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Doing the maths on Copenhagen

Darko Dojin

COP 15 Polution

Lets have a look at COP 15 CO2 emissions:

Number of limos used on streets during summit: 1200ish

Total number of private planes flown in and out of summit: 140ish

To be precise with this: 40000 tonnes of CO2 has been emitted for this confference only, equivalent of pollution of 30 small world countries....

Let's see who should stop polluting at the first place.....

Dutch fire up petrol-pumping robot

Darko Dojin

This is the picture of the robitic petrol pump internals....


The Electric Car Conspiracy ... that never was

Darko Dojin
Paris Hilton

New British Sports (electric) Car

Has anyone seen this http://www.lightningcarcompany.com/home.php

Now, if it wasn't for the pricetag (they are taking £50k deposit + whatever it costs), I would get one. 250 miles range with 10 minutes charge. That's what we need. I don't think that Paris comes as standard or if it is available as an optional accessory...

BTW, can anybody explain those "NanoSafe" batteries ?


Anyone here addicted to Alfa v6 or Ferrari v8 sound ?

Comet Holmes and the case of the Disappearing Tail

Darko Dojin


....we are all going to be touched by its noodly appeandage...

Apple sued over i-Bricks

Darko Dojin

if crApple bricked your iPhone, at least you can blend it....

...and yes, it blends...


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