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PC sales continue meteoric death plunge through 3rd quarter, drop another 8.6 per cent

Daniel B.

The elephant in the room

Most kids might want am iThingy or an Android tablet... But the main reason PCs ain't selling is still Windows 8. Otherwise the fall would have happened last year!

The LUN must DIE. Are you with me, storage bods?

Daniel B.

Re: Ye gods...

Dude. This is the 2010s. Disks don't break anymore.

Au contraire, mon ami! Haven't you seen the awful failure rates of the newest HDDs? It is now more likely than not that you will have at least one disk failure when buying a batch of WDs or Seagates!

Daniel B.

Maybe it's the filesystem?

I might see that part of the problem is also related to filesystems and how they manage large spaces. Could be an issue with some of 'em? ZFS might fix that; just get a large enough LUN and put ZFS on that. Want to "partition" for your DBA? Just make the virtual partitions on zfs and tell them it's done. Everyone's happy, and you only get one LUN assigned by storage!

Android adware that MUST NOT BE NAMED threatens MILLIONS

Daniel B.

Re: Apple (someone had to raise this)

This would far less likely get through on the iTunes Store

They already had a boo-boo years ago. Can't remember the name of the apps or the vendor, but it was something like iMob or something like that; the app would slurp your contact list and other stuff and send all that data to the company selling the games. And they had all those apps get through the iBone Store! Which shows that the whole iTunes Store approval process is more of a security theater thing.

Hollywood: How do we secure high-def 4K content? Easy. Just BRAND the pirates

Daniel B.

Re: Oh not this again

"Or read in a library. "

You clearly don't know how libraries work. I suggest you learn. The creator does get paid for this.

Um... another troll discussion occurred at a BBS about a year or so ago, with one person arguing that libraries were awful for book writers ... up until an actual author jumped in and basically told us that libraries may not pay per use, but they do pay for the book and it is still desireable to have many people read the book, because it either gives them more coverage, or actually translates into a sale by the reader if he likes the book.

So yes, I know how libraries work. I also know they can't actually pay for exact readership numbers. How do I know how many people grabbed the Harry Potter series, book 7? Or Moby Dick? At most, you might check the records on those books that people with library cards took home, but it isn't necessarily the same quantity of actual readers they have.

And how about bookstores? Some of them like Barnes & Noble in the US actually let you read the books inside the bookstore.

Anyway, it's treading off topic. The point is that copyright infringement is bad, but it isn't theft. There's a reason it is stated as something totally different by copyright law.

Daniel B.

Re: What a bunch of charmers they are to be sure.

So little johnny borrows a film from his mate and plays it and the next thing Dad knows is that "the boys" are kicking his door in.

The fun thing is that some of the things described in this article means that little johnny will stick the film into his player and will get a big fat "MOVIE NOT AUTHORIZED TO PLAY ON THIS DEVICE" error. Which makes it even more braindead, as that's what almost killed the XboxOne. Though the Xbox180 is probably doomed anyway, not everyone is going to buy the "we turned it off" gesture MS gave them. Especially if it can be turned on again...

Daniel B.

Oh not this again

"So, you mean copyright infringers?"

No, I mean thieves.

Your retardedness is showing.

If you copy it - it's the same thing. (And I'll type this slowly so that you can keep up). THE. CREATOR. DOES. NOT. GET. PAID.

Neither does he get paid if it's bought at a second-hand bookstore. Or read in a library. Yet those who write books actually encourage the latter, as being put in a library means more people read their stuff, and can actually translate into more sales.

If you don't like the price, terms of sale or anything else; don't buy. It's that simple. There is NO EXCUSE FOR THEFT.

Agreed on the don't buy and I do NOT condone piracy. But equating copyright infringement with theft is retarded and only the MAFIAA believes that. And I say this as someone who makes a living from software, one of the very things that gets hurt by piracy.

Universal's High Fidelity Pure Audio trickles onto Blighty’s Blu-Ray hi-fis

Daniel B.

But does it come without DRC?

