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Israeli Linux fan squeezes Windows refund out of Dell

Gates Halo

No fan of Linux

but yeah, the choice of what you run should be with the buyer / user without penalty.

Phorm, Norman Lamont, and the Broadband Stakeholder Group

Paris Hilton

(* The difference being, Healey was fairly competent))

Either of them being competent, like the current office holder, is a matter of debate.

BNP leaked list claims first victims

Paris Hilton

To those who think the BNP are nice really

One of the email addresses on the list is Totenkopf_88@...

Go and google/wikipedia Totenkopf and then come back with the same "they are really nice, really" arguments.

Go and google some of the sayings of Chairman Griffin as well.

Paris - blonde and blue eyed, but not stupid enough to go near these morons.

Apricot drops 'too complicated' Linux from netbook line

Gates Halo

So ?

Teh first thing I did with my Eee was to remove Linux and put XP on it, this would just save me that job.

MSI Wind Windows XP Edition sub-notebook


Good to see...

Shep making a comeback in the 2nd pick - I've missed him.

Viva VBA - alas


@ Anon

"don't know about the rest of the world but, thanks to End User Computing initiatives (i.e. auditors) there is little VBA used in banking today. This wasn't the case two years ago mind."

Maybe not in the bank you worked in but the one I worked in until 6 months ago relied on VBA and quite a few "meddling modified macros" to keep its financial models workin a treat. When you see things like :

On Error Goto Muppet

You know you are onto a winner. And now with Excel server...


@ Anon 2

"VBA might have GOTO somewhere in its guts but you never see it and never need it because it has more structured loop constructs than say Pascal or C."

Except the error handling:

On Error Goto xxx

I like VBA though, much easier than some stupid macro language.

No, wait...

UK ID card service mounts birth, marriage, death landgrab


Devolved ?

Michael - you have heard of the National Entitlement Card, no ? Today free bus travel, tomorrow - who knows...


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