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Thumbs down and Comments

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Re: ACs are funny :-)

So what's that as a ratio then?

I'm running around 8:1 ups to downs at the moment. Personally I'd expect the ups to be generally higher as I'll happily upvote to something I approve of, but issuing a down is something I do rarely and only[1] when I reckon the comment really deserves to have raspberries blown at it.

[1] Well, that and when I push the wrong bloody button of course.

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Re: Thumbs down and Comments

Thumbs Down Missions.

I've noticed that. It invariably occurs when I've wound up the raving freetards[1] by pointing out something that pisses on their picnic.

Try having a look back through your comments and see if you can spot a similar pattern. Look for a rash of one or two downvotes on trivia and then look for the controversial post that sent the wingnuts off into a frenzy around the same time.

[1] I.e. the ones whose argument is basically; "I can get this for free, therefore any rules saying it shouldn't be free are wrong."

Unemployed offered money to watch grass grow

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They want what?

".... sharing his or her scintillating lawnmower supervising experiences on Husqvarna's local Facebook presence."

WTF? Obliging the use of Facebook and only offering 1700EUR a month? Someone's having a right giraffe....

Swiss, German physicists split the electron

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Re: The seperation of spin . . .

Nah. Take away the spin and you'd still have greed, rabid control-freakery and a smattering of pure evil left.

Hmm, I wonder what the fundamental particle of rabid control-freakery is called?

PLANET-SWAP shock: Stars grabbed dirtballs from other clusters

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Re: Two worlds orbiting each other without a star.

That's without a star, you have two there.

I suggest Ant and Dec. Nothing even remotely stellar about them.

Sci Fi recomendations?

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Re: wow

Many of the above suggestions get a thumbs up from me, but one thing I really enjoyed recently was Elizabeth Moon's "Vatta's War" series.

Space Opera written by someone who both actually knows a thing or three about military tactics and can also do decent plot / human content? Bloody marvellous. Well written too.

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Re: Ten of the best

The thing I found oddest about Earthsea was that when the whole "Harry Potter is a formulaic rehash of XYX" thing was going on, not one person mentioned Earthsea.

Roke Wizard school anyone?

WD lets loose ferocious 1TB VelociRaptor

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Re: I still don't get it

Having a Velociraptor, a Win 7 machine with plenty of RAM and a spare, fast 8Gb memory stick, I have already tried this.

The answer is it makes absolutely bugger all difference, bar adding another flashing light to the box.

I reckon you probably need a USB3 stick and port to see any advantage that isn't chewed up by the overhead of running ReadyBoost in the first place when the spinning HDD is already fast.

Now, there were rumours when Win 7 was in gestation that it would provide the ability to tie an HDD and a small SSD together, to provide something like a DIY Momentus XT without the size limitations. Shame it never turned up. That'd be interesting, if only to see the interminable flame wars over the best SSD to HDD ratio this would undoubtably cause......

Weird interview questions

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Re: True story

Er, "African or Indian" when it comes to elephants, surely?

Intel boss turns earnings call into iPhone flirt fest

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Re: Please focus on Windows 8 Phones

And I want the moon on a stick.

Come to think of it that's probably more practical, as it wouldn't require a battery-on-wheels in tow and a heatsink the size of a soup plate attached to it.

Austrian village considers a F**king name change

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Re: There used to be a Lord Fuchs (sp?) in England somewhere.

Doctor Fuchs actually, as in:

"Dr Fuchs off to South Ice."

"Dr Fuchs off again."

I recommend the Fritz Spiegel book "Keep taking the tabloids" for this sort of information. My favourite example in this category was the WWII headline: "8th Army push bottles up Germans".

Zuckerberg blew $1bn on Instagram 'without telling Facebook board'

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This Zuckerberg chap.

He doesn't want a bridge by any chance......does he?

Ikea to integrate TV, Blu-ray, sound system into sideboard

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"...but at least B&O's panels are made by Phillips."

