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Three Little Pigs book deemed offensive to Muslims


"mostly practising teachers"

"mostly practising teachers"

says it all.

Just an idea, shouldn't they be actually teaching rather than engaging in social engineering?

I suppose "little" is offensive to short people and I'm surprised they singled out the the pig for particular attention, I would like any kind farmed animal raised for human consumption would be offenseive to vegatarians as well.

It'll be "Three Irrelevantly Sized Animals of Various Domesticated and Non-Domesticated Species" soon.

Star Trek XI teaser trailer beams onto web

Dead Vulture

Odd Numbered Trek Films

Stink. This one doesn't look like its going to break the trend.

CES moots move from expensive Las Vegas


LV isn't a good place for conventions

Firstly I attend approx 4 trade conventions annually in the US, 3 last year in LV.

I hate the place.

For an international traveller (from London) LV is not easy to get to, very few direct flights and a long way as well. A move towards the East Coast, to a city with an international airport is required. Oh and one other criteria... avoid Chicago, nice town but O'Hare is the Worst Airport In The World and seems to suffer almost continuous delays & cancellations due to poor weather.

I'd like to see it in Orlando or Miami myself and I'll probably go again.

The Electric Car Conspiracy ... that never was


Extra Weight = Safety Stuff

Spot on. Its worth pointing out that a significant proportion of the extra mass added to cars, accounting for the stagnation of mpg figures despite increasing engine efficiencies, is due to all the extra safety feature that the consumer and regulators demanded.

Scottish? You're drinking too much


All this preaching NuLabour

nannying is enough to drive you to drink. Oh....

Judge rules Gore's film an inconvenient catalogue of errors

Thumb Up


Good. The Gore film has plenty of unsubstantiated claims and dubious conclusions (increased CO2 levels always leads to warming being the biggy). Many of his points, presented as fact, remain unproven and are the subject of continuous research and debate. See commentators such Richard Lindzen (Prof. Meteorology at MIT). He made plenty of valid points (glacial retreat for example) but unfortunately his presentation was so subjective the film only has merit as a political broadcast.

He should have made it clear that many of the claims are unproven and are the subject of heated debate. At least then, with some objectivity, his thesis would have been balanced.

3,000 chickens paralyse central Scotland

IT Angle

So the road is....

Tarred and Feathered?

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