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Brit Parliament online orifice overwhelmed by Brexit bashers

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Tony Blair ...

... asks that someone send band-aids and more coffee.

UK libraries dumped 11% of computers since 2010-11... everybody has one anyway, right?

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Re: Statistics ...

Childish drivel.

I can not speak for the US, but there is less demand for library services no that internet access is more widely available.

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Statistics ...

Another set of numbers being played for the agenda rather than to reveal anything new of value.

A growing number of us have internet access from home and work, but there is no mention of how many people now actually attend public libraries any more.

Further more, why would you use a device that you know you will be monitored and records retained my public-sector officials?

They're BAAACK: Windows 10 nagware team loads trebuchet with annoying reminders to GTFO Windows 7

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Re: become a CEO

I know of one such example in the Social Health Care sector as well :)

The most ignorant, and incompetent person I met - instant C-level material because no one would stand-up to the individual.

Still fewer Windows 10 devices out there than Instagrammer Kylie Jenner has dollars

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Kylie Jenner?

Who does he play for?

Amazon Prime Air flight crashes in Texas after 6,000ft nosedive

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Re: Sounds like an old problem

More to the point, Atlas Air has a bit of a history around maintenance of its aircraft.

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Re: Mmmhhh, let's get paranoid...

The industry has been looking at a technical solution following the Flight 370 incident.

Pour $25m in its coffers and the local NAS box gets it. That's backers' hope for public cloud type Nasuni

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Re: Planning


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Re: Trust

Beg your pardon, but if it is still dependent on venture capital, it is a start-up with all the associated risks.

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Placing trust in a start-up?

A first assessment would be that the owners of the business are clearly not up to the job.

Data breach rumours abound as UK Labour Party locks down access to member databases

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Re: A hasty judgement

Allegedly - the MP denies the allegation.

More likely another example of a Corbynista smear campaign until proven.

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A hasty judgement

The statement made by the party's General Secretary could equally apply to former technical staff - the far more common source of such breaches.

Amazon throws toys out of pram, ditches plans for New York HQ2 after big trouble in Big Apple

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Re: Union officials campaign against jobs?

Union Locals whiter than white - another unicorn.

Ever used VFEmail? No? Well, chances are you never will now: Hackers wipe servers, backups in 'catastrophic' attack

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I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning ...

Someone earning a merit badge for their 'CV' - certainly earned their beer.

Oh, SSH, IT please see this: Malicious servers can fsck with your PC's files during scp slurps

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Re: Please tell me if this is a stupid question.

"So do we need to update rcp as well?"

A different package to start with. These issues specifically relate to the ssh based packages.

A more holistic answer is that, like ftp, you are advised not to be making use of rcp.

RIP 2019-2019: The first plant to grow on the Moon? Yeah, it's dead already, Chinese admit

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Did they really get to the Moon ...

... or did they just fake it in a film studio?

It WASN'T the update, says Microsoft: Windows 7 suffers identity crisis as users hit by activation errors

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The root cause ...

of the problems is clearly down to User Error; stop bitching and move to a Professional OS. :)

Microsoft vows to destroy Office, er, offices: Campus to be demolished and rebuilt

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Where is the Greens rant ...

With all those trees coming down, why are not hearing stories of Greens chaining themselves to the trees?

Bish, Bash... gosh! Good ol' Bourne Again Shell takes a bow as it reaches version five-point-zero

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Re: From the announcement ...

Undoubtedly; it was just the way the comment appears in the documention that lends itself to that interpretation.

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From the announcement ...

"This release fixes several outstanding bugs in bash-4.4 and introduces several

new [ones]."

Or did I just mis-read that? :)

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Feature Utilisation

No doubt a lot of effort has gone into the new version, but in the vast majority of cases it will be used those nasty little horrors you come across that have been hanging around on systems for years.

You can blame laziness as much as greed for Apple's New Year shock

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National Champions ...

IIRC Apple became a casualty, or rather a primary target, of a directive in China some years ago to support national champions in Telcoms and Devices over foreign owned businesses. This however was before the own-goal of excessive mark-ups on Apple products.

Apple to splash $10bn raisin' American bit barns

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Re: Green Credentials

Stay green - don't buy one.

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New Austin Campus

"The new campus, in North Austin, will be 133 acres and create jobs in engineering, R&D, operations, finance, sales and customer support."

I wonder; Has Apple set it's sights on the pool of Dell Engineers?

HCL picks up Notes, spanks total of $1.8bn at Honest John's IBM software sale

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Re: Throwing the wedding rice, a new future awaits.

@ Anonymous Coward / DrFierce / HCL Marketing Dept

"Well you could check here ..."

Sorry, I'm not into click-bait.

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Re: Notes as Documentum Replacement for HCL ???

What about HCL's declining profit margins, and its increasing costs? Can it keep ahead, especially as borrowing costs increase in India?

