposed to cover that and the regular "Macbooks" without that designation were for the normal "all-things" notebook/laptop activity and productivity on the go.

Now it's like both are just tablet and netbook replacements sans productivity. To me, this is a formula for confusion, angst, frustration and anger with their fanboys & girls customers.

New Windows 10 will STAGGER to its feet, says Microsoft OS veep

Big Brother

Will Windows become like rent to own furniture that you never get to own?

I have to wonder how many average Joe and Jane PC Windows users out there will fall for this. To the average person of average computer literacy, if they never stop paying to use the PC they purchased, it'll feel like they never really own it. I don't expect that to have a positive impact on the PC industry.

I also wonder if this is just a profitably creative means to pressure people out of PC's and into fondle slabs which are to limited to produce any content TPTB might find threatening. Truth is that user content has shifted the balance of who controls information away from spin control of the major media, their power to control how people think and what they believe.

Bloke, 22, in knockoff Microsoft Xbox ring gets 18 months in the cooler


This does not come off like it was a $100Mil manufacuring enterprise

Correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like a handful of gamers who couldn't wait for product releases managed only to roll their own & build their own plus some for a handful of friends. Not that big.

If I'm wrong then where did the capital come from to manufacture and sell knock off boxes?

Microsoft: Profit DECIMATED because you people aren't buying PCs


What changes with the seasons is fleeting....

The rock we used to trust and hang onto in the past known as Windows has now become a fluttering leaf on a branch which changes and drops off with the seasons to be replaced by another again and again...

Gone is the confidence and it's sales with it.

All Mac owners should migrate to OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 ASAP


Money strapped Apple...of course I understand...

Substantial amount of changes. Yeah. I can't blame a struggling company like Apple for not going back to fix even the last version before. When money is tight you have to make sacrifices. I've seen the new low end iMac and can see their struggles have been showing...


...you're out of luck.

I would love to upgrade. Oh that's right. I CAN'T. Why? I need more RAM.

The jack ass control freaks running Apple made these things so the owners can't upgrade their RAM. Nice isn't it...

It's the FALKLANDS SYNDROME! Fukushima MELTDOWN to cause '10,000 Chernobyls' in South Atlantic


Umbrella solution is best....

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I'm perfectly safe because I have an asbestos umbrella! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

Pathetic PC sales just cost us a BILLION dollars, cries Intel


The term "Wintel" comes to mind...

As goes Microsoft's Windows so goes the hardware that runs it.

It's to bad Intel can't solve this issue with another OS that would generate some excitement and sell more PCs.


On-prem storage peeps. Come here. It's time for real talk. About Google


All your eggs in one cloudy basket.

All my eggs are in this basket so please don't drop it Mr Cloud...

Mattel urged to scrap Wi-Fi mic Barbie after Register investigation

Big Brother

To Creepy!

No matter what the corporation, it seems like every executive out there has the same goals now...more surveillance.

Bank of America wants to shove its IT into an OpenCompute cloud. What could go wrong?


I hope it's not a cloudy window dressing on an Achilles Heel.

I don't find comfort in the thought that all data in one location means all offices could be offline if that location has trouble or is cut off.

That said I hope, for their customers' sake, up time is unlike Azure.

Microsoft man: Internet Explorer had to go because it's garbage


Re: New Can be good

>Almost true. Spyglass said that they originally planned to use Mosaic but wrote new code for IE.

Hey cool data. I learned some more stuff here. It always amazes me what Reg readers know. I guess it's a big part of why I like this place so much.




...If you ever consider writing for The Reg. You have my vote.

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New Can be good

Internet Explorer started life as Spyglass Inc "Mosaic" browser code. Most things we get from Microsoft started out as another company's code that Microsoft built on top of. Can you imagine if they learned to do well making their own code from scratch. If they get good at it they might even be able to create a whole new OS without all the old quirks and behaviors of their current NT based one one.

And the buggiest OS provider award goes to ... APPLE?


Apple OSX, Quick and dirty or...?

Apple. This is what happens when you insist on a rapid release schedule. Quick and dirty or at a more practical pace compatible with the Quality of a release. (my worthless two cents again)

Apple: Fine, we admit it – MacBook Pros suffer wonky GPU crapness



As much as I like my Mac more than my PC one sad fact continues to stand out with Apple. When they do make a mistake, it takes a public knock down drag out legal fight to get them to correct it. On these kind of issues, Apple continues to comes across as the company most combative against their own customers. It's mind boggling. ( just my two worthless cents)

Lenovo shipped lappies with man-in-the-middle ad/mal/bloatware



Lenovo was the last PC maker I thought I "might" trust the products of. Now there are none.

AT&T suddenly finds demand for 1Gbps fiber in Kansas City – just after Google arrived


AT & effing T

If AT & effing T wants to log my activity, then their internet connection better be for free.

Does the blue-death-star logo'd internet provider respects anyone?

Windows 10 to give passwords the finger and dangle dongles


Back To The Future....

Once your biometric data is stolen, the only way to secure your accounts and data will be....wait....here it comes....a.......password.