The main reason our current music sounds crap isn't because of the frequency, or the resolution... it's because the mastering is using shit Dynamic Range Compression in the name of the Loudness Wars. So unless this BD audio format is using some kind of mastering that doesn't crank up the compression, it just won't sell.

Though most audiophiles are adamant on using only LPs these days and are actually going backwards in tech. They're building bulb amplifiers! Those guys are probably going to distrust any digital format these days.

Stallman's GNU at 30: The hippie OS that foresaw the rise of Apple - and is now trying to take it on

Daniel B.

Y'all GNU kids remember...

GNU was never turned into an actual OS due to delays on the GNU Hurd kernel. enter a young student called Linus who just built a Minix-inspired kernel and glued all up using the GNU tools stack. Ta-da! Of course, this meant Linux took the limelight originally intended for GNU, thus the dick-wavering eternal fights over how the OS should be called. GNU/Linux, as "GNU Linux" implies Linux is part of GNU which it isn't. RMS insists that you should even actually say "gnoo slash leenuks" when referring to the full name.

That said, I agree with other commenters; RMS is needed as the radical element he is, to keep balance on the force and avoid awful stuff like the DRM'd HTML5 we've just been announced. Yeech!

Down with Unicode! Why 16 bits per character is a right pain in the ASCII

Daniel B.

Re: The historical accident of little-endian

"In all the (human, natural) languages that I know of, we start with the biggest quantity and work down (even in expressions like "four score and 7", "vingt et un" and "eleventy one")"

German uses little-endian for numbers < 100, though. "Zwei und vierzig". Quick, what number is that?

Feds smash internet drug bazaar Silk Road, say they'll KEELHAUL 'Dread Pirate Roberts'

Daniel B.

Re: Tor

TOR project has been off-Navy for years, plenty of time to catch or fix any planted backdoors. However, people from the TOR project themselves have stated that TOR isn't built to withstand a multi-national snooping operation (precisely what the NSA does).

However, this particular dude was caught for being stupid. TOR wasn't even involved in tracing him to the source!

Daniel B.

Identity FAIL

So the one thing that is still a mystery is how they got hold of the server itself. Because tracking down this guy seems to have been pretty easy; having your nickname or "internet handle" be easily linked to your real life name is a surefire way to get the feds on you. Especially if you're running an overtly illegal scheme.

So it seems to be less of an NSA-assisted manhunt and more of the Dreaded Pirate Roberts ... err... Ulbricht being too dumb to do illegal stuff.

Daniel B.

By getting the wallet's private key. That way they either hold it or transfer it to their own wallet.

At least, that's how I think they're doing it.

Bang away – just not 'with friends', Zynga tells naughty hookups app

Daniel B.


It's just yet another version of the "CrushLink" thingy, except this one is sex-oriented. I'm pretty sure the blind date-match thingy predates the internet at least.

Techno-thriller author and gaming franchise Tom Clancy dies at 66

Daniel B.

Sad loss

Though I'll admit that the only book I've actually read has been The Hunt for Red October. Most of his other stuff, I only watched the movie adaptations. Hunt for Red October was mighty good.

GTA V Online hits speed bumps: Short wait before you can rough up that hooker

Daniel B.

Re: bah haven't had many downvotes lately

GTA actually had the multiplayer appeal before it officially had multiplayer support. Ever heard of SAMP? Basically the equivalent of QuakeWorld to Quake1; they altered GTA: San Andreas and gave it the ability to play online. Rockstar eventually catched on and added it to GTA4. I fail to see the appeal, but it seems it's popular enough among the young 'uns.

Plastic ingredient FOUND ON MOON of Saturn

Daniel B.

Re: Tupperware? What's that got to do with it?

Propene implies a double-carbon bond somewhere. Not the same as Propane.

Bill Gates: Yes, Ctrl-Alt-Del salute was a MISTAKE

Daniel B.

