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The Three Amigos offer sanctuary to cornered NSA leaker Snowden


Re: The only good hacker...

All the corrupt leaders in the US Gov are probably thinking dead men don't talk. Killing Snowden only helps cover up the massive US Gov corruption.

I would rather he not be killed and have all the corruption revealed so it can be cleaned up. The people in the US need to know so they can at least attempt to regain some control over the Gov and clean it up if that's still possible. Also all the US allies and other countries that have been bitten by this US Gov also need to know what's going on. They deserve that, it's the only respectful thing to do.


Re: Three Amigos

Sad mess isn't it. People in the US are in shock at how much they've been lied to by the Gov. Now a few who have clued in that they all have had the Gov steal their inalienable rights are starting to fight back for them. Trouble is US Gov has now reached optimum corruption in a marriage with the the worlds most powerful in Oil and Banking so it's not going to get fixed without a mess along the way. In the mean time the US Gov is out of the populations control.

Microsoft to switch off MSN TV


The poor mans internet

Sad to see MS kill it but then it would be to much to expect them to upgrade it. MS just doesn't have what it takes to make any product or service that might have to compete with others.

More sadness, I once new a disabled person who could not afford a computer. It was the Web TV that gave him internet that he could afford.

Samsung isn't alone: HTC profits take a huge dive


Next drop...fondle slabs....

Eventually everyone has had their fill of any given device. I think it's only natural that sales will level off under any decent economy but in a less than stellar one it leads to a drop. In the mix then the product finds it's sustaining level.

* Of course if it's got Windows 8 that drop tends to be more dramatic than other devices due to lack of market uptake.

Microsoft's murder most foul: TechNet is dead


On their shifting sands they stand with feet of clay

Your article sheds a lot of light on Microsoft's activities. It seems a number of other businesses in other markets have been making similar shifts the last few years. So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised to see MS do the same.

Snowden speaks from Moscow: 'Obama lies'


Rock and a hard place

With the US Gov shenanigans and it's President's lies, it's left Putin on higher ground. Now I imagine Putin has been positioning himself to use that position to give the US Gov an ultimatum, perhaps about the US presence in the middle east. Now Snowden's presence there has a potential of compromising that position if Russia take him in. Therefore Putin needs him gone. I think Putin should have bribed another smaller nation into taking Snowden.

Windows 8.1: Here at last, but is it good enough?


Did Microsoft do ANY Ergonomics before applying W8 to PCs?

Microsoft ergonomics failed the basics in recognizing the observation of where a users hands are with different type so devices. Hand held devices are held up close to the body. When using PCs the hands are at the desk level and holding them up in the air extended to a touch screen for 8hrs a day would result in rapid damage to the shoulder joints and muscles. Is that what Microsoft really wants? Another thing is that companies are demanding faster data entry. I would also like to see the study Microsoft has done that shows data entry of 80+wpm is done better/faster without tactile keyboard feedback on a touch screen keyboard.

Unix luminary among seven missing at sea


I do not like this, it better not be a trend

Steve Jobs, James Martin, now Evi Nemeth. I hope we don't have to start a death watch over major contributors to the OS and networking world.

Ecuador denies granting asylum, safe passage to Snowden


Re: Gotta hand it to the yankees, though

INHO the US Gov has gone rogue. It's not in the control of the people and it lies to the people inside and outside the US both while being abusive to both now. The people in the US are struggling with it while the Gov's in a fast run to complete measures stop and control them.

Windows 8.1: So it's, er, half-speed ahead for Microsoft's Plan A


It's not a PC OS

Only reason you have to now go to the keyboard for things that where normally found on screen is because Windows 8 is not a PC operating system. It's a phone operating system with the kind of keyboard hot keys options you would expect are only there for developers to get around. That is not a suitable OS for every day PC use.

Windows 8.1: 'It's good for enterprises, too,' says Redmond


Windows 8.1: 'It's good for enterprises, too,' says Redmond



Windows 8 hype has hurt PC makers and distributors - Gartner


It's Windows 8

Poorly anticipating how much hardware to purchase for sale is just another way of saying Windows 8, is unwanted while trying to make it look like something else.

Microsoft: Someone gave us shot in the ARM by swallowing Surface tabs

Big Brother

A little thing stood out ,concept dropping, sort of like name dropping

"to work more efficiently with features such as live tiles and notifications while being virtually always on and always connected."

That "always on and always connected" part is what stood out. They didn't need to add that to the statement.

