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Chinese develop remote-controlled pigeons


Typical scientists

Like all scientists around the world, this bunch dont care much for life. They are renowned for eating, butchering, probing anything that moves or swims; in particular, they love hurting inoccent, hungry creatures that share this earth with us (at their peril).

Scientists do this sort of experimentation in the name of research and for the good of humanity; but, they don't appear to have any objective or goal in mind for their mindless experimentation, arguing instead that killing thousands and even millions of creatures is worth it, just to save one human child! I ask you, what sort of hogwash is that?

There are thousands today who suffer all around the world because of lack of water, food and clothing - this is where the money and research should be spent, and not on fat research budgets that line the jackets of the greedy and cruel!

Finally, because these guys/gals hack me off - I just wish some alien race would land on Earth, preferably in their back yard, and stick pieces of metal in their brains. What we would have then is walking, talking robotic scientists - and that would be interesting indeed!!



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