The PC KEYBOARD power switch

Soooo.... Nobody here remembers the retarded keyboards from the mid-00's with the awful "shutdown" key? Especially the ones that had a row of "shutdown, suspend, sleep" keys right below the "insert, delete, hone/end" keys. So you could be trying to press End, but press the cursed shutdown key, which would send an unstoppable shutdown command to Windows! Weeeeee!!

I usually had an unsaved Notepad session somewhere, so that I could click Cancel on the save dialog to stop the process. Though if you took too long, all the other apps would have been killed by the OS anyway... :(

Oracle sued over $33,000 bill for SaaS: STRIPPERS as a SERVICE

Daniel B.

Expenses and strip clubs

Yeah, yeah, the wife tracks the bank statements. But really, she's not going to quiz you about a $500 lunchtime cash withdrawal?

Many years ago I went to a certain strip club and paid with my CC. The statement had it show that it was some generically-named "Regional Restaurant Operator". And during my last visit to Sin City, a cab driver noted that strip clubs in Vegas do the same thing, and that it's pretty common for those with corporate credit cards to charge such escapades as "food expenses". I doubt any of those guys has pulled a $17k bill though, that would raise red flags immediately. What would you eat for $17k? Diamonds?

Circling the RIM: BB10 becomes chamber of horrors for BlackBerry

Daniel B.

Re: Its All About Getting Dev Support Early and In Numbers.

Right on one thing: Anyone betting mobile apps on html5 needs their head examined. It is stupid, even Apple tried that and failed (remember the original iPhone?). And burning previous SDKs is also stupid; the whole OSX transition in its time had Carbon released as a transparent transition route from Classic MacOS to OSX. And BlackBerry didn't even have the excuse of not knowing they were going down the wrong path: webOS had already crashed and burned by the time they started the BB10 transition!

Robocars, backseat fun, satnav 2.0: Meet the bit of Nokia Microsoft didn't buy

Daniel B.

Re: Now I'm Completely Confused

It's Nokias all the way down!

USB 3.1 demo shows new spec well on its way towards 1.2GB/sec goal

Daniel B.

External RAID

I've been fiddling with the idea of setting up an external RAID for my VM labs. USB would just not cut it, I already tried it and it is slower than simply using a big HDD, and there the advantage is lost. TB can handle the data rates for a decent ZFS pool and give me enough storage for it to be worth carrying an external box. Yes, they cost $700 so it's going to be a while before I buy one but at least I do see why I would choose a TB port, even if I don't do external SSDs.

Daniel B.

Re: 4K is a temperature

ssssh .... pedantry with K and k means he'll soon come out with the kirbybytes and argue that 1 kB = 1000 and not 1024... that path leads to the daaark side!

Daniel B.

SCSI bad?

Really, it is the lack of SCSI that made me start suffering from stuff I wasn't used to. I mostly used SCSI due to our heavy Mac usage back in the late 80's and early 90's, and it was far better than IDE/PATA. We could have 6 HDDs on a SCSI-toting Mac vs. 2 HDDs on a PC, especially in the "no secondary IDE" dark ages. No weird fumbling with jumpers, just set the SCSI ID on the HDDs and you're done.

Also, as others have mentioned, it was much more reliable, there's a reason high end stuff stayed on SCSI until SAS came out. Hell, the entire SAN concept was based on SCSI because it was robust enough to do that and iSCSI is the underlying protocol for most, if not all SANs.

No luck at all for BlackBerry as Messenger apps launch stalls

Daniel B.

BBM is good

It is AFAIK the only mobile IM service that can tell you if:

- Your message has been sent

- Your message has reached the destination

- Your message has been read by the recipient ***

Where the *** marks that one feature no other IM solution gives you. Ok, iMessage does that but you're confined to the iEcosystem. BBM is currently BB-only but opening up to iOS and Android gives all three platforms a worthy opponent. Also, WhatsApp requires you giving out your phone number, which is a concern if you value your privacy. BBM uses PINs, harkening back to the ICQ era and thus you can disassociate your PIN from a real phone number.

Chaos Computer Club: iPhone 5S finger-sniffer COMPROMISED

Daniel B.


