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Big media gangs up on pirates, file sharers

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How Stupid?

Are they so dumb they dont know that it will be "haxed" very fast?

With coders becoming more and more "famous" {see dvd jon} on the tubes, They have even more motivation to be the one to crack the code than they ever had.

It just makes me think, rather than spending obscene amounts of wad on all this fancy "drm" what if they substancally lower the price of media.

Sure people will still play pirates but they will no matter what is done, But the "mainstream" downloaders who used to do it the right way might just hit the shops


Restored Vulcan takes to the skies


Same here!

I was draged to many-a-airshow when I was a young'un

I was allways drawn to the "Black-Bird" if it was on show due to its looks, but id always go and see the Vulcan later, looked great and she still does, but gawd the noise!!! even at high altitudes it would still make your ears ring. Typical Women eH?

Glad to see her back in the ~skys


Pipex-Intel WiMAX emerges as Freedom4


Utter BS

For the first 6months in the Milton Keynes Trial It was great! 2/3MB down 1MB upload, the only thing that I had a problem with was the phone support.

Now 1MB up 1MB down, and much better phone support, better than I ever had from PIPEX when I had a DSL line with them.

The thing I dont really understand though is that, Here in Milton Keynes the idea of a Wimax trial (partly funded by the local council) was that because the coms network here (bad wiring+alu wires) is so bad that people living close to the exchange couldnt even get over 2MB speeds and some people cant even get it at all so Wimax would offer speeds close to that of ADSL8MB to everyone, I remember even being quoted 10mb at first. The only good thing is the higher upload speed but 1MB is hardly ground breaking.

I had so much hopes for this, as we will never have digital cable, FTTH or ADSL2+ in my lifetime and nowdays 1MB just insnt enough, HoHum.



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