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Ofcom asks: Do kids believe anything they read on the internet?

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Re: Wow!

Hardly surprising.

I recall seeing recently some psych research reported, showing that kids see everything as "black or white". The ability to see things in shades of grey (e.g. the lesser of two evils, best result for the most people, etc) and reason through ethical dilemmas doesn't really mature until about age 25.

This is why child soldiers are so valuable, they don't think about who the enemy is, the rights and wrongs of shooting at them and whether the value of doing so outweighs the risk to themselves, only that they are "the enemy" and must be shot at regardless.

It's also why if you have full membership at 14 and "one member, one vote" you end up stuck with Jeremy Corbyn as leader....

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They do, usefulness to them.

Remember Windows 1.0? It's been 30 years (and you're officially old)

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Re: Oh Lord I am old.....

Quirky printing was a feature on just about all printers until the first "winprinters"[1] turned up and WYSIWYG started doing what it says on the tin, rather then whatever the printer driver thought it ought to.

[1] Native GDI to page support. With the benefit of hindsight it seems bleedin' obvious that as a printer prints a load of dots and the O/S has just rendered what you want on screen as a load of dots, shoving the latter load of dots onto paper kicks the shit out of translating it all into printer language and having the printer translate it back into dots, both for accuracy and speed.

Storm in a teacup: Wileyfox does Android cheapie, British style

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Yes, but.

That's very similar in spec to the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 (a ZTE unit I believe and unexpectedly well built it is too) only nearly twice the price. Or, for a few more shekels, the OnePlus 2 gives you the absolutely phenomenal grunt of the Snapdragon 810 with its Adreno 430 GPU.

That's a hell of a rock and a hard place to be between when trying to eke out a living.

Cue downvotes from the assembled hordes of Wileyfox shills hereabouts.

Telecity fix nixed: Borked UK internet hub 'had no UPS protection'

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Re: A really poor place to have such infrastructure anyway

Well most tech companies would expect their staff to connect remotely if they couldn't physically get to the office. Looks like this might not be a viable option for Telecity though as a prerequisite would be a reliable internet connection.

DS5: Vive la différence ... oh, and throw away the Citroën badge

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Re: Shows promise

At least that means you can drive one without everyone else assuming you're a twat.

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Re: Even the ladies are allowed to drive these days

It's typical of French cars though. French manufacturers these days seem to have copied the cockpit dynamics of the Lamborghini Miura[1].

Not too long ago I evaluated a C5 as a fleet car. I adjusted the seat and wheel until I was perfectly placed. The seat was lovely too. Only problem was when it was set up like that I couldn't reach the gear lever. In order to actually change gear while driving without leaning forward each time, it was necessary to have my legs bent double under the dash.

[1] One of the world's most beautiful cars, but very obviously designed to be driven by a gibbon.

Belling that cat: Oz boffins pass entanglement test

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Re: I'd hate to be the one...

The trouble there is that if you know what the spare looks like and where you left it, it won't be there when you go to look for it.

This isn't a quantum effect, it's just what happens to everything you've put away when you really need it urgently.

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Re: I'd hate to be the one...

Yes, but IT types tend toward the autistic and just can't resist disentangling things.

French Playmobil heist: El Reg denies involvement

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Re: The Reg Denies All Involvement...

Well the answer's obvious then.

The playmobil figures' French wasn't up to snuff so they thought the truck had crossed the channel and parked in Britain. On seeing this, they all jumped out and ran for it.

The million-dollar hole in the FBI 'paying CMU to crack Tor' story

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Bloody typical!

Septics. Bunch of arseholes.

Given the choice of (a) logical and realistic explanation or (b) convoluted conspiracy theory involving space gnomes and dirty tricks by the government, it's "b" every time.

You can't trust any story originating in the U S of A, especially since the term "journalist" got heavily downgraded to mean "any tosser with an axe to grind and his own computer".

Hold on, France and Russia. Anonymous is here to kick ISIS butt

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"The campaign, dubbed #OpParis..."

Someone ought to tell them that. They used "#OpISIS" in the tweet shown.

Horrid checkbox download bundlers drop patch-frozen Chrome

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Re: Google being "the internet" is part of the problem

Probably doesn't help that world+dog (including the bloody government FFS) has moved in their advertising from "go to xyz.com" to "search online for xyz".

If they're all now getting screwed by SEO[1] scumbaggery, they need to look in the mirror to see the problem.

[1] The dodgy sites will always have better search rankings than the vanilla ones, as gaming search engines is a more appealing career for scumbags than it is for others.

UN fight for internet control lined up in Brazil

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Such a choice.

The problem here is that "multistakeholder" and "multilateral" actually mean the same thing. A massive committee of chair-polishing tossers arguing about trivial minutiae and never actually achieving anything. The only difference is whose arses get to polish the chairs.....like it makes any difference, both approaches spell decay via stagnation for the internet.

