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Cheap PS3 won't help Blu-ray, claim HD DVD backers

Paul Dyment
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Look @ industry support of both formats.

Look at all of the players and discs that are being put out. Blu-Ray is supported widely by manufacturers. Did you notice that Hitachi is the comapny that is making 100+ BD roms not Sony.

If you think that just because the product is cheaper it is better, think again. The longevity of HD DVD isn't good.

If you blame the BD as a format for not being able to support certain discs you are wrong... it is the manufacturers fault. My LG Superblu 1000 doesn't playback HD DVD bonus materials, Do I blame Toshiba or LG? I think it is obvious. US early adopters are going to experience some negative side effects of a new technology. I like how scratch resistant my Blu-discs are because i have a little nephew who will be sure to get his hands on anything shiney.

To not include the sales of ps3 into the stand alone is a complete denial for the HD DVD Camp for sure. They can dismiss it but only by looking the other way, and by making false negetive comments.

I like both formats, but Blu is my personal preference.

HD DVD is unfortunately going to be around for a while due to transformers and that is the only HD disc that I will buy for my LG Super.



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