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Wikipedia's on drugs again, complains Russia

graeme leggett

The 16th century writer rather than the sprinter?

Doctor Who: Even the TARDIS key can't unpick the chronolock in Face the Raven

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Re: I doubt it

If you want extra Ace, there's the Big Finish audios.

graeme leggett

I quite enjoyed it. And the title made sense.

Even if initially it sounded like a NWOBHM album from the 80s.

Hillary Clinton: Stop helping terrorists, Silicon Valley – weaken your encryption

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Re: "News"

The Maginot Line (a series of supporting fortifications delivering defence in depth) and the Atlantic Wall (a comprehensive plan to turn the north French coast into a killzone) both failed if due to a single cause because they were incomplete (did not cover Belgian border) and unfinished respectively.

Rdio's collapse another nail in the coffin of the 'digital economy'

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Lark Ascending on loop play not enough?

Short weekend break: Skegness or exoplanet HD 189733b?

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Re: Skeggie? Why oh why?

Ten things in defence of Huns'ton

1) has some coloured cliffs.

2) the sun sets over the sea

3) It's not (Great) Yarmouth

4) err

5) did I mention the cliffs....

One-armed bandit steals four hours of engineer's busy day

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Re: hit pump to get it working again

Remember the mechanical ones, not really? I've taken the electrical ones apart and put them together again for fun (replace valves and clean contacts)

Once the ignition was on they'd start ticking away trying to push fuel to the carb float chamber - this was in the days before return loops on the fuel line.

Generally they were sited somewhere inconvenient - up under the rear wheel arch - where they would get covered in mud and underbody spray.

Doctor Who: Nigel Farage-alike bogey beast terrorises in darkly comic Sleep No More

graeme leggett

Re: people are going missing

Inflatable chair surely - in keeping with topic of article.

Unless they haven't switched to cordless desk phones.

graeme leggett

Re: No title sequence

To avoid a break that would take you out of the found footage appearance I guess. There is a stream of text that passes across the screen containing words like Clara and other character names with Doctor Who (as a vertical line through unrelated words) briefly highlighted.

Pope instructs followers to put the iPhone away during dinner

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Re: Why no mobile in DaVinci's picture?

Sixth from the left. Listening but not directly looking at the apostle to their left. Tell me they're not updating their facebook status with their hidden hand.

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new use for old stuff

Get the toast rack out from the back of the cupboard.

Put it on sideboard.

Make family members (that's you as well) put phone in rack.

Have your meal.

Try to ignore toast rack of shiny.

No matter how much it pings or buzzes.

Horrid checkbox download bundlers drop patch-frozen Chrome

graeme leggett

Re: Bah! Now with extra unrequested humbug.

Its easier for the masses just to go to the bottom ( I wonder why it's there....) of the advanced options in the java control panel.

Pause Patch Tuesday downloads, buggy code can kill Outlook

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it's an ill wind...

Handy that I was off sick today rather than tending to the WSUS approvals.

Cement company in sacks out for the lads rumpus

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lab pic

For some reason, there's a lot of use of blondes in laboratory advert photos.

Is it a tonal thing - light coloured walls, light ceiling, light bench, white lab coat, pale blonde?

All cooped up and nowhere to go, US and German spooks spied on each other

graeme leggett

Re: unsurprising

Looks nothing like Sir Alec Guinness (or Gary Oldman if you're not that old)

Though it does look a bit like Karla's haircut.

graeme leggett


Of course they would. Spies spy on each other, even the ones from the other agencies in their own country. Knowledge is power and all that.

We need a Smiley icon.

Doctor Who's good/bad duality, war futility tale in The Zygon Inversion fails to fizz

graeme leggett

Re: Speaking of retcon...

Sounded rum so I went and had a look. You can still find some classic Who content by going through the characters or episodes tab.

But not the material based on The Discontinuity Guide.

graeme leggett

Re: Im just wondering

Simply because average non-fan watcher would be as confused as fan-watcher would be delighted.