I reckon Ikea's stuff is also made by Philips. They always used to have Philips' kit dotted around their showrooms. These days it looks like the same stuff with Ikea badging stuck on it.

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Re: It's called a Radiogram

Damn. You beat me to it.

There's a telly in the mix...........a Televisiogram? Tell you what, let's just add a webcam and a Skype connection and call it an Interrossiter......

Minister blows away plans for more turbines

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Re: 230 million cups of tea per year!

That is purely an economic decision though and nothing to do with tree-hugging.

Otherwise explain the "greenness" in shipping megatonnages of Bauxite around the world in Diesel-fuelled ships to Iceland for refining using geothermal power, as opposed to providing renewable power sources and refineries locally to the sources and merely shipping the vastly smaller tonnages of aluminium resulting directly to where they're required.

SpaceX Dragon gets green-light for launch to Space Station

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"....the cargo isn't critical stuff for the astronauts...."

They've put the cheese on another spacecraft this time then?

Microsoft to bake Windows 8 in three flavours

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Re: Hmm...

Ah yes, but you're considering 98SE as a seperate release rather than the 98 SP1 it actually was. Worth having, but not worth spending release money on to move to it from 98.

2k was on the NT track, not the consumer desktop track which limped off into ME land. While it made a great office desktop, it wasn't for general use as it lacked the back-compatibility with the consumer stream which materialised in XP.

So that's 3.11 --> 98 and/or SE --> XP --> 7. In meerkat terms, simples and the future is thus 9-shaped.

As for starting from 95, well that puts you firmly at the start of the "dog" track, giving you ME and Vista to look forward to and quite rightly so IMHO.

Himalayan glaciers actually gaining ice, space scans show

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Exploding icebergs?

They missed that one in the current incessant deluge of "This is the real reason the Titanic sank" documentaries.

'Woz' wants $100,000 for Mac 128K prototype

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Re: 'Wrong way round'

You mean Apple made something prone to "holding it wrong" errors back then too?

Matt Groening reveals location of Simpsons' Springfield

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Re: <title of hated>

Yup, definately another one straight out of the Seinfeld "Emperor's new suit" school of comedy.

That's where they manage to become so incredibly famous for being funny that nobody's got the balls to stand up and point out that they're, er, not.

550,000-strong army of Mac zombies spreads across world

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"......capable of installing itself on unprotected Mac machines without user interaction...."

Well at least there's no danger of Apple being sued over that one. MS have let the patents lapse through disuse.....

Aliens Blu-ray disc set

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Thumb Down

Re: Close ...

Except that neither of them were SF films.

Close Encounters was a meandering, turgid pile of poo with added flashing lights and ET was a Lassie film with a cuddly alien replacing the cuddly dog.

I have never understood the "commercial and critical success" of CE. Best I've ever been able to get out of it is the feeling of Herculean triumph generated by managing to stay awake 'til the end.

Apple plugs Java hole after Flashback Trojan intrusion

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Re: Mac botnet

Hmm, maybe the fanbois are going to have to eat crow over their pooh-poohing of the old "security through obscurity" tag....

Feathered Tyrannosaurus uncovered in China

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Re: OK

Thank for that. I just had a nasty vision of one hanging off the tin bird feeder thing full of peanuts that dangles from my verandah roof.

Probably wouldn't need the binoculars to identify it from the sofa though......

Arizona bill makes it illegal to 'annoy or offend' online

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Oops. You have a spurious "m" in there.

Samsung slips on Ice Cream Sandwich

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You'd have a point if:

1) All mobile users were in the US.

2) All of them were on T-mobile.

3) All of them were using a T989.

Unfortunately you've managed to fail epically on all three.

Google plonks reCAPTCHA on Street View, makes users ID your house

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"..reCAPTCHA users don’t know which word is which."

Hint: The "unknown word" is the one spelled "rscintunf" or similar.

I had sort of wondered why these things popped up with a word and a rejected new car name from the nearest Strategy Boutique. I'll save myself the typing and just enter the obvious control word from now on.

