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Cops arrest cop in alleged corrupt cop-bung probe

graeme leggett

naming style

Elveden being a place in the country (East Anglia) made me think of operation Countryman, the late 70s investigation into bent London coppers.

Coincidence surely, as Weeting is also an East Anglia village but is the name of the investigation into phone hacking.

Shareholders rage over Imation's incredible 88% plunge

graeme leggett

In fairness to RDX

The starting price for a setup is much lower. one drive + "drive-box-on-a-usb-lead" is only a couple of hundred quid. Compare that to paying best part of a grand for a Tape drive a few years back. Then again it's more expensive to take a data copy out of rotation cycle and into archive - £100 drive against £20 tape.

And adding RDX didn't need a SCSI adaptor, though with the paucity of USB ports on HP's server offerings a USB hub was needed. (slight digression - what on earth is the point of 4 network ports on an entry level server? genuine question).

Benchmarks are $%#&@!!

graeme leggett

according to the interweb

Compaq and Intel got the more well known bits

Samsung shifts Apple A5 chip production to Texas

graeme leggett


Less chance of floods disrupting production.

Paul Allen latest plan: Space rockets on MEGA PLANE

graeme leggett

Not the heaviest

As the Antonov An-225 can be 640 tonnes at take off. That's 12,600 cwt in old money.

I have you now! Top 10 Star Wars Xmas presents

graeme leggett

A long long while ago in a place not that far from where I live now

My parents got me a Star Wars duvet cover - essentially the original Movie poster rendered on cotton.

Having spent about 25 years tucked away in a dark drawer at my parents its lasted well enough that its on the bed when my son stays with them.

He's also inherited (early) my Star Wars figures. If only I'd gotten the AT-AT to go with them - I'd have flogged it on ebay to buy a new computer, or the Lego Death Star.....

Windows Defender Offline: For PCs too hosed to go online

graeme leggett

And these days...

Where are the install disks?

Either its on a partition on the already defunct computer or the user was supposed to make a DVD after setting it up for the first time.

Most people, ie the ones that need the help in the first place:

don't make regular backups of their data

don't know where their software install disks if they ever had any

don't know where their licence keys are (probably in an email on their computer)

can't actually remember all the programs they had installed.

have lots of websites with "remember me" ticked and haven't written down their logons (though they probably all use the same password)

have a desktop setup that is like an old friend to them.

In which case getting the ailing PC back into operation sufficiently that these things can be located and backed up before doing a reinstall is worth an attempt if the user/customer is happy with the time it will take.

Steve Jobs' last design: New Apple HQ pics

graeme leggett


I though the Apricot brand ended up with Mitsubishi?

I suspect its because genuine apples (lowercase) fall in autumn and make the ground look untidy, and give more scope to headline writers to use the word "rotten" in conjunction with the "A" word.

Mythbusters cannonball ‘myth-fires’

graeme leggett

Differing standards of accountability

If it happened to your average home experimenter, it would be followed by a swift visit by the police.

You wouldn't have time to call your insurance company and arrange compensation, you'd be busy finding out what it's like to wear shoes with no shoelaces and how bad tea in the nick can taste.

Followed by an appearance in front of the magistrates and your probity and mental balance questioned by the red top newspapers.

TV writer quells rumours of Doctor Who movie

graeme leggett

Ive said it before and I'll say it again

The Amicus productions are Dalek films more than Doctor Who films.

In evidence I submit the posters. A search engine of your choice will show who are the focus of the film.

If there's a spin off to be made it should be Absalom Daak: Dalek Killer......

Samsung Galaxy Note

graeme leggett


"tablone" - not to be confused with the pyramidally profiled Swiss chocolate which is also available to purchased in airports between flights.

What should a sci-fi spaceship REALLY look like?

graeme leggett

Who did?

those illustrations on 1970s sci-fi novels published by Panther and Sphere.

Apple boots MacBook Air wannabes out of slim case fabs

graeme leggett

and also cast

often parts are cast first to get the approximate shape first then machined to finish.

milling shapes from solid billets is generally more for critical applications where strength is important - aircraft parts not laptop cases.

Penguin pulls its e-books off library shelves

graeme leggett

Parent group in UK?

Pearson's HQ is in London

Woomera: Ghosts of Britain's space past

graeme leggett


looks like the Fairey Fireflash but wings seem a bit stubby.

US stealth bombers finally get nuke-nobbling super bomb

graeme leggett

Indeed and also

And lets not forget the "Black Welshman" Willie Tait DSO and three bars, DFC and bar who succeeded Cheshire as C/O 617

Although recommended for the VC after being retired from active combat at 101 ops he got the third bar instead.

And for the IT angle he worked for ICL

graeme leggett

Disney Bomb

The British designed Rocket Assisted bomb was also used on submarine pens, and in comparative tests postwar.

based around a armour piercing naval shell shape and with its impact velocity boosted by 17 3-inch rockets to about 1,500 ft/second. Two (one under each wing) could be carried by a Flying Fortress and were used by the USAAF.