You can play around with scene order within 45 mins but across a week - I'd guess the audience figures and AI would plummet.

graeme leggett

Re: Best line...

One of them.

But isn't "Sonic specs? Isn't that a bit pointless?" more with the general feeling among Reg commentators.

TPP: 'Scary' US-Pacific trade deal published – you're going to freak out when you read it

graeme leggett

Re: No Party Shall Require?

A signatory to a treaty is the 'party' to it. (though I've seen the phrase "contracting power" used in the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, the Treaty of Rome uses "High contracting parties")

As the parties to this treaty are states, the meaning is close enough for general discussion.

graeme leggett

Re: @allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

This quote ?

"I say that it is a narrow policy to suppose that this country or that is to be marked out as the eternal ally or the perpetual enemy of England. We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow"

graeme leggett

Re: Intellectual Property

Those three examples of geographical names are European. That'll be in a different treaty.

graeme leggett

Re: No Party Shall Require?

I read that as meaning the state cannot make it a requirement (and so block its use?) not that individuals can't.

graeme leggett

Re: Old soup.

No one is going to present a deal to their people saying "we gave away stuff to the other side", they are always going to say it's good for [name of nation], good for jobs, good for the people, and there will be jam for tea.

Google engineer names and shames dodgy USB Type-C cable makers

graeme leggett

Re: Here's something similar

This one is a quite comprehensive look at dodgy fake of ithingy charger


graeme leggett


Manufacturers don't follow spec if they think they can get away with it.

Don't suppose trading standards are much use against Chinese import on amazon/ebay etc?

Condi Rice, ICANN, and millions paid to lobby the US govt for total internet control

graeme leggett

working it from other end

If ICANN aren't prepared to say who they used (and how much they spent), is it possible to work it from the other end?

Find the public officials who they might have lobbied and work backwards from their declared meetings. Or from any equivalent to a members declaration of interest?

DDoS, botnet, and fiber cut fail to stop Twitchers crowd-installing Linux

graeme leggett

each to their own

I'm having trouble understanding where the fun in this lies for the participants beyond the [Everest] "because it's there" angle.

By comparison not at all surprised that miscreants unknown would want to spoil someone else's fun.

iPhone, Windows 10, lonely nights – sound like you? Dump Siri and have a date with Cortana

graeme leggett

Re: I wonder...

Presumably someone thinks the numbers are in their favour. And others don't - for now.

Number of iphone/ipad users with a windows box versus number of iphone/ipad users with an android phone? There's a big spreadsheet somewhere that claims to have the answers.

Or perhaps its a case of being seen to be doing something your competition isn't.

Music lovers move to block Phil Collins' rebirth

graeme leggett

IT Angle?

As the man sung. "Turn It onOff, Turn it On, Turn It On Again"

Doctor Who's The Zygon Invasion shape-shifts Clara and brings yet more hybrids

graeme leggett

Re: well, the NEW Star Trek TV series is coming in 2017...

"will bet it will be EVEN MORE messed up"

It might start bad and get better. If it lasts long enough.

I've been listening to Wil Wheaton's 2009 podcasts on his memories of the first year of STTNG...

graeme leggett

Re: "this story is influenced by current affairs"

Sgt Benton fell for "the oldest trick in the book" in The Time Monster.

Right after he thought he'd been clever enough to catch out The Master.

graeme leggett

Re: It was fun...

President of Earth etc - Death in Heaven (series final episode last year)

Cash injection fuels SABRE spaceplane engine

graeme leggett

Re: Leg up

If you look to the investment in British aviation from 1945 to 1960 (roughly), when Britain had an edge in aircraft and aero-engine design, it's (nearly) all government (Ministry of Supply) money being used by the companies to get things done.

There's a few private-funded things going on in the big companies but not much as money was tight.

For an example, the Westland Westminster heavy lift helicopter. When the government funding was curtailed, Westland sent the loaned Sikorsky rotor/gearbox used in the prototype back to the States rather than pay import duty on it.