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Re: Throwing the wedding rice, a new future awaits.

@ DrFierce

So you have insider information on what is happening with the product line?

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Re: Why all the hate?

... or are paid to post :)

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Re: Re That's a lot of notes for Notes

... and I assume you wrote that while waiting for your Windows 10 slab to boot.

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Re: @Ken 16 - That would be cruelty

Quick! Someone call a Doctor.

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Re: @Tip PC Nope... nothing like Brexit

I don't think there is anything controversial in what you say.

One aside I would make is that SUSE Linux previously went through one of these spring-cleaning sales and look how much it went for in the recent sale.

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Re: Sales Person of the Year

Whatever their former merits, these products are in or moving to their EoL phase.

The change of ownership will likely see emphasis placed on maximising license revenues rather than any significant re-working of the products.

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Sales Person of the Year

Bye heck, a true Cloggie.

Finding someone to buy all that cr*p is the outstanding achievement of the year - the selling curried muck to India.

They said yes, grins Dell Technologies: Expects to go public this month

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The Hokey Cokey

... You shake it all about

You do the Hokey Cokey and you turn around

That's what it's all about..

Linux.org domain hacked, plastered with trolling, filth and anti-transgender vandalism

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Re: Follow the money.

... and what if the account was created using the partner's identity?

They got access to one of her accounts, so you have to ask what else she gave away.

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Partner's Affiliation to Linux.org

Why would gaining access to his partner's account expose credentials to the Linux.org site?

Expired cert... Really? #O2down meltdown shows we should fear bungles and bugs more than hackers

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Re: Unsuitable owner

It provides a utility service.

"Are you seriously suggesting sanctions against any country where the government doesn't agree with every policy of our government?"

EU member states have already discussed sanctions against specific UK businesses. Engage.

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Re: Unsuitable owner

Well now you know.

It is of concern, and it has been looked at, as is the ownership of other businesses in the UK in cases where another EU member state Government has a significant interest.

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Unsuitable owner

The other side to consider here is whether Telefonica is a suitable owner of a UK utility given Spanish stance on Brexit.

It's official. Microsoft pushes Google over the Edge, shifts browser to Chromium engine

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What is Microsoft's Value-Add?

As it adopts more packages developed externally, and does little substantive testing of it's products, is it not time that all those paying for the expensive licenses start asking what they are paying for?

The antisocial network: 'Facebook has a black people problem,' claims staffer in exit salvo

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Re: Facebook Reality Bubble

There is no need to go to the USA to see this; The "intolerant liberal culture" exists all around you in the UK.

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Re: ""Influencing" people is, I regret to say, all around us"

"Tony Blair was earnest....,"

... he now also works for the Vatican - the arch manipulators of long standing that make FB look inept.

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Re: ""Influencing" people is, I regret to say, all around us"

"Influencing people has been around for ever. Look up a guy named Jesus and what he managed to get people to do."

I bet saying "Look up a guy named Muhammad and what he managed to get people to do." will get more down votes though.

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Re: no, just no.

"Why not?

The way to challenge hate speach is to let everyone see what these morons are saying and openly condem those views, present different perspectives and actively work against the hate.

Banning hate speach doesn't eliminate it, just moves it underground where it can't be monitored and challenged. Thus creating a focussing effect for those who might buy into whatever is being said. No one to counter the views espoused.

Freedom of speech means, well, exactly that, even if that speech offends some people."

So that is free-speech (I guess that is what you mean - speach?) without limits?

You are assuming that the audience will always be indifferent to the exhortations of purveyors of "extremist" views. However, what happens when the audience is manipulated? Group think and action is relatively easy to manipulate, you only need to look at the alleged actions of Facebook, or the modern product of many of our Universities and Colleges to see that that is the case.

You may want to look back at some of the developments of the last Century.

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Re: Global underepresented influencer strategic partner manager voice

"Luckie contends that black people have had trouble discussing issues among themselves, because other people are reporting these discussions as hate speech, even though the conversations often don't violate Facebook terms of service. Accounts are suspended and content is removed, without notice or recourse, he claims."

It could also have been another case of an activist trying to organise a faction within the organisation along racial alignments. It does not need to be actively racist against others for it to be considered as such if it is being organised around specific racial groupings.

Unfortunately there is too much of this kind of racism within (certainly UK) organisations, frequently with the explicit backing of HR departments that are lacking in judgement.

It's a patch bonanza as Microsoft showers its OS platforms with update love

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Re: Let's be fair to MS (thought experiment)

utter tosh.

Are you on a commission?

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Help someone in need this Christmas ...

Help someone you know break the habit of addiction to Windows this Christmas.

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issue in File Explorer that sometimes deletes the permissions of a shared parent folder ...

I have seen that in older versions of Windows, but is comparatively recent feature as far as I recall - it would seem to have been introduced, from what I have seen, in the last two to three years or so.


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