"I guess the best advice is: if you can't be bothered with a password then the fingerprint scanner is better than nothing."

If you can't be bothered with a password, you deserve to lose everything you had on your phone.. Nobody would leave their car unlocked on the street with the ignition key on, yet having a smartphone without password protection is the equivalent of doing just that. Of course, there are things that are worse than no protection at all, like 4-digit PINs and easily-hackable fingerprint scanners.

I'm surprised they didn't go for the Gummi Bear route, though...

BlackBerry BLOODBATH! Company warns of nearly $1bn quarterly loss

Daniel B.


I also like Blackberry (formerly known as RIM) and have stayed on the boat since 2008. In fact, I'm currently toting a brand new 9790, despite many asking me why haven't I migrated to Android or iOS. I haven't done so for security reasons (these are FIPS 140-2 and have real security built from the ground up) and privacy issues (I don't want Google slurping up my stuff). It is sad to see them slowly go down; I had previously seen Nokia as a possible jumpaway boat but Elop killed that option. I'm truly worried about MS circling BB, as I would definitely jump ship if they get their grubby hands on them. There's no way I'll ever use anything MS branded on my smartphone.

If only BB could release low-end BB10 handsets, they might get back some of the smartphone market. Not all of us are app hoarders.

Sofas with a roof and Star Trek seating: The future of office furniture?

Daniel B.

It could be worse

They could've brought in the craptastic 'standing desks'! It's already horrible to spend 30-60 minutes standing on the subway during my daily commute (that's 30-60 minutes each way, not combined) and I'd be miffed if I had to stand 8+ hours as well during work!

One of last few iPhone 5Ss STOLEN from within MASSIVE POLICE CORDON at Apple Store

Daniel B.

Re: The Bravest Pickpocket In The Whole World!!!

He was packed chock full o' green&red herb mixtures, I s'pose...

Ex-CEO Elop's plunder to total $25m in voyage from Nokia to Microsoft

Daniel B.

Re: yawn...

The return is mostly because that stock raised.

Um, raised according to what? From the article:

By comparison, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, the man Elop replaced as chief exec, left Nokia with around $5.8m in severance pay and 100,000 Nokia shares – shares that are now worth 34 per cent less than when Elop took the corner office in 2010.

Anyone who invested under the assumption that stocks would raise under Elop were screwed over. Badly.

Open ZFS wielders kick off 'truly open source' dev group

Daniel B.

Re: Lets see a Windows version of ZFS which you can boot off, not just as an extension.

Indeed. I wish I could simply use ZFS as a standard between all my boxes instead of having to resort to FAT32 or weird VM skipping to stuff files on NTFS. Currently I can do so with ZFS with everything except Windows.

Daniel B.

Linux kernel license

The fun thing is that everyone comments that the Linux kernel would never go for a more liberal license... when the kernel itself has kept itself in a more liberal license. Have y'all forgotten why the kernel didn't migrate to GPLv3?

Life … moves … in … slow … motion … for … little … critters … like … flies

Daniel B.

Re: Which explains why it's so darned hard to swat a fly @Ledswinger

I use the cockroach variants of insecticide. Point it at fly, send a small spray. Fly will go down in seconds! And no need to make the entire room biohazard :)

Hiroshi Yamauchi, bizlord who gave the world Donkey Kong, dead at 85

Daniel B.


Mr. Yamauchi, your princess is in another castle!

Someone has overlaid the Tacuba Station icon with tubes so that the station's logo looks like three SMB chomper plants. I now have the world 1-2 theme playing in my head every time I ride the subway! *dara dara dara*

Microsoft relents: 'Go ahead, install Windows 8.1 on clean PCs'

Daniel B.


It amazes me how people love bashing MS all the time. Those who say they'd rather install Linux then just install it and stop complaining

I have on most of my desktop stuff at home. The WinXP install broke sometime around 2010. Still haven't reinstalled it or upgraded. Though you're spot on with the commercial software for some cases, which brings me to your other troll point:

As for IOS, don't make me laugh. I've yet to meet an I.T professional who'd rather use that than Windows. IOS is for posers who like to sit there and look 'hip'. I like to actually *do* stuff with my PC other than watch YouTube or a few video's.

