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Oracle and SAP are Big Software, but for how long?


Re: SAP - the sooner RIP the better

Just to back you up, you are absolutely correct! As having been one those coal faced customer facing staff in a Yank firm. That was one of the most stressful disasters I've ever experienced in my entire life. I witnessed other poor sods like myself say the same thing. Our task to assist/serve the customers needs was sometimes impossible.

Notebook sales to surge, says notebook seller


A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. ~ Lao Tzu

" Notebook sales to surge, says notebook seller

'Intel and Microsoft will save us' "


< tea spews all over keyboard >

I think Compal better form a better plan, perhaps trying to save themselves would be a nice start. It seems their dependence on Microsoft to tell them what to do is not serving them well.

German govt DUMPS 170 NEW PCs riddled with Conficker


Re: I wonder what happened to the infected machines

I was just about to say there was something going on here with the Gov not telling the whole story. Then I read your post and I think you filled that in nicely.

San Francisco caves over mobile radiation warnings

Big Brother

Dark side of this

If the warning was right or wrong, it seems the people in America keep finding they don't control the Government(s) on any level, only the corporations run the Government(s) here now.

Warning to the rest of the world, the Federal and local Gov(s) in America are all completely out of the peoples control.

Good news: Debian 7 is rock solid. Bad news: It's called Wheezy

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I REALLY like what I'm reading here about Debian

The latest trend of a new release with lots of new shiny stuff in it and loss of each ones last repositories every five minutes is pants where work need getting done. Nothing sucks more than having installed midway between on any particular release of a distro and having the repository go tits up before you've discovered all the software you needed to install for certain tasks.

I've also experienced a variability in stability with distros that have a fairly short release schedule which can be a point of aggravation. I think it's a great thing that Debian is dedicated to a more meat space work compatible release schedule, stability, and full version with repository on disk downloads.

Adobe kills Creative Suite – all future features online only



Adobe is now a Ferengi business.



Dictionary dot com



insatiable greed for riches; inordinate, miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth.

Adobe knows human behavior is to refuse change and that they have a lock in with Commercial art. In the colleges and the studios there is only one accepted software for what Adobe delivers and it's theirs, now they are taking advantage of you with it.

So long, Hotmail: Remaining users migrated to Outlook.com


It's not likely to be a happy change for home users

I got a "Live" mail account during my stint doing tech support for a telco so I can familiarize myself with how it worked. The telco partnered with MS to provide customers an email service and the telco didn't have good documentation on the MS email accounts the customers were being given in which we were tasked with supporting. That said after a couple years later I found I used it from time to time. By that point, the way I had it customized was kind of cute with it's customer friendly customizable themes. It had a very pleasing bamboo them going on it, the kind of thing end users look for and like in their user profiles and emails. Then the jarring change came without notice. I logged in about a month ago to suddenly find, without my approval, it was changed to the horribly unimaginative aesthetically dead white and blue utilitarian Outlook interface. Hell, if I wanted that I'd have used and email client like Windowsmail or Outook. This unfriendly and jarring change is not likely going to make friends of home users of the Hotmail or Live mail services.

Apple designer Sir Jony Ive holding up iOS 7 development: Report


Sounds like a Blue Blood undoing of Apple

I don't trust him. Apple is a thorn in the side of the elite by providing the unwashed masses with advanced technology the blue bloods would rather they not have. Now a "knighted' by blue blood individual is in charge of the project? I expect this is going to result in many more problems for Apple to get anything out the door because of it. This, like the move by Sony to put Sir Harry Stringer in charge of operations of the Corp directly in Japan, is likely not to work out well for them. I hope I'm wrong. Like or hate Apple, it is they who forced the hand held device and mobe development forward into the 21st century, without out Apple to keep moving the football down the field we may find ourselves once again in technological stagnation.

Feds want to fine companies that refuse wiretap requests

Big Brother

Big Brother is Now

Good old fashion Tyranny now has arrived in the USA, it's the Corporate-Federal collaboration Government.

2,000km-wide Eye-of-Sauron MONSTER hurricane spotted on Saturn



Amazingly hexagonal shaped storm.

White House backs US web sales tax - eBay hits panic alarm

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US Gov sucks

All those little one person online stores selling self made goods on the internet earning a small living will not be able to handle this. They all may likely have to shut down their web stores. This is likely to INCREASE the number of jobless for that reason.

Hedge fund invests $2bn in Microsoft, thinks Redmond is undervalued


Hedge funds and Long Term

I think Bill Gates continues to be a controlling stock holder, so despite Steve Ballmer at the helm Bill Gates still figures into Microsofts' future. It being that Bill is a son of a Banker I half wonder if Bill wouldn't call in a favor from some old friends from the Banking and finance world to use a Hedge Firm to buy up shares as a way of keeping Microsoft's value up while they move out of PCs and try to find a way to take Apples' market.

Of course if I'm wrong, once the hedge has driven the stock price up enough they'll sell off their shares some time in the near to mid term future.

