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Open sourcerers drop sick Fedora Remix to get Windows Subsystem for Linux pumping


Re: Seriously ...

Start with the money side.

"If you're willing to provide a large enough budget then technically it is possible", if you start with "Technically, yes" that's all they'll hear.

Privacy, security fears about ID cards? UK.gov's digital bod has one simple solution: 'Get over it'


Bloody typical

It would be really nice if they actually did this with every single person holding either an elected or a civil service pen pusher post so that security can be properly and fully tested with information that will harm no one important.

Huawei MateBook Pro X: PC makers look out, the phone guys are here


Re: I rather like it, but for one detail

Numeric keyboards are abundant at this UK address novatech which do cheap to eye bogglingly expensive laptops all with numeric keypads.

No please don't thank me, you may not be a Brit :-)

Excuse me, but have you heard the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Chr-AI-st?


Samo old, same old.

Just goes to prove that some things never change regarding computers and computing.

In this case that old adage, "Garbage In, Garbage Out" comes to mind.

Two weeks before Chrimbo? When Dell V-Class shareholders get to vote on THAT deal


Re: Chrimbo!


Originally a pagan festival of mid-winter celebrating the beginning of new life and later usurped by charlatans as some blokes birthday who was actually born somewhere around October.

Screw the religion crap, Crimbo is back and Crimbo stays

MPs' proposal to cash in on public-private algos given a solid 'maybe'


Re: "MPs [..] call for this to be leveraged"

Don't forget that their, their families and any other exceptions that they can think of will be excluded from the data sale.

After all they are probably already fully aware that data anonymising is actually really hard :-P

Icon, is this how we restart it all over again?

Detroit sh*t shifter's operating costs waste away with Oracle's cloud


Re: department 15 to 17 per cent in operating costs

Stop talking crap, they never raise prices by so little

Hmm, there's something fishy about this graph charting AMD's push into Intel's server turf


Headline did say

Maybe the fishy axes are the cause of the headline ;-)

Uptight robots that suddenly beg to stay alive are less likely to be switched off by humans


It's a bloody robot

If it's functional then keep it lit up for when you may need it. Chatty is non-functional, spike the damned thing.

Open justice FTW! El Reg fought the law – and El Reg won



Congratulations and have one of these -->

Having played with the 'Justice' system I know damn well that you earned it :-)

Hua-no-wei! NSA, FBI, CIA bosses put Chinese mobe makers on blast


Interesting isn't it?

The very idea that a manufacturer, when told that the US is too paranoid to allow it to trade with them, can just shrug and say "OK, it's not like their important or anything"

Also interesting is that the rabid paranoia infesting the feral 'democracy' is so bad they didn't even notice this huge change in their own status.

Blackbird shot down, patent nuked by judge in Cloudflare legal battle


No no no no, this is just soooo much bigger than that

Blackbird will have to appeal this because of this part

"The limitations [Blackbird's claims] recite generic computer, network, and internet components, none of which is inventive by itself."

This is the first challenge that has indicated the term "with a {computer|network|internet}" is no longer original and therefore invalid in a patent.

With a priority date of 1998 this ruling against this patent has the potential to invalidate every patent since then that has that disingenuous add on "with a"

This could really be huge if it survives the US appeals process.

Meltdown's Linux patches alone add big load to CPUs, and that's just one of four fixes


Confusion reigns

It would seem that people have confused how these vulnerabilities got their names.

SPECTRE V1 and V2 are vulnerabilities that arise from issues with speculative execution and how instructions are retired. V1 is quite easy to take advantage of whereas V2 is a great deal more difficult. The chances are that if your current CPU does speculative execution then you are vulnerable to both of these.

Mitigation for these 2 vulnerabilities causes the least slowdown in operation.

MELTDOWN breaks down the isolation between user space and kernel space. So far the only *modern* processors that have been found vulnerable to this is Intels. This is the big slowdown as the only solution is to force a full context switch when moving to and from kernel space. The problem for Intel is the large number of CPU states that it takes to achieve this context switch.

For those old enough to remember WNT3.1 it was dog slow because Intel CPUs were not that fast and the device drivers were not in kernel space. The BSOD appeared from WNT3.5 onwards when device drivers were put in kernel space for speed reasons.