Apart from the awful grammar/spelling mistakes that would make a Grammar Nazi explode (and mistaking OSX for IOS), yes you can do most of the stuff you do on Windows in OSX. And you can also do UNIXy stuff as well, which on Windows means either installing Services For Unix or a Linux VM. And a lot of IT professionals will choose OSX as their main OS, or even Linux above Windows. You're just hanging around with the actual posers.

Hell, Windows 8 sucks so much I actually bit the bullet and switched (back) to Mac/OSX last year. And this is despite me hating the iZombie Fanboy effect, Apple's attitude under the last Jobs years and their patent trolling on round corners, iOS walled garden and such. But Microsoft's lame attempts at forcing themselves into their users is far more insulting than the Apple way. Far, far worse. Sure I could have simply bought a new laptop, wipe out W8 and install Linux but I would have been giving MS money for Win8, which I don't want to. Buying a Mac means I don't pay the MS tax.

Radioaficionados españoles: Echadnos una mano

Daniel B.

Re: Una cerveza, por favor

Oh man. You just reminded me of an incident that some friends had when they went to Barcelona a couple of years ago. They arrive at a hotel at 3am and they're looking if they have rooms available. So they decide to ask if the hotel is "in Service". The dialog went like this:

Friend: Hay servicio?

Hotel Attendant: Si, en el último piso

(all of them start going upstairs)

H: ¡Oigan! ¡Pero sólo de uno en uno!

(cue puzzled look)

This is when they all found out that "servicio" in Spain usually means "bathroom", so the attendant didn't understand "are you in service" but "do you have bathrooms?"

Daniel B.

> Shouldn't that be "Echarnos una mano"?

No. As someone else has pointed out, "echad" is the correct form for the 2nd person plural imperative of "echar", which is the infinitive.

Technically, it would be "Échenos una mano!" as yes "Echarnos una mano" sounds weird due to the infinitive. But in Spaniard Spanish, they still use the formal 2nd person (think of the Spanish version of "thee") so it is correct for El Reg to use "Echadnos una mano". :)

¡Qué buen español escriben en El Reg!

Dog bites man: Apple's Macs trounce all Windows PCs in customer love

Daniel B.


... because even with the overpriced hardware it does seem to fare quite better than some of the worst PC-side manufacturers (I'm looking at you, Acer!) and it's possible some of the user dissatisfaction has to do with Windows 8.

That said, Macs do have some issues, like my Poltergeist trackpad that every now and then gets possessed and starts jumping the pointer everywhere. A couple of hours of using an external mouse seems to bring it back to normal, though.

Stylus counsel: The rise and fall of the Apple Newton MessagePad

Daniel B.

Re: Bah!

Indeed. Speed-writing on a Graffiti made me "type" faster than on a keyboard and write faster than on paper! However I do remember that the Graffiti used on the original PalmPilot and that on subsequent devices was different, IIRC because of a patent troll? Anyway, it was damn good, and much faster than actual handwriting!

It's Grand Theft Auto 5 day: Any of you kids remember GTA the First?

Daniel B.

Re: No PC Version...

You are living in the past. The Great PC Gaming Era is over. Get a PS3.

As much as I'd like to upvote you for promoting the PS3, I just can't because I still consider the PC a better gaming experience. Probably because of my golden gaming era being during the rise of the modding community with Quake1/2, I just can't consider the PC gaming era dead. Even less now that the new consoles are just going to be overpriced PCs (though I'm still probably going to get a PS4).

Daniel B.

Re: Life imitates art

Wasn't there a stabbing incident as well during GTA4 release day? Seems that London has a knack on having real life imitating art...

Daniel B.

Re: Same old same old

Indeed. GTA was a blast when it came out. The newer ones added new features ... but sometime after GTA3 it just seems like they're rehashing the same stuff over and over and over again. Which is probably why I'm now bored by the latest games.