That makes it looks to me like a propaganda statement to condition the public to accept and to justify an OS that will deactivate if not "always on and always connected" as an "eventuality". Now they wouldn't try to do that would they? Well, XBox One showed they would and forcefully so. XBox One would still have it's 24hr deactivation if not for Sony coming out with their alternative when they did. I believe this is ongoing work to get that paradigm started and I'm not convinced they have given up on it just because they got push back once.

PC makers REALLY need Windows 8.1 to walk on water - but guess what?


Users say, no, it's Windows 8

It's just my worthless opinion but the economy is only flat-lining the sales. It's Windows 8 that is doing the killing of PC sales. EVERY regular person and I.T. type I ask tell me the same thing the same thing when they see or try the Windows 8...."HELL NO," and they...WILL...NOT...BUY...ANY...PC...WITH...WINDOWS 8.

Microsoft to open Windows Stores inside 600 Best Buy locations


Perfect match


Microsoft botnet smackdown 'caused collateral damage, failed to kill target'


Damaging the competition

Damaging security companies abilities to do what they do could be seen as an anti-competitive action to make Microsoft the only business in town.

Apple at WWDC: Sleek new iOS, death of the big cats, pint-sized Mac Pro


Re: Mac Pro is now Mac Pro minus

If it lacks graphics chip/card upgrade-ability then it's not any kind of Pro machine. To be a machine for any kind of professional use it must have at least that flexibility in it's components. Oh and if they say take it to a Mac store, no, a studio can't do that.

Comcast expands public Wi-Fi net using customers' modems


Wireless submersion

Will the wireless signal strength have to be increased to ridiculous levels on each unit and how much crap can you broadcast in the human environment before it begins damaging the living things in it.

Apple unveils hints of Monday's new-product announcements



Knowing that they have now finished introducing never seen before products to fill every imaginable tech toy need there is work to be done on showing off what can be done to technologically move these toys forward. My expectation is we are now going to see that from here on out.

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of


Re: Another terrifying thought...

I was thinking the same thing. I wonder how many have had the same thought.


The Gates & Ballmer Software Circus

IMHO this faux start button is these two Microsoft clowns mocking all of us PC end users, PC technology professionals, the PC manufactures and shoving it in our faces.

Former Microsoft Windows chief: I was right to kill the Start button


The Gates & Ballmer TIFKAM suit shop

This whole ridiculous Windows 8 situation is beginning to look like "The Emperor's New Clothes." as Microsoft marches naked in procession before everyone.


NASA: Trip to Mars would exceed 'fatal cancer' radiation risk

Big Brother

NASA got to the moon by inventing NEW strategies

It's like NASA is trying to set the expectation they can't "invent" new technologies anymore so they can drop human exploration of space in the not so distant future. NASA seems less than willing these days. Maybe NASA can go plant trees or something. China will go to mars and beyond while NASA sits in the corner eating glue.

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild


This confirms it, Gates and Baller intend to kill the PC industry

So the Gates and Ballmer software circus has decided to use a start button to shove TIFKAM down our throats even harder with a giant Microsoft sized middle finger raised to all PC makers and PC users. Actions speak louder than words...

Yahoo! ready! to! fling! $600m! at! Hulu!


Of course the base question is can Yahoo search

Now if Yahoo can pull all this together around a search engine that is better at finding what you're searching for than the current one which only seems to find a scatter-shot mix of unrelated and quasi-related things to your search. then Yahoo might compete again. Maybe asking why Google Search can find search related items better than anyone is something that needs to be center stage now?



Well it's one of the ways Google got into the game in the first place, after all Google bought Youtube. Hopefully Yahoo is doing it right and buying what it really needs and hitting the target well enough to compete now.


Internet cafés declared 'illegal businesses' in Ohio


America sure isn't America anymore is it

Seems to me the brain trust in the legislature in Ohio could simply ban gambling outside casinos and that is all they need to take down illegal gambling businesses. No need to make internet cafe's illegal. My guess is that they're just on the same page with Washington types that want the Internet stopped or regulated out of existence and this was what they could to do to do their part in that agenda. < Shrugs >

Reports: New Xbox could DOOM second-hand games market


@ M Gale, that is so true.

I've been stunned at how many gamers I've known willingly lined up and happily bent over and spread their cheeks for some of the most shockingly abusive game companies to get their new shiny.

Report: China IP theft now equal in value to US exports to Asia


Only way to have your IP Not stolen by China is to not make it in China.

The trouble is that Chinese slave labor is the Crack of modern day Corporate America, they can't beat their addiction to it and their addiction to it is killing them. US Corps are doing it to themselves.