The bomb could penetrate about 14 ft of reinforced concrete.

Harry Potter director takes on Doctor Who movie

graeme leggett

they are Dalek films, the Doctor is incidental

The poster of the film has the words "Dr Who and" about half the area of the letter D in "Daleks"

And produced by a pair of Yanks - Rosenberg and Subotsky.

graeme leggett


Genesis of the Daleks.

Hollywood money would be able to give you more than a dozen Kaled soldiers and equally small number of Thals.

Guy Siner is in LA, perhaps he's available.

Nokia's Windows comeback: Great but what's next?

graeme leggett

Ariel Square Four

1931 - 1959, the engine being an Edward Turner design

Airbus brews Scandium smackdown for carbon Dreamliner

graeme leggett

Are the technologies retroactively applicable?

Eg can you take an existing design of aircraft - a Cessna say - and using the Scandium doped ally weld it rather than rivet it thereby lightening it and getting more performance or better fuel economy.

And how difficult is it to replace a metal wing with a carbon fibre design one.


Ten... mono laser printers

graeme leggett

Too true on the LJs

I've got some legacy software running on Win 3.11 and W95 and their printers (5L and 6MP) are still going strong.

The 5L/6Ls may actually have about the same footprint as a modern laser but at least they manged to make them look like they didn't.

Patent troll lawsuits may be on thin ice

graeme leggett

A thought

With trademarks you have to defend your trademark (and show that you do) lest it become common use and you lose control of it. To that end companies find themselves sending out strongly worded letters to others who use the trademark without correct attribution and you see the very full and complete disclaimers on fan websites ("not affiliated....etc etc")

I presume there is no similar requirement with a patent. Otherwise Innovatio would have to seek out and serve notice on every user of a allegedly infringing device, and not just pick and choose their targets.

Apple outs iPhone micro USB adaptor

graeme leggett

Indeed - much cheaper

I got my 2nd cable from Poundland, it cost .. Well you can guess how much.

In fairness, it's much shorter than apples. Good for on the desk next to the laptop, not so much for in car use eg while acting as a satnav.

The iPhone 4S in depth: More than just a vestigial 'S'

graeme leggett

Well spotted

I suspect a standard marketing technique, though they may be able to justify it as comparing like for like based on equal priced dataplans on a regional provider near a certain mast.

Or that Boone wanted to lend them a newer phone to be hacked about for testing.

In the meantime, I'd like to demonstrate that this hybrid car design of mine has superior fuel economy to the Ford Anglia, and a longer time between overhauls than the Panzer VI. Any investors interested?

007's car outdrives iPhone in battle of the brands

graeme leggett

Not the "iPhone" in 2nd

Its the whole Apple/i-wotsit brand together - Macs and iphones and Ipads and ipods all had to be lumped together to get it to number 2.

2009 game footage appears in ITV show as 1988 IRA vid

graeme leggett

Lorem et ipsur error?

Is it possible this is the video equivalent of "insert caption here" in a newspaper?

Or is it the case that the third channel has fallen so very low since the days of World in Action?

Google unfurls Dead Sea Scrolls

graeme leggett

different "opium of the masses"

as Marx (or was it Lenin) said

Assange™ pens world's first unauthorised autobiography

graeme leggett


It's for the common good.

The people have a right to know what those with power and responsibility are up to.

(it's too early for me to be funnily ironic)

Boffins step closer to steam-powered Babbage computer

graeme leggett

Interesting error messages, etc

"unexpected washer in line 50"

Also I note it could be powered by renewables - eg a waterwheel or wind turbine. Very Eco.

BBC website ditches modules in facelift

graeme leggett

Given my opinion in the survey

Esentially - it boils down to:

It isn't an improvement

There's less content than before (as the article says "text light") and big pictures replacing the content.

I prefer to look at lists of news stories or articles and from there I make decision on what to click, and I want that list to be one of the first things I see - not have to go hunting through a scroll bar.

I 'm not interested in what other people are looking at, so putting Popular up front is no use to me.

I'm not so worried about loss of the modules/customizable content. I did customize the page - to put sport down the bottom where I never go.

Windows 8 secure boot would 'exclude' Linux

graeme leggett

Swings and roundabouts

If this was offered as an option at point of sale. I can see some benefit in corporate security terms in preventing a PC from booting from an "alien" OS eg off CD.

On the other hand if implemented across the board (no pun intended) it could well make homemade tools and recovery discs useless as well as dual boot systems.

The amazing shipping container: How it changed the world

graeme leggett


Notwithstanding the old waterways from London to Brum - aka the Grand Union Canal.

Chinese container pitches up at Felixstowe, offloaded onto lorry, A14 to Rugby M6 to Brum.