It's a bit like being offered the choice of being boiled in oil or immersed in acid.......

It's Gartner Magic Graph of Wonder time! And Google won't be happy

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Well, one of the axes is labelled "completeness of vision" so I'm guessing that how each company's annual report scores in wankword bingo is involved somewhere in the process.

Pope instructs followers to put the iPhone away during dinner

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Re: Expert

....social workers don't need to have children.....

That one's a bad example. If they had to, they might just understand what a complete crock of shit "social science"[1] is in this area. "An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory" has never been more true than it is here.

[1] In quotes, 'cos the word "science" is heavily misused in this context.

Amazon vendors flog thousands of rooted, malware-laden tablets

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Ah, security through obscurity. I've heard of that.

Irony - thy name is BBC

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Re: Irony - thy name is BBC

I liked the linked article "BBC iPlayer moves away from Flash and towards HTML5".

Presumably that's "moves" as in "glacier" or "continental drift".

FFS! The Android iPlayer installation still adds the BBC Media Player[1] to, er, play Flash......

[1] The only thing on Android which manages to utterly fuck up the concept of "full-screen".

Longest-standing bug?

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Re: Year 1900 Compliance

non-compliant software

Yes, I can see that one being a really big, fat, hairy deal when the year 1900 rolls around again.

For older systems using 6-digit dates, I call that "expected behaviour"[1]. None of the test cases I saw for date handling around Y2K time had your idle curiosity as a consideration.

[1] Take two-digit year and divide by 4. Truncate the result to an integer and compare to the "full" result. If the same, it's a leap year. Known to screw up 1900 and 2100, but for the overwhelmingly vast majority of use cases this is not an issue. Even slightly. Important bit is it works for 2000, which is the only millennium late 20th-century software is ever going to see go past.

Now we know why Philae phouled up comet landing

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Re: Dodgy Seal

Too much clubbing, perhaps?

Do you reckon it's the drugs, the booze or just being knackered from dancing all night that caused the problem?

BOFH: We're miracle workers. But you want us to fix THAT in 10 minutes?

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Re: Last minute

Trouble is, most execs use the Mayan Long Count calendar.

Ohshittheworldisgoingtoendifwedon'tfixthisnow, ohshittheworldisgoingtoendifwedon'tfixthisnow, ohshittheworldisgoingtoendifwedon'tfixthisnow, ohshittheworldisgoingtoendifwedon'tfixthisnow...........ah............it didn't after all.

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Re: Turkeyshoot Mascara & MonarcoRetardo

Holy shit! They expect people to pay for that?

I mean, why not just find a sadist who'll gouge out your eyes with hot spoons for free?

Ouch! Subaru telescope catches astroid prang

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Re: Hit and run!

I feel sorry for 493 Griseldis. It's going to be spammed by ambulance chasers after a "whiplash" claim for years now.

Apple's OS X App Store downloads knackered by expired security cert

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Re: This is why the....

Mostly correct, but the banking example you use nicely proves where the fuckup really is.

Having a "hard" expiry date is both unnecessary and daft. A warning window of several months (This one's getting on a bit, feel free to continue, but you might want to drop a line to the site's admins and remind them) before calling it as dead would be far more sensible.

The only difference between a valid cert and an expired one is usually the odd day. Does that affect it's security? No, it doesn't.

Patent and trademark troll stung for £500k after fake renewal blitz

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What do you expect from the same legal system that hands driving disqualifications to those convicted of, er, driving while disqualified.

Freebooting: How Facebook's 8 billion views could be a mirage

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Because that would involve handling something called a "link", which is complicated techy nerd stuff they don't understand.

You have to remember that if Farcebook's subscribers were actually sheep, average ovine intelligence would decrease noticeably.

NHS IT must spend a fortune to save a fortune, says McKinsey

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NHS IT - the cockup's built in.

We are where we are 'cos the NHS builds bespoke for just about everything. There is a reason for this and it's a bloody silly one.

There is plenty of good medical software for all aspects of running large healthcare organisations available off-the-shelf. The trouble is that all these ask one simple question up front, globally universal to healthcare[1], whenever adding/updating a patient or their care. How are they paying?

Try to deploy anything like that in the NHS and the unions scream blue murder about "creeping privatisation". Bunch of bloody spanners that they are....

[1] And if the NHS actually asked it, like everyone else, "health tourism" wouldn't even exist. (Heavy hint for the terminally thick: The patient's NHS number goes in this field.)

Ice volcanoes just part of Plutonic pandemonium

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Re: Tritan?

It's a Triumph frame with a tank engine in it.

Outrageous OPSEC: What happens when skiddies play natsec

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Oh, I dunno. It doesn't say where the rocket is....

Kitten: Harmless, can be slightly annoying.

Rocket Kitten: As kitten, but now seriously blown apart.

Quite apt actually.

