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Nvidia to acquire ray tracing startup

Paris Hilton

Real time vs "real time"

It's cool that hardware graphics cards are catching up with the non-RT graphics technologies and admitting it'll take a mix of techniques to make things look great instead of betting the farm on pushing pure numbers of polys or fill-rates or texture RAM or whatever the latest buzz word happens to be. Even big Hollywood movies do some stuff with an un-glamorous 2D effect, it's all about appropriate technology. But is this post-ray-tracing bust an admission of PR defeat ? Have the buzz words run out and only common sense is left ? It seems quite unlikely but if you look at the current generation of HD games the hardware is no longer really the limiting factor (and no it's not the limitations of imagination that hold us back) instead it's the mundane paying enough people enough money to spend the real time that's needed to make one of the current gen games and market it that defines the new boundaries of RT graphics capabilities.

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