Report: Apple returned 8M shoddy iPhones to Foxconn

Black Helicopters


Somebody in China hoping quality control is like Dells' was all those years ago and trying to do the same thing to Apple now?

Notebook makers turn to Android in face of Windows woes


The refusal

So they're refusing to change Windows 8, instead Microsoft is running to patent troll Android for their revenue and letting the PC sales continue to dive with Windows 8?

More Brits ditch Apple tablets for Amazon, Google, Samsung kit


Looking for more?

Could it be the users feel to restricted with Apple and the feeling of a walled garden like system instinctively seeking something less so?

Bad Microsoft patch trapped you in a boot loop? Here's your fix


Sounds like it's more window-dressing than an actual fix

It seems to me Microsofts' excuse for the issue is less professional than they've been in the past and their incomplete fix is sad.

Apple branded porno-peddling perverts by Chinese Pravda


I figured China accepted Apples' apologies, guess China didn't really want one

Seems Chinese authorities are not gonna let Apple easily do business then. I thought Apple having apologized recently was the right thing. Maybe I thought wrong. Maybe Apple should have put it back in Chinas' face with a terse disclaimer indicating no wrong occurred like Microsoft just did. Obviously apologizing is not getting anywhere with China so why bother anymore. Time to find an alternative to Foxcon and be done with China for a while?

Antarctic ice sheet melt 'not that unusual', latest ice core shows


Sucks when you build stuff in a bad place

The weather, temperature, land masses, level of the ocean have changed vastly over millions of years and are right now continuing to. Some shifts in any of these variables can come quick in just a short number of years. The only difference now is that human kind suddenly expects the weather to stop changing now because people have just built modern cities on the oceans edge. People would rather tell earth to stop changing than stop building stuff where more sudden earth changes could ruin it.

Windows 7 'security' patch knocks out PCs, knackers antivirus tools


Re: Not the only problem with recent patches

Great, somebody at MS probably broke something in the code and the resulting mess you are seeing is their kludge to make it stay working. Chances are they'll call this USB FUBAR a new "Feature".

Thank God I didn't update last Tuesday.

m(_ _)m

Microsoft follows Apple into the dock over warranty terms in China


The Ballmerian push-back may get more in kind

I think the Chinese are saying to Western business here that they are being allowed to be in the Chinese market and to prove they should continue to be allowed. Apple answered correctly and will likely be able to continue for now maybe, it seems they still are good strategists and have some wisdom here.

The Ballmerian push-back response was not as wise at all...

Google: 'Austin is our next Fiber city.' AT&T: 'Us, too – maybe'

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Good to hear

I applaud Google for announcing it's bringing it's' Fiber to service in Austin. It will greatly change things there for the better.



vocalisation vs lips

The sinus cavity, throat and larynx construction are what make the sounds possible that humans use. The lips approach doesn't really deal with it. I give the man an "A" for effort though. Perhaps if they can find an example of any species that has changed it's chromosome count and lived on to create a variant species, they might have a case for apes becoming human, for instance apes have 48 and humans 46. That might go a LOT further in figuring out how these internal structures used in human vocalization changed so much.

NASA rules out leading new human lunar expedition

Big Brother

Doesn't pass the smell test, NASA is dead.

Every time the public doesn't let them off the hook for taking humans into real space exploration NASA changes the rules to something yet another 10-20 years away that can be canceled by another president before NASA is actually forced to really pursue it. It's been smelling like avoidance techniques for far far to long now. Russians will have to partner with China if they want to get anywhere as the US Gov/media complex plunges it's citizens into a news black out as to what is really happening in the rest of the world. Space exploration belongs to China now.

Microsoft Xbox gaffe reveals cloudy arrogance


It's just wrong

I don't care if the Internet connection is good or bad. The ass hats have no business making me have to keep my device tethered the web just to use it.

Google goes on the Blink in WebKit fork FURORE


And Google says

All your base are belong to us.

So the moment Google sees the last bastion of independence in browsers which is Opera has given it up to use the same one as all the rest Google forks away from it to pull a Microsoft and make their own version. It may not be long with Opera giving itself unto the Beast before Google writes the standards.

Microsoft's summer update will be called Windows 8.1


It's that mossy old greenness...

Microsoft OS 8.1 or in other words MOS 8.1.

Oh look, the Moss ate one. LOL.

Might as well call it that, they are removing bits of the windowing system with every update it seems so can't really keep calling it anything other than Microsofts' OS....

Playboy submits to Apple with nudity-free 'Pornography 2.0' app




Federal lawyers, MIT threatened following Aaron Swartz' death


US Gov on over drive

The Gov agencies in the US have swung the way of unrestrained tyranny recently here like a 3rd world dictatorship. No surprise at the blow back it's getting them.