And Rockstar seems to be wearing down the formula itself as well, with Red Dead Redemption (Grand Theft Horse!) and Bully (GTA with Bikes!). Still, the original game is still good... :)

City of Munich throws Ubuntu lifeline to Windows XP holdouts

Daniel B.

Re: NTFS @eulampios

Indeed, ntfs-3g has the ability to recover data from FUBARd NTFS filesystems. I still don't know how, but some NTFS partitions will not be recognized by both OSX and Windows ... but ntfs-3g will mount it and extract any data w/o problem!

Daniel B.


NTFS-3g and similar module support are still kinda iffy if you want to do regular writing on an NTFS filesystem. I remember trashing one of my Windows installs when trying to copy some files into the NTFS partition. Oops.

However, it is good for read-only ops. Apple seems to have kept NTFS support read-only as well, so maybe there's some secret MS sauce that breaks non-MS modules?

Daniel B.

Re: Nice idea, but...

"The idea that rpm and dpkg are anything like as user-friendly as setup.exe is a joke."

Oh but it is, my dear shilltroll! In fact, the setup.exe option is so fucked up MS hasn't used it for years! Ever heard of MSI? Keep up with the times d00d! Any decent OS these days uses some kind of package manager, and that includes commercial OSen like Solaris, OSX *and* MS Windows. Interestingly, the advantage with the Linux ones are that you can download dependencies w/o having to go on a dependency hunt (unless your package is reeeeally odd). No dodgy sites here!

Windows 8.1: Microsoft's reluctant upgrade has a split-screen personality

Daniel B.

Ok, someone plugged an Xbox360 fanboy brain to the MS shill-o-matic machine.

Nope, most here aren't just "Linux lovers", but are IT people who suffer the most when vendors screw up. Win8 is one of these things!

Massively leaked iFail 5S POUNDS pundits, EXCITES chavs

Daniel B.

Chav Phone hahahaha

This article had me laughing really loud at the office. The line about the 5S appealing to chavs, rappers & hoes had most of my coworkers laughing as well.

iPhone 5S: Apple, you're BORING us to DEATH (And you too, Samsung)

Daniel B.


Praising form over factor will usually mark stupidity. I'm currently wearing a 1996 Timex DataLink watch. Back when I had it given to me (it was a gift) everyone would see it and think "meh, el cheapo digital watch." However it was worth something like $80? $100? because it could have your Outlook address book, calendar, To-Do list and reminders all downloaded to the clock, making it a watch-sized PDA. Much like the Casio Calculator/Phonebook watches (remember those?) which I also had previously, but this one was fed by the PC. Far more useful than $1000 bling-bling watches which only serve as mugger magnets.

Interestingly, this effect is also seen in phones, and isn't even something exclusively from the smartphone era. Anyone remember the $600 feature phones circa 2005? Some of them more expensive than even functional smartphones, but they were shiny!

Daniel B.

Re: Meh.

Sorry, but if you actually use windows 8 on touch you'll find the old windows GUI so 1980's!

I found the MS shill! Where do I collect my prize!

Really, while there are few (veeery few!) people who actually like Windows 8's kiddy toy UI, someone saying they're in awe of that interface are surely paid to say that. I still remember when John Connor enters a store in Sarah Connor Chronicles and goes all "oooh awesome systems" when playing with Windows Vista. The consensus was "pleez Microsoft, tone down that product placement!".

Anyway ... Win7 is indeed good enough, but I'm pretty sure that the kiddy toy UI has more to do with lackluster Win8 sales than Win7 being good enough...

Daniel B.

Re: Competition

SD cards. It's one of those eternally-bitched-about things.

What is it about them that makes them so critical?

Either getting more storage for less $$$, or having upgreadability during the phone's lifetime. And no, cloud storage isn't going to be "fast enough" especially on smartphones; most of the time we're using 3G and it's either going to be slow or expensive. Or both. Lack of an SD card slot makes it a no-go; though lack of keyboard is also a no-go for me.

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