I do find that ReCaptcha does seem to generate the most unreadable ones of all the types out there. Certainly the only ones that give me a consistant "miss" rate. I can see why Google wanted 'em, a fiendishly clever algorithm that produces useless shit is right up their street (Living at number 43a actually).

Ten... ADF-based inkjet all-in-one printers

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Re: Does Such a Printer Exist

The home Epson ones do the first. They only have one tray, but it has two sections, one for regular paper and one for photo.

The second I have only ever seen on high end office printstations. They don't really do this "without a computer being involved at all" as they cheat by, er, having a computer inside them.......

3D is the future of cinema?

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Seconded, thirded, whatever on the FOV problem. Headache guaranteed there.

The problem is that dropping the use of depth-of-field removes the most powerful tool in a film director's arsenal for getting the audience to concentrate on the bit he's trying to emphasise. It's also nigh-on impossible for live action to film with a depth of field permitting everything between the camera and infinity to be in focus in all bar the strongest light levels.

The other snag is they'd have to either shoot the film twice or post-process the 2D version to add the depth-of-field effects. Presumably post-production depth-of-field for 2D would look about as good as 3D conversions on 2D material do. I.e. Shit.

Works well for animated features though.

Forums front page flipped to http://forums.theregister.co.uk/

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Dunno what you're smoking. It took me all of about 30 seconds to find my way around on The Day Everything Changed!!111!!!!!

I strongly suggest that you avoid evaluating Windows 8, as it could well cause your head to explode.


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Re: Game of Thrones

Yup, ruddy marvellous.

My only gripe with the new series is that they just had to fuck around and re-orchestrate the theme music. The original had the most fantastic impact to it and was one of the best opening themes of all time IMHO. The new version's just sort of, er, "limp" (for want of a better term) by comparison.

The original was one of the very few things that had me making a point of sitting through the opening credits, even when watching on PVR and having the option of skipping 'em.

Someone at HBO needs to be sent a plaque with; "If it ain't broke, don't bloody fix it!" on it to hang on their wall.

Prehistoric monster snake crushed prey under 1.5 Brooklyn Bridges

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There, does that make sense now?

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Re: Now they've done it

Eight out of ten monsters (that expressed a preference) said that they'd far rather attack Tokyo.

Dutch firm slams limping RIM with patent lawsuit

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Well, yes. Or....

"...now is a good time to launch an attack on the smartphone firm as its dwindling popularity weakens its position."

Well, either that or they were hanging on in the hope of getting a multi-gazillion dollar payout from a huge, cash-rich company, but have decided to cut their losses and grab what they can before the whole thing goes titsup.com.

Facebook accused of 'wanton' use of Canadian woman's pics

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Re: Depends on Canadian law ...

Yup, always amusing to see the words "statutory rights unaffected" on guarantees, contracts, etc.

Makes no odds, nothing that they write can affect any rights you have that are enshrined in statute (i.e. law), as they override any contractual weasel words. It's there to protect them ("we never intended our contract to ride roughshod over our customers' rights, look it even says so!"), not you.

It's like putting "Warning: contains nuts" on packets of peanuts.

Sky joins BBC for Olympics coverage

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What's the betting?

That even with 24 channels continuously pushing this tripe they'll still cancel something decent on BBC1 or BBC2, just 'cos some British bloke has an outside chance of coming better-than-last in the second qualifying heat of the 400m synchronised egg-and-spoon race.....

Sugar content now to be measured in Cadbury Creme Eggs

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Re: Let's not forget the Mars Bar index

I hung around for a while with a bloke on the expat circuit who worked for Mars and I can spill the beans here.

I asked about the "New Bigger Bar" that turns up occasionally. The way this works is that they gradually reduce the size of the Mars Bar over time and preserve the price. Then, when the thing gets too small, you get the "New Bigger Bar" and a stonking price hike.

Clever, huh?

Incidently, he confirmed something else. Back in the day, Mars Bars really were harder and more chewy than they are now. The old paper wrapping didn't preserve them as well as the modern plastic/foil one, so they had to be a harder mix of ingredients to provide decent shelf life without forming that white surface of sugar that you used to find on them if they'd been sitting around too long.