Living in the middle of a big city? Your broadband may still be crap


Yup, 5mbps is about it at the moment

I worked for two major telecoms, one in the US and the other in Canada. They had their own internal numbers on what the average speed for their own customers connections were and the numbers sited here match up with them. The US telecom showed average users speed was 5mbps and the Canadian had numbers showing their users had an average of 6mbps. Remarkably the Canadian was about three years ahead of the US on getting on with massive infrastructure upgrades and move to optical lines with fiber to the prem(home) while today that US one is just getting on with fiber to the node with some limited fiber to the prem. Still these new networks being new have issues that older networks have long ago dealt with and worked out. It may be some time yet still before we see anything better than 5mbps speeds if this is true in any of our countries. It's precisely this point I have long wished web masters understood when they splash their companies websites with a profusion of Flash and Java that cause them to load on most broadband connections painfully slow.

Relaxed Windows 8 rules hint at smaller slabs to come


Re: It's an f-n alpha OS people....

Yup, it's a very premature release. Now they attempt to get it up to beta at our expense but because it's in the wild this retarded test stage alpha kids level interface will be something they can't back away from. Windows is over, stick a fork in it it's done. Perhaps China will re-invent a marketable PC OS the 3rd party software companies will find agreeable with their needs and ability to support. I hope so at least, the US PC makers don't have what it takes to come up with an alternative OS on their own.

Microsoft LOVES YOU: Free Wi-Fi on the British railways for a month


As goes your emial so might go your companys' operations

IMHO the future of Office365 experience has already seen with Outlook365. Business execs don't seem to realize the consequences of outside management of their internal email when they made the Outlook365 switch over. They're cluelessly trusting the security of their in-house proprietary communications and reliability of access to an outside company. They think the name "Microsoft" makes it professional and the name brand magically imparts security and reliability? Perhaps they should ask their employees about that last few times there were glitches in the service or they couldn't access Outlook365 and how much this has happened before going to Office365. Unfortunately I doubt the Executives in companies would consult their staff and far to many will plunge daily operations into the same faltering situation as their Microsoft controlled email is already in.

Ubuntu support periods slashed


Why not just release a new version every other week like Firefox. (sarcasm)

Thank God there are a number of Linux choices out there. I dearly hope the other distros don't follow this nonsense.

Ubuntu tapped by China for national operating system

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China always has their own way, perhaps that's a positive

I'm going to be the go against the flow and applaud Ubuntu. Unity sucks but maybe China will ask why the same software has to always be recompiled to work with every new release of Linux and demand that issue is addressed. Hopefully.

Oi, Microsoft, where's my effin' toolbar gone?



It's good to see I'm no alone on this. Buggy UI issues like that seem to come as a feature when running anything on a Windows PC these days. Makes it more of an adventure to get anything done when it really matters.

For years of using Linux and being used to normal things just working I was in shocked at the poor level of functionality when I pulled a new Windows 7 PC out of it's box and started using it. Windows explorer hanging up and not responding at times, program not responding when renaming files, files dragged into a folder still showing on the desktop and not in the folder it was dragged to until you refreshed the screen. Stupid normal everyday stuff not working very well all the time. Indexing running in the background causing PC to slow until it was disabled. Having issues with thumbnail views of files in folders and having to reboot to clear it up, always having to reboot constantly as a matter of course. Sadly I've also had to assist other people struggling with similar buggy glitches at work on their Windows XP machines too. It seems these "features" are perpetual.

Another MYSTERY evacuation: Google UK empties swanky offices


Weird stuff

If execs what things done with servers not to be seen doing it by the staff...fire drill....

Software bug halts Curiosity: Nuke lab bot in safe mode


So NASA is prone to self induced rover spasms

So they just added a file that the thing didn't like and all they have to do is delete it. That's convenient. At least it tells us they still need it to put on a show for us to cover for what ever else they are doing with it but still not telling us about.

Beijing IT biz taunts Microsoft: Show us your licence for Office 365


Re: I'd like to see Microsoft Orifice 356 hacked and cloned....

Heh, plausible. Yeah, what Chinese Gov departments or businesses would want to have to keep their computers on permanent connections to USA servers 24/7 to do their office work. If I was Chinese I'd consider it very suspect. So Microsoft Orifice 356 hacked and cloned, yeah, I can see that happening. I bet those clone servers would more reliability than Microsofts' servers as well.

Celebrity conspiracy as Apple attacked over customer service


Is the Big One increasing presure on outsiders?

It's not unlike the state authorities to sponsor actions against those it deems are unwelcome or that it feels it's in Chinas best interest are contained.

Windows Phone 8 support to end in 2014


A series of short supports to an OS in the clouds

Having read this and other articles on Microsoft's latest update plans, it leaves me thinking this is about Microsoft pushing for a new OS version every year now. It's about Microsoft using constant OS version changes to acclimate users to an acceptance(or acquiescence) of/to the outcome being a cloud based OS in the shortest possible time.

Samsung's new co-CEO: 'Windows isn't selling very well'


It would be nice if the PC OEMs learn something from this

Nice to see Samsung pave multiple roads to their future. I hope Samsungs support for Tizen OS does well for them.


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