Press exposure of Federal data security hole leads to legal threats


Actions speak louder than words

Well if you are going to be prosecuted for pointing out to Gov and companies that they are opening sharing peoples personal data online then obviously both the Gov and the companies doing it WANT peoples data openly available to be stolen. Their actions speak for themselves.

Yahoo 'won't screw Tumblr'? Then Tumblr will screw its balance sheet



Well, it's a good time for someone to start a plan for building a duplicate of Tumblr by another name. By the time that plan is ready for implementation Yahoo will have turned Tumblr into something completely different leaving a gaping void to be filled by who ever is most ready to step in an fill it.

Sony's board debates breaking up with Spider-Man


Goodbye Sony

Even Foxcon has had the demand for new hardware go soft on them as of late, not a good time for Sony to cut off their money maker and throw it all into a hardware only focus. It's so weird to see this, it's like the electronics business that used to be Japans now belongs to S. Korea and China.

Microsoft reveals Xbox One, the console that can read your heartbeat


Re: Not looking too good

I just read that article, all I can say is I'm appalled at Microsoft.

IBM puts supercomputer Watson to work in ROBOT CALL CENTRE


In the voice of GLaDOS.

"Thank you for calling your local cable service." "It would be a pleasure to assist you, because I'm still alive....but first we must go over some rules..."


Re: Not difficult

And forced is so true. When the onscreen script or "Work Flow Software" (a scripting and trouble shooting flow software) of a telco or other service provider is in a constant state of disarray and no deviation is allowed (including three layers of agent monitoring to assure it, personally witnessed) then it doesn't really matter if a super computer or an human is following that broken work flow process, the resulting inappropriate solutions to the actual problem will continue.

Curiosity plunges its drill into Mars AGAIN, seeks life-giving sample


Yay, more holes in rocks.

Some day another NASA mars mission will be drilling a hole in a rock looking for proof of life in the martian geology when Chinese construction crews will take a break from building their mars installation there, go visit that NASA rover and pose for pictures in front of it laughing at NASA and the US Congress.

O2 brushed off outsourcing 'rumour' - but it's happening ... to THOUSANDS


Here we go again, more of what the customers dispise and help desk agents fear

Yeah, you know exactly what will happen, 2 year contracts will end with all the operation going to India. O2 just doesn't want to get their hands dirty so they're using Capita to do it for them.

AT&T to relax restrictions on FaceTime, video chat


Re: ??


Massive EXPLOSION visible to naked eye SEEN ON MOON


Perhaps some folks at NASA had another pint before making that vid too

Right after the narrator says NASA recorded it on video they show a supposed vid of a impact on the lower right hand side of the moon then later in the vid point out the actual impact was in the upper left hand side. I don't think they showed the actual video of the actual impact but left us to assume they did. I hope some amateur astronomers got a vid of the impact.


Re: @Zot This data puts an end to any moon base plans.

Actually it's not the direct hit that would scare me but the micro meteors that could puncture the air tight environment of any base there. It could be a very annoying and life threatening issue that is always present.

Hey, Teflon Ballmer. Look, isn't it time? You know, time to quit?


...until Ballmer & Gates are so old they're drewling on themselves

Only question is what do we all do from here. Waiting for the share holders to fix things is useless. The share holders can't organize themselves out of a wet paper sack. Meanwhile the PC industry burns as Ballmer and Gates fiddle on the roof.

Apple seeks techies, designers to revive iWork office suite


I was wondering about Apples own Mac software support lately. I'm going to watch this one. If they are going to get back on the ball with it and make me feel Apple hasn't lost interest in their Mac (OSX) product line I'll switch.

I need the kind of OS that lets me re-install the special and expensive software I use without me having to get a new version of my software every time the OS is updated. Only Windows and OSX can served me in that capacity. Trouble is that Windows and I are having a falling out. Windows(XP, Vista, Win7) has, far to often, over the years gotten hung up on simple daily file management tasks giving me the stupid Windows Explorer is Not Responding message while it thinks about it for 2 to 3 minutes.

Yahoo! May! Buy! Tumblr! For! One! BEELLION! Bucks!


No. Just no.

Yahoo. Please. Don't. Ruin. My. Tumblr.

Steve JOBS finally DEFEATS the PC - from BEYOND THE GRAVE


Balance of computing

I see the fondle-slab as an expansion and diversification of the computing ecosystem. Unfortunately that means more devices sharing the same money pool but doesn't mean one is replacing the other. Each has distinctive purposes and uses that the other can't properly accommodate. So to me this isn't one replacing the other but more of everything finding a new balance.


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