In general use the same always applies, it doesn't matter which CPU you use you're unlikely to push the system to the type of limits where you'll come across these slowdowns. If you do push a system that far then you will need to test under your specific use case. As always with these things not only will your mileage vary but so will your fuel consumption.

Ghost in the DCL shell: OpenVMS, touted as ultra reliable, had a local root hole for 30 years


Re: Wasn't VMS...

No actually it wasn't.

DEC were looking to replace VMS at the time so as to cover the 32 bit VAX and 64 bit Alpha with the same OS.

Dave Cutler and his venerable team presented PRISM and the other engineering team presented OpenVMS. OpenVMS won the beauty contest and Dave was a little ticked off then Bill came along.

As a result Windows NT was actually based on PRISM not VMS because it was actually capable of 64 bit from the beginning, they just didn't have 64 bit Intelx86 at the time.

Open source turns 20 years old, looks to attract normal people


Free or Open?

I think it should be called "Liberty software" then we could refer to MS as

"Taking the Liberty software"

That one over there, no the anorak

FYI: Processor bugs are everywhere – just ask Intel and AMD


Re: Even the 6502

I won't downvote you for the inaccuracy because it is shockingly common.

The 68000 was a 32 bit processor with a 16 bit data bus much like the 8088 was a 16 bit processor with an 8 bit bus.

Meltdown/Spectre week three: World still knee-deep in something nasty


Re: Intel "shouldn't be selling CPUs?"

Well that's a little more complex than the simple faster then.

It kind of goes like this, Intel CPUs are 'on average' 30% faster than AMD Zen CPUs <--- the point where idiots stop reading <--- for single threaded workloads but there are workloads where AMD is faster. For multi threaded loads, AMD Zen CPUs are on average 13% faster than Intel but there are workloads where Intel are faster. So CPU choice is pretty much irrelevant except for outliers where one will seriously trounce the other.

The curious thing regarding servers that I never see mentioned is the actual data throughput of the system containing the CPU. As the Intel Xeon sports 44 PCIe lanes vs the 128 lanes that the AMD Epyc provides and, typically, 6 PCIe lanes are dedicated to board specific functions, that leaves Intel with only 38 to play with vs AMDs 122. This would imply that the actual throughput of an Epyc based system could be far higher than a Xeon one.

If Australian animals don't poison you or eat you, they'll BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE


Re: Do they do it accidentally or deliberately?

@technical ben

I don't understand why you used the joke icon :-(

Tesla reveals a less-long-legged truck, but a bigger reservation price


Re: Electricity vs Petrol/Diesel prices

A quick search for business costs of electricity finds this

The average bill for UK business is £2,528 per year. The average unit price per kilowatt hour (kWh) is 9.50p. The average daily standing charge is 20p per day. Most businesses use between 15,000 and 25,000 kWh per year.

as opposed to the reaming the general sucker gets

Electricity is typically more than three times as expensive as natural gas – 14.37pence per kWh rather than 3.80p. It also emits nearly three times as much carbon dioxide: 0.447kg per kWh rather than 0.184kg.

So 5p per kWh difference to the good for business and nearly 3p per kWh over petrol.

1 litre of diesel-oil 10,0 kwh 35,9 mJ @120.3p/litre ( average )

at 10kWh equivalent you have 93p vs 120p.

Artics do about 41l/100km thereby costing £49.32/100km and use 410kWh which costs £38.13 in electricity. Using the usual conversion ratio for USD and GBP 1$=1£ you would need to drive 178,731 km to get the extra £20,000 back from the standard Tesla truck.

Stealth web crypto-cash miner Coinhive back to the drawing board as blockers move in


The reg should at least give this a go

Just tested this on my system with 4 threads running, it doesn't get in the way although there is a slight slow down. Running with only 2 threads I wouldn't really notice this at all.

Dump the ads and use this, you are welcome to 2 threads of my CPU without all the crap that ads put on the page.

Yes the Reg is one of the few sites I allow to show ads.

You're doing open source wrong, Microsoft tsk-tsk-tsks at Google: Chrome security fixes made public too early


I do

Even though I do not use MS at home I do have to use it at work, I care a great deal about what MS do because it is in my entire work week.