Dev to Mozilla: Please dump ancient Windows install processes

graeme leggett

For windows, you'd rather you didn't get a choice about declining to install components ("useful software" / sponsor software) ?

Lessig quits presidential race to spend more time with his idiotic ideas

graeme leggett

if history has taught us anything

The way to change the system - for good or ill - is to be elected first on a popular platform.

Kaspersky announces 'death' of Coinvault, Bitcryptor ransomware

graeme leggett

seems to be freely available (at first glance)


suggests you use the "free trial" of Kaspersky AV first to remove CoinVault

Use Skype if you want to report a crime, say cops

graeme leggett

Beat officers do belong to a different time. Before mobile (panda car) officers when you needed coppers on the ground in the right locations so they could attend quickly.

Before uptake in telephone connected burglar alarms and out-of-town industrial estates when the patrol would be checking the doors of commercial properties and workshops as they passed to see if they'd been left undone, or broken open.

To a time when sticking your head out of an upstairs window and yelling "Police! Help!" might have been followed by a relay of whistles blowing in the city's streets.

The story of .Gay: This bid is too gay! This bid is not gay enough! This bid is just right?

graeme leggett

icann policy

ICANN (unwritten but obvious) policy is to accumulate as much filthy lucre as possible.

Mucking Dot Gay around until they give up so an auction can generate meellions of dollars is entirely consistent with this policy.

I presume each step of the appeals progress has associated administration fees...

Get 'em out for the... readers: The Sun scraps its online paywall

graeme leggett

Re: I've never understood why Murdoch is so hated

Plenty of choice, but the papers that cover the small-c conservative to full Conservative and Little Englander viewpoints are the ones that dominate in volume.

graeme leggett

Re: Newspaper websites

I quite liked the Mail's puzzle section and sunday general knowledge crossword. Fortunately I wasn't paying for the paper at the time, and my cynic and sceptic filters were fully activated before looking at the other pages.

Anonymous hack group plans to out anonymous hate group

graeme leggett


How's that supposed to be pronounced ?



Can we call an individual a Pootka, for short. Save typing.

How to get the fun stuff back in your data centre

graeme leggett

better ooking than a Cray

WOPR, or that watery thing in Rollerball.

Oh,you meant real life examples....

Northrop wins $55bn contract for next-gen bomber – as America says bye-bye to B-52

graeme leggett

Re: Crew

You can pin a medal on a pilot, but an award for bravery/service looks more plausible if they were in the plane at the time.

Oh, and situational awareness, electronic warfare and other reasons.

Verisign warns new dot-word domains could make internet unstable

graeme leggett

telling quote

" think that there was no end-user demand whatsoever for more extensions."


Oracle Java 'no longer the greatest risk' to US Windows PC users

graeme leggett

itunes unpatched

Is it because a load of people installed itunes to use with their iphone, got quicktime installed alongside.

Then discovered it was impossibly unpleasant to work with, gave up and never used it again.

European Parliament rejects amendments to net neut rules, waves through law

graeme leggett

rules to regulations step - way to go yet.

Having voted for the rules, do the MEPs have a further vote/input when the regulations have been drawn up?

The regulations themselves could (though not guaranteed?) close the loopholes.

And what about when the regulations are turned into member country law, will there be an input/amendment by national parliaments then

El Reg revisits Battle of Agincourt on 600th anniversary

graeme leggett

The war (and the peace) was lost because Henry died and his son Henry VI wasn't up to the job being about a year old.

And that also led to the Wars of the Roses.

Room for much speculation as to the future of Europe if Henry V had lived longer and by diplomacy/war had stabilised situation and passed some of his skills onto his son.

graeme leggett

Re: time

I think Napoleon was more of a Rationalism type dictator and the wars of that period were a question of economics.

And even post WWI there was still a school of thought that the next war was more likely to be with France than anyone else in Europe despite the entente cordiale. The specification for British light ("day") bombers designs of the 1930s stipulated an operating range that would reach Paris.

graeme leggett

Apart from not suffering from a dreadful case of the runs at the time ("flux" in more contemporary language)?

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