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Gene Simmons blames college kids for ruining music biz

Neil Roach

He's a tool

Gene Simmons has always been a tool and he's just shown his fans what he thinks about us. As for the college kids being the reason the record industry is in the state it's in - it's the record companies own fault. In the states you can buy a music cd a damn sight cheaper than you can here in old Blighty, why is that Gene?

My 17 year old son is a prime example of try before you buy. He asks me to download one or two songs for him and if he likes them he'll go out and buy the cd. He has literaly hundreds of cd's (all genuine) in his collection and this shows you two things :-

1. I'm giving him too much pocket money.

2. The try before you buy model works

Get off your high horse Simmons you wanker and try and give something back to the REAL people who gave you your vast fortunes, fancy cars and sprawling estates. The fans made you what you are and not the record executives and one day you'll wake up in the real world, not that 1970's/80's alternate dimension you still dwell in. Maybe there's a little jealousy here between ageing Gene & the likes of Trent Reznor etc who have embraced the digital age.

You're a tosser Simmons with a capital T!

The RIAA will come to regret its court win

Neil Roach

Outdated concept

The record company is an outdated concept. I worked as a roadie for years and the idea bands played gigs for little to no money is a myth. In a small venue 8 - 10,000 seats could generate vast monies from t-shirt sales alone. Say you played a gig with an attendance of 10,000 people, if only 10% of those stumped up for the latest tour shirt (which averages £20 - £25 these days) then that's a whopping £20 - £25K alone (minus manufacturing etc) and that's just basing it on a mere 10%. The actual figure is closer to 17% - 20%. Plus you have the ticket fee on top which ranges anywhere from £16.00 - £40.00 (or £100+ if you are Led Zeppelin). The profits are huge and will offset the price of giving away your music for free.

I think it was Limp Bizkit who first started to offer their music free for download and it was a major step forward and the first nail in the coffin of the parasitic record companies. Unfortunately, the big-wigs are needed to promote and develop up and coming acts who couldn't afford to give away their music or sell out venues. They are a necessary evil sadly but it shouldn't be too long before they renew their strategy of suing 'the little people' to make a statement.

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