* That red guy with horns on my post...yeah...that's me...

Microsoft's patchwork falls apart … AGAIN!


Re: Patch Fail?

Oh thanks for the idea.

From now on I'm calling it "Patch Fail Tuesday".

So long, Cyanogen! OnePlus says its future belongs to OxygenOS



With 7 Billion people on the planet you'd think the market would be big enough for more hand-held device OSes to choose from. Instead it's all just Android variants. I'm not sure I like this.

I'm beginning to wonder if the human race is nothing but meat robots that can't create original things so much.

Kyocera: Torque among yourselves on our unbreakable ruggedmobe


I love Kyocera products

Kyocera has had it's hand in cameras, copiers, Video cameras and more. In the past(years ago) I found what they make to be exceptional. I hope that has continued. Ummm can you tell I once sold their products? LOL.



Microsoft explains Windows as a SERVICE – but one version remains a distant dream

Big Brother

Yay subscriptions! (sarcasm)

First year of Windows 365. One year automatic free subscription with new PC. After that, consumer completely pwned...

I say bring it. Lets lets get this over with. The tech knowledgeable get it, but until the masses FEEL the pain they wont.

< sits with copy of Debian on DVD.....waiting... >

They've finally solved it: Schrödinger's cat is both ALIVE AND DEAD


( -__^)b

The cat was never really in the box. That was another reality...oh wait....

Ex-squeeze me? Baking soda? Boffins claim it safely sucks CO2 out of the air


Good solution if it's adopted

I wonder if the Corp Heads will reject this safer cleaner method and continue to favor use of more caustic solutions.

RIP Windows RT: Microsoft murders ARM Surface, Nokia tablets


If I could have loaded my must-have x86 progys...

...THEN I could be coaxed into trying Windows on an Arm CPU.

In 2016 there's going to be a 16nm Arm chip introduced that can run at 2+Ghz. It's enough to run my desktop programs provided the OS was designed to run them on an ARM chip. Running my must-have PC programs on ARM is the only thing missing.

'YOUTUBE is EVIL': Somebody had a tape running, Google...

Big Brother

Starve the Beast

We have one recourse left.

Stop Consuming.

Top smut site Flashes visitors, leaves behind nasty virus


"So what platforms does the virus infect? Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, Android, iPhone? All of the above?"

Yes. This. Please.

FCC will vote to cut off 41 million broadband users this Thursday*


4Mbps to 25Mbps

"4Mbps to 25Mbps"

That means I'm already not getting Broadband. LOL.

Of course the fact that Cox cable charges for 1mbs what other ISPs charge for 5-12mbs is an over priced joke on it's low end customers.

Google reveals where AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable will next offer Gbps broadband


Title is truth!

Phoenix, AZ.



YOU. Your women are mine. Give them to me. I want to sell them



I know of someone who got hit for infringement of some song because of a printer going in the background.

Google reveals bug Microsoft says is mere gnat


Good cop, bad cop?

Who is on the boards of all these big corporations?

Is this Google attack on Microsoft just a set up for the purpose of making us feel empathy towards Microsoft in order to soften the blow-back from computers users/population/us when Microsoft begins the ramp up to introducing Windows 10 as well as OS as a service?

Question Everything...

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year


Who's PC is it?

No Microsoft. It is not your PC!


'If you see a stylus, they BLEW it' – Steve Jobs. REMEMBER, Apple?


Interesting but I hope Apple hasn't lost the plot

Having to keep a stylus with the device is an additional material realm burden and takes away from the experience. If a technology is sufficiently advance such things shouldn't be needed to enter data. Only exception I would consider a stylus for is the fact that fine point pressure and angle control is needed for artistic endeavors on the device like emulated paint brush and pencil work.

Google 'in talks' to buy THAT group, y'know, the one formerly known as ISIS


It's out of this world....LOL...

It makes sense. The deity ISIS married the deity Osiris in Egyptian mythos. Now Google's Earth satellite company(DigitalGlobe) can marry up with the NASA Osiris capsule program in space like a reliving of the deity marriage experience once again. Just keep a watch out for Seth... LOL.

'F*** you', exclaims Google Translate app, politely


Needs to be left in the oven a little longer?

Google Translate is hilarious. I've copy-pasta'd enough Japanese into Google Translate to know their technology to translate things is far far away from ready. What it usually gives me these days is unintelligible combinations of English words that add up to nothing.

Zuckerberg asks the public to tell him where to go in 2015


No. <insert image of Yotsuba here>

He wants advice where to go next? He shouldn't be asking that should he? LOL.

Actually, I would tell him nothing. I wouldn't want him discovering and then ruining anything I actually care about. ( -.^)/

Kim Dotcom vows to KILL SKYPE with encrypted MegaChat


Damn the torpedoes...I welcome the Dotcom Chat

Microsoft wrecked Skype enough that I welcome all alternatives.

Microsoft patch mashes Office forms and macros


Re: That picture

"shouldn't it be on a Sony article ?"

HAHAHAHA...! Good one!

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