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AMD updates Phenom timetable


re: is this the answer to intel

It could be, for a while at least, if they can get both the X4 9500 & X4 9600 prices under that of the Intel Q6600 (circa. £185). No doubt, Intel will counter with a price drop for the Q6600, anyway. I think the X2 6400 is about £160 at the moment; this'd be a price point for AMD to intro the 9500, to get my AM2 boards rapidly upgraded to quad cores. Maybe the 9600 at a similar price to the Q6600 is at present? I'd probably go straight for the 9600 if the price difference isn't too big (unlike with the X2 6000 vs. X2 6400 at nearly 50% more, at present). Though, the X2 6400 intro'ed at about £220, if I remember correctly. If this price, or higher, is held for the new 9600 part, then it'd certainly slow my multiple purchase.



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