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eBay boots off Skype rival


eBa(b)y throws toys out of its pram.

Most eBay users know it can sometimes be inconsistent, e.g. its policy on links within item descriptions.

Some links get through uncecked, while others see your item delisted and you warned for abuse of eBay rules. Seems all very arbitrary, except when eBay wants to 'search and destroy' - as in their offensive against Jajah and its Buttons.

(BTW, are other VOIP providers also being targeted by eBay?)

eBay is rightly kicking itself due to its poor investment and is also clearly irritated by Jajah being more user-friendly than skype. This, however, do not justify its childish and dictatorial behavior.

Jajah and its Buttons and suchlike are nothing more sinister than intelligent communication tools, which can only boost eBay's trade and, therefore, its revenues.

eBay made a dreadful investment outside of its core business and tried to impose skype as the sole option for voice communications between its members. In a free society, that is simply unacceptable. No-one can stop communication.

If eBay had bought Hotmail, who would have accepted being dictated to that all e-mail communications had to go via Hotmail?

Similarly - and more pertinently, given that eBay owns PayPal - who would ever accept eBay imposing PayPal as the only means of payment?

The answer to both questions is 'nobody'.

Ultimately, eBay users welcome the security that eBay's trading platforms provide, so they're not going to risk that security simply because they can actually talk with one another.

Grow up, Ebay!

p.s. A similar thread to this on an eBay UK forum has - surprise, surpise - "disappeared".



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