I care a great deal about when they foul something up because it is my entire work week.

I care a great deal about when they get it right, because it is my entire work week.

We have started testing Linux based systems via HyperV because MS said that's cool and this affects my entire work week.

Companies use MS extensively, just because I think it is not fit for purpose on a personal basis does not mean that I can throw it out everywhere. So I really do care what MS do as it has a real effect on my working life.

I am sure that I am not the only person in this situation either, everybody has to pay the bills. As an aside, I have found that MS security ( server side ) is much better over the last 5 years.

As another aside, your post received not up or down vote, a reply was more in order.

Open your doors to white hats before black hats blow them off, US deputy AG urges big biz


What a laugh

"Our society has never had a system where evidence of criminal wrongdoing was totally impervious to detection, even when officers obtain a court-authorized warrant. But that is the world that technology companies are creating."

Just maybe it's because they snooped too much and when found out they then lied, had laws changed so it was retrospectively legal, created illegal 'accidental' monster databases etc etc etc.

Then after all that they expect people to actually trust anything they say, such as "We won't look at anything we're not supposed to"

They are liars, pure and simple, liars. If you want my data serve your bloody warrant on me just as you damn well should.

Fscking liars the bloody lot.

Fresh chips from Intel (yay?) at 14nm (awww)


I was curious about PCIe

The best Intel have is 42 PCIe lanes whereas AMD are touting 128. It's all very well having the fastest and highest number of cores on one silicon slab but at some point you have to shovel data into and out of the beast, otherwise known as throughput.

With 3 times the PCIe lanes available I don't think AMD will have to match Intel speeds or core counts to be able to best them in genuine real world environments. Until Intel add more PCIe lanes their actual throughput could easily look pretty sick against AMD.

I haven't seen a motherboard that fits out the entire 128 yet and I'm fairly sure that I don't want to see the price of a MB with 128 PCIe slots or how much to fill them all.

This is something that Intel have had no answer for and seemingly still hasn't. This reduces them to 'look how fast single thread is','look how many cores','look at the benchmarks'. "No no don't look over there that's the nasty nasty throughput thing."

Hey Intel this is called competition, you may even have to stop gouging our wallets.

Linux 4.14 'getting very core new functionality' says Linus Torvalds


Questions, questions

I'm no guru and can get stuck more often than I would like. More often then not the documentation can be a little too terse and still too often incomplete.

I find the best way to ask a question is to ask for directions to more verbose documentation describing subject BLAH as what you have found has not come down to your personal level of understanding.

Very, and I do mean very, occasionally some arse will insist you shouldn't be using BLAH software then but most people will be glad to point you in the right direction to help yourself. After that if you are still stuck then a proper description of your issue and the steps you have taken will get you far better help than the attitude a lot of people tend to have of just crying about how shit everything is.

If you are unwilling to show basic respect why would you expect to receive it?

You gotta have goals: Oracle ties Larry, Safra and Mark’s equity to cloud



Of course not, their manglement, they'll never be treated like drone scum.

It would be far more interesting if sales people stopped applying to work for Oracle due to the absolute guarantee that they will be shafted.

Unfortunately the truth is that most of them will think along the lines of "It won't happen to me" in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

Boffins blast beats to bury secret sonar in your 'smart' home


Re: I wonder...

Just buy some 3.5 jacks and plug them in, no cable needed. That physically disconnects the speakers and microphone whilst removing any possibility of damaging your system. After all, you may want to use them under controlled circumstances.

Intel Pumageddon: Broadband chip bug haunts Chipzilla's past, present and future


Hmmm Tivo?

Had the old Tivo and that wasn't connected to the SuperHub it was only connected to the TV part of the cable. This is partly why the old Tivos performance was utterly carp.

The new Tivo, on the other hand is connected to both the SH and the TV cable so Netflix and iPlayer etc are fetched over the internet and is an immeasurably better experience than the old Tivo.

Having an SH 2ac I get none of the issues with the SH 3 and also full 200 down, except for really busy times when it sometimes drops to 150 so the new Tivo has always been pretty sharp in performance.