Those who have traversed the A14 know how much lorried traffic it carries.

LOHAN to suck mighty thruster as it goes off, in a shed

graeme leggett

Pump choice

Use an Edwards - they are the proverbial.

MPs blast dole-office-online plans

graeme leggett

In part

A good idea, but there might need to be an increase in the number of terminals and locations providing them. Local gov often looks to cutting library provision (reducing hours and locations) to trim its budget.

Overall there would not be so great a saving - the provision of benefit offices by central gov being replaced by extended library services by local gov

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Windows 7 tablet

graeme leggett

Buttons - the answer is obvious

the multiplicity of buttons are so it can't be mistaken (by the incompetent or lawyers) as an Apple product.

JP Morgan has a Playmobil moment

graeme leggett

Taxpayers (10)

Look a disgruntled lot.

I wonder how you would represent the British in lego (avoiding stock stereotypes) ?

Hands on with Toshiba's 'world's thinnest' Android 3.2 tablet

graeme leggett

No relation to product?

hmm "AT 200" what could that possibly mean...



200 mm


Galaxy Tab 7.7 pulled from IFA after new Apple moves

graeme leggett


As in there was this egotistical leader with a large force, and was trying to take control of Europe?

When his enemies started to mass, he sought to defeat them by attacking them piecemeal before they grouped up.

He was being held in battle by one force which stopped him before he got to Brussels when, in the end, he was stopped by the Germans.

Could be a very prescient statement

Prototype iPhone 5 lost in bar, right on schedule

graeme leggett

I was hoping for

"the station is immaterial" but "a haaaaandbag" is still a great line.

graeme leggett

as Oscar put it

"To lose one parent, Mr Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness."

Now for the "missing" phone to turn up at a train station, or a bus station, or even a radio station.

Schmidt bewails Blighty's boffin-v-luvvie culture clash

graeme leggett

Send them to their bedroom!

They don't get to come down again until they've watched "The Dambusters" and written an essay on the contribution of the scientific, technical and mathematical fields of study to the Second World War.

(and they can turn that racket down too!)

Argentina: home of Bavarian lager

graeme leggett

Another reason

Explaining why not found in Europe - it died out.

Supplanted by cultivated forms over the centuries or its environment altered by changes in land use?

Amateur balloonists hit record 40,575m above East Anglia

graeme leggett

The watery depths (and shallows) off Cromer

have taken many a ship, so the balloon is in good company.

perhaps it'll get pulled up with a crab pot.

Apple MacBook Pro 17in 2011

graeme leggett

Agree on keyboard

From the looks of it, not enough keyboard,

Tons of space, couldn't be bothered to have a numpad?

Australian bank to run trial with human teller in ATM

graeme leggett

Out of hours banking?

When the doors are shut you could still speak to some human, rather than hanging on a telephone for which you are paying. You can also look them in the eye and get an advantage over dealing with a call centre drone to whom you are nothing more than a disembodied voice. That "call me John" bit won't work either if they're obviously from Bangalore.

And if this is for Australia it might be more for remote locations than the high street after chucking out time.

LOHAN team buried under ballockets

graeme leggett

what's the difference ?

between a piston launcher and a spigot mortar (eg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortar_(weapon)#Spigot_mortar)

graeme leggett

Lovely stuff

very rich in ideas.

Set me thinking again. How about a "trapeze" below the instrument payload. Lohan aircraft on end (aligned horizontally). When the rocket engine is fired the trapeze is driven round in an arc and when it reaches the right angle (45ø) the release mechanism triggers and the aircraft flies away.


The engine has time to "get going" (if that's an issue) before release.

If the balloon fails before planned release point the aircraft could still launch (at the less than optimum angle.

A rigid trapeze means the aircraft is in a fixed orientation with the instrument package making for better photography on the way up.

NASA Legonauts set for Jupiter voyage

graeme leggett

Damn right

I want to be able to buy myself, err my son - yes my son - a Lego Gods and Heroes minifig set.

Twelve Olympians and a bunch of famous mortals. But not Oedipus, or Tanatalus, or Clytemnestra (actually most of the House of Atreus...). I don't want to have to explain those legends.

Reg readers ponder LOHAN's substantial globes

graeme leggett

Thinking of something like this myself

Not necessarily a long spar but long enough to act as the launch rail for the aircraft.

The aircraft having a couple of loops on the top, or a hollow spar running through which fits over the launch rail. Rail doesn't need to be very long since unlike a Black Cat Super-whizzer you will have some degree of aerodynamic control.

Perhaps an additional "carrier" element with substantial fins could be used to get the aircraft free on a striaght path, thereafter falling away. More payload, but which is better - a guaranteed launch or maximum altitude.

Counterbalance for the launch rail would come principally from the rest of the launcher ( camera, telemetry etc) but a single guideline running out from the balloon tether point to a second spar in the opposite side from the launch rail should fix it at the right angle.

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