I pointed out that I rather preferred the old, chewy bar to the modern soft thing. That piqued his interest and he went back to raise a "Mars Bar Classic" suggestion with his peers.......I live in hope.

What does the Titanic's sinking tell us about modern science?

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"...which has trawled through some old shipyard records..."

Hmm, IIRC that was the technique used to "prove" that the iron plating used was substandard. Unfortunately, inspection of the wreck itself and the section of hull retrieved proved it wasn't.

That hull section has rivets in it too. I wonder why going and looking at the physical evidence was eschewed in favour of reading between the lines of old documents? Probably something to do with likely being unable to get the film-release-bandwagon-friendly results required from the facts.

Coders' 'lives sucked out' by black-and-white Visual Studio 11

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"On screen it looked like a definite red/orange colour, but when printed it as a washed out puke shade of terracotta"

Hmm, sounds like someone's screen and printer colour settings are not in agreement. That's hardly M$s fault.

Angry Birds want to be Donald Duck

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With that much more than they can chew bitten off.......

.....they'll be Donald Ducked soon enough all right.

Adam Sandler's cross-dresser shocker is Razzies stonker

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Nah, conflict of interest........

Are you an ECO POET? Climate science needs YOU

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A degree in eco-poetry?

You'll feel like such a prat.

All that time spent studying for;

"Do you want fries with that?".

Tibetan activists' Macs targeted using trojan-laden MS Office files

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Re: Nice of Microsoft...

Nice of Apple's O/S to allow malware to be installed to the system by an application. Of course, we may not have the full story.

Usual stuff. If the users are being prompted for admin rights for the malware installation and letting it happen, then there's no story as no O/S is proof against stupidity. If, on the other hand, the O/S is allowing this to happen without complaint, then Apple would appear to have implemented some of M$s legendary failings themselves.

No O/S should rely on applications being bug-free and well behaved for security, there'd be some top-quality FAIL there, if it were the case.

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

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Re: Highlander 2

I saw it at the cinema when it came out. A terrible mistake, which I have regretted ever since.

It was utter shit then and it hasn't got any better over time.

Still gets my vote as the greatest stinker I have ever seen and yes, I did see "Phantom Menace" when that came out too. Not a good film, but nowhere near as godawfully shite as Highlander II. Comparing the two is a bit like comparing rotten apples with putrifying pears in a barrel of shit.

Microsoft: Keep Moto vid codec patent fight in US, not Germany

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"filed by a Motorola subsidiary over patents for the H.264 video codec standard"

That'll be the same H.264 looked after by MPEG-LA, a group that includes, er, Microsoft......right?

Since when did "patent pool" and "shark pool" become synonymous?

'People expect privacy on Facebook and Twitter'

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So which is it?

"People have an expectation of privacy when using social media like Facebook and Twitter."

Does this mean that:

a) "People" are, in general, as thick as pigshit.

b) "People" are not actually that dumb, but he's a gibbering idiot.


UK government says no to turbo e-bike

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Re: Not entirely stupid

That'll be why it's mentioned in the article that some countries which have permitted them have made them "road only".

TeeCee Gold badge

"Green credentials?"

Well, preventing a load of energy and raw materials being used to build a new one by getting the most out of an existing one beats out the veg oil use by several orders of magnitude eco-wise.

It's just like recycling, only without the effort.

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"Pedalling furiously" is the actual offence and was probably signed into law by Noah.

When I was at Poly, a mate got done. He might have got away with a ticking off, but for two important things:

1) He was shitfaced.

2) On being told what his offence was, he countered with the fact that he wasn't pedalling at all, merely freewheeling.

There's only one thing the plod hate more than a smartarse and that's a pissed smartarse.

Brush up your Microsoft skills, win date with Ferrari

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UK residents only.

Bummer. The autobahn system starts just up the road.

Bit pointless getting one of those for a weekend anywhere else......

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