Re: Virgin Media Tivo

Virgin are being a little economical with the truth. There are 3 different hubs in use SH 2, SH 2ac and SH 3. I had an SH2 that was knackered and the visiting engineer didn't have any replacements so gave me an SH 2ac instead. It was already capable of DOCSIS3 when installed and ramped up to full speed as soon as my tiny bit of the country was enabled.

SH2 was no longer being used in new installs at that time and VM were giving new customers either an SH 2ac or SH3 as the SH 3 was still brand new and in short supply. You may still be able to get the SH 2ac, this is a NetGear based router and uses the Broadcom chipset so has been very reliable for me.

Core-blimey! Intel's Core i9 18-core monster – the numbers



Most people seem to recognise that more cores/threads is not important above a certain number. The issue, as always, is getting enough data into and out of the CPU.

I would have thought that the deficit that Intel have regarding PCIe lanes is far more important to the high end people than actual core count. Ryzen will have 128 PCIe lanes and Intel are still stuck with 44, that amounts to a potentially huge data throughput deficit for Intel i9 processors and there is no indication from Intel that this will change.

The caveat is wait for real systems to turn up and crunch the numbers on, but on a system wide basis, it's looking far better for AMD than it has for years. Of course the system builders and MoBo manufacturers have to take advantage of those extra 84 PCIe lanes for Ryzen to really shine.

Revealed: 779 cases of data misuse across 34 British police forces


Re: UK Police Corruption is endemic

It's getting worse because a law was passed that evidence gathered illegally could be used in a court of law against the defendant. The opposite is, of course, not allowed because only the state are allowed to act illegally.

This comes under the exclusionary rule and was modified to allow this.

see here and here if you want to confirm that we are never ever innocent any more.

Google patches pwnable 'droids for Wi-Fi vuln


Re: And will Broadcom release open source drivers?

You really think you'll need *that* much space?

In the Epyc center: More Zen server CPU specs, prices sneak out of AMD


Re: Epyc 7351P @ $700

Epyc has 128 PCIe lanes every model, Thread Ripper has 64 hence the different socket.

Epyc has models with a larger L3 cache then TR

Epyc can be dual socket, TR cannot.

There is, currently, no information regarding in memory encryption for TR but is unlikely since as you say it's an enterprise feature.

Even without those features Thread Ripper is sure starting to look like a real beast.

ARM talks up fresh CPUs and a GPU, all tuned for AI


Re: My dad said "Ronco" used to supply dodgy products through late nigth infomercials

This Monday is a holiday in the USofA, China and Taiwan as well, it gives a chance for the financial markets people to masturbate before returning to 'work' tomorrow.

Guess who's getting fat off DRAM shortages? Yep, the DRAM makers



A 'wee dram' is the pub shot, a dram is enough for the width of 2 fingers to be just covered in a proper Whisky glass. According to my old man anyways :-)

Do we need Windows patch legislation?


I'm no fan of Microsoft.

I haven't used MS products on a personal level for well over a decade now but the furore over this is just plain ridiculous. This has been caused by upper management not taking IT seriously at all and this is not confined to civil facilities. It should be impossible to manufacture the amount of Teflon that these people have on their shoulders. MS gave 4/5? years of warnings that XP was being deprecated and then a pay extra program that got increasingly expensive to encourage people to do the right thing and deal with the issue.

At that point upper management should have been asking about the security of their computing estate and how to guarantee its future security and providing the budget for the implementation, not stuffing their snouts in the trough until the money covered their eyes.

8 years to air-gap or secure access a critical unchangeable system is more than enough time for any properly run organisation. Upper management in this country does not meet the criteria required. MS committed to support XP Embedded systems until 2020 and these patches are a function of that.

The debacle that has occurred with XP desktop is due to idle, feckless upper management and any prosecutions should start at board level and work down.

We are 'heroes,' says police chief whose force frisked a photographer


re: AC

Simple, demand to see a warrant card

This is the one thing that still distinguishes common scum and a beloved Police Officer.

Common scum are not required to carry verifiable I.D. and as a result are not required to produce it upon request, unlike our venerated Police Officers.

Today's bonkers bug report: Microsoft Edge can't print numbers


Re: In Binary, 4 is the rudest number

Depends, 4 is rude regardless of which side you begin counting from, 5 not so.

NSA pulls plug on some email spying before Congress slaps it down


Timelines and smoke and mirrors

So they no longer need all the data they've gathered since FISA Courts were set up.

"In addition, as part of this curtailment, NSA will delete the vast majority of previously acquired upstream internet communications as soon as practicable,"

Exactly what does "as soon as practicable" mean to a TLA such as the NSA?

Next week? month? year? decade? century? millennium? myriaannum? epoch?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Icon, and advocate I believe

Shock horror: US military sticks jump leads on human brains to teach them a lesson



I thought TNT was trinitrotoluene and goes bang under the correct circumstances.

This zap the brain with electrickery oh wait, got it

Samsung Galaxy S8: Slimmer bezels, a desktop mode – and yet another me-too AI pal


Re: Vanilla Android?

I don't like the way iPhones work but I can see why people like them.

I don't like the way Win phones work, but I can see why people like them.

I don't like stock android but I can see why people like it.

The only phone OS I have really liked as a stock install was Sailfish on the Jolla /me sobs in a corner.

I had HTC because I liked the Sense overlay until it turned into an MS mobile copy.

I now have a One+ 2, and the overlay there is acceptable *for* me.

Horses for courses my good commentard, horses for courses

GCHQ dismisses Trump wiretap rumours as tosh


What are you lot on about?

We're talking about someone who vomits his entire thought process over twatter FFS.

No one has to waste resources spying on the orange one.

Intel reveals Optane will need a 7th-gen core and a PC-centric launch


Oh just what I need

A system that the manufacturer designs builds and charges a premium for because they cannot use a standard interface properly. I mean it's not like there are any other products of this type that just slot in the DIMM slot. Oh Hi Diablo, hey over there SanDisk how ya doin?

Unless optane becomes a serious must have item this could go badly wrong for intel.

Is your child a hacker? Liverpudlian parents get warning signs checklist


Re: Being a criminal has little to do with the list as given.

Unfortunately the scope of the NCA 'guidelines' also covers just about every El Reg reader. Perhaps the NCA should extend their notes to 50-somethings with receding hairlines, who enjoy Margaux, reading the misfortunes of GDS and the occasional hour of playing Skyrim for the umpteenth time.

Ha, your on your own there, I don't have a receding hairline :-P

yet ...

UK Snoopers' Charter gagging order drafted for London Internet Exchange directors


Re: Didn't this behavior collapse the Empire?

This has nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with power.

The scum who kicked the political class in the groin by voting leave must be controlled, mass surveillance of everybody at home and abroad will achieve this.

AMD's daring new money-making strategy: Sue everyone! Mwahaha


Leaving nvidia out is not that surprising.

ATI and nvidia having been the only real GPU designers have an enormous number of patents each. There have been recent reports that intel have been cosying up to AMD for access to their patents as the agreement they have with nvidia runs out soon, later this year end of March

They will need to get an agreement with at least one of them just to stop another lawsuit.

Super-cool sysadmin fixes PCs with gravity, or his fists


Re: Faith healing

Did that with an IBM Thinkpad and it's desk expansion with a dodgy connector, I was late in as I was going to be in an international conference call and got sent to this blokes desk. He was complaining about how it was always happening nobody could fix it etc etc. Did the faith healing thing then after the call finished, well early for a change, went and fixed the connector as everybody else apart from security had buggered off.

We really shouldn't do these kinds of things, it only creates a rod for our own backs when the bloody pests insist that only we will do regardless of what the problem is :P

BT's profits plunge 37% following Italian Job


Something else caught my eye

BT is “pushing ahead with reforms at Openreach, particularly on governance and customer service.”

They have Customer service???

Former Mozilla dev joins chorus roasting antivirus, says 'It's poison!'


Re: If MS AV is the best...

Curiously, Windows Defender uses ASLR and can operate on a system using ASLR because they are both MS and can therefore access the required APIs to do the defending job.

As to how good it actually is I have no personal knowledge of, but it would seem to be one step better than most anti virus.

How Apple exploded Europe's crony capitalism


Re: WIDtf

Not sure ... Wireless Information Device or What It Do?

With the state of WAP back then either was appropriate

The Life and Times of Lester Haines



Just awesome


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