One Bitcoin or lose your data, hacked Linux sysadmins told

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Re: 3-2-1...

Yup, one thing they are definitely not targeting here is "sysadmins".

Sysadmins have backups, by definition.

ProtonMail DDoS wipeout: Day 6. Yes, we're still under attack

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Re: It's time to update SMTP to make end to end encryption default

Yeah, let's solve a simple problem by being an incredibly fucking stupid bunch of rabid Stalinists.

Back compatibility?

Upgrade costs?


Guess what? Your saying "we need to force everyone to do xyz whether they want it or not" makes you no better than ${government} saying "we need to force everyone to do xyz whether they want it or not"....

Flying drug mule crashes in Manchester prison

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Re: Easy

That was going to be my call on the subject.

Downsize the armament, bit of tweaking to the targeting discrimination and Bob's yer uncle. Dead drone automagically, 24x7. Never misses, never falls asleep on the job.

Coding with dad on the Dragon 32

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Re: How HOW **HOW**

Fired my Dragon up for the first time in 20-odd years the other day. Works just fine.

Into the aerial socket courtesy of a male phono to female coax adaptor from eBay.

FCC won't track Do Not Track

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Who cares?

DNT was effectively dead as soon as it the W3C[1] ruled that offering for confirmation a default to the user of "On" (Microsoft) was not allowed and browsers doing so could have their setting ignored. Hiding the option (defaulted to "Off") in the depths of the browser config while not actually telling anyone about it is the "right" approach apparently (Mozilla, Google, etc ad-funded nauseum).

[1] The finest standards money can buy.

Linus Torvalds targeted by honeytraps, claims Eric S. Raymond

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I can't help thinking that Linus' response to a blackmail threat would be something like; "Fuck off, shithead", making him a less than ideal target.

Also, if there are any feminists thinking of adopting these tactics, they'd do well to look up the meaning of the phrase "Two-faced cow" first....

Sun of a b... Solar winds blamed for ripping away Mars' atmosphere

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This is supposed to be new?

As I am not a bloody clairvoyant I think we can safely assume it isn't and we knew this already....

Lithium-air: A battery breakthrough explained

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Re: interesting..

It patents net slow development of technologies (they do),

Any development of technology tends to require significant investment. That won't happen without ROI, which means some method of ensuring that the original developers are compensated for that technology's use is a prerequisite for said development to take place at all.

As not all technologies developed prove of worth, ROI has to exceed investment by a considerable amount to keep investors chucking the cash on the off-chance of hitting a winner.

As most people[1] are freeloading thieves at heart, some legal mechanism is required to force the buggers to compensate the developers.

"Stopped" is slower than "slow", so they don't. QED.

[1] and all corporate entities....

Spanish town trumpets 'Clitoris Festival' thanks to Google snafu

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Good thing it wasn't a more serious slip of the tongue by Google, or they could have ended up in the shit.

Now VW air-pollution cheatware 'found in Audis and Porsches'

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Yes it is.

Unfortunately Porsche have now achieved the sort of sales levels where most of them are bought by people who want a car that says "Porsche" on it, rather than an actual Porsche[1].

[1] i.e. Rock-hard ride, handling sponsored by the Darwin Awards[2], a sintered racing clutch[3] with all of 2mm travel between "out" and "fully engaged", terrifying acceleration, slightly less than sod-all by way of luggage space, a cabin that the Spartans would complain about, in-car entertainment provided by the fearsome racket from the engine / exhaust and a heater that doesn't.

[2] i.e. It'll kill anyone stupid enough to cane one without knowing how to drive it properly.

[3] This shark was actually jumped when they fitted the first automatic transmission. Been downhill since then.

Windows 10 is an antique (and you might be too) says Google man

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"says Android user experience leader"

OI! Pot! You're black you are.


(I take it that we are talking about the same Android where the "user experience" varies wildly between devices....let alone releases?)

E-mail crypto is as usable as it ever was, say boffins

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Very clever, I'm sure.

....automatic Mailvelope invites for new recipients....

Or, as I like to call it, an open invitation to all and sundry to spamcast fake Mailvelope invites[1] with moody links in.

(See Mozilla's famous "upgrade flash here now" popup and the subsequent mass pwnage of FF users via a fake "upgrade flash here now" popup for a classic example of this particular stupidity in action).

[1] Goes through spam filters, users trust it, what's not to like?

Badly behaving Disney ad

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Only the ones that had a mute button.......

Hacked TalkTalk CEO: Dead as a Dido? Nope, she refuses to quit

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'full support of the board'

Presumably in the footballing[1] sense.

[1] Note for Americans and other foreigners: A football[2] manager rumoured to be under threat is often supported by a statement from the club's board saying he has their full support. Once that statement's been trotted out, you can guarantee they'll be sacked within a fortnight.

[2] That's probably "soccer" to you.

Linus Torvalds fires off angry 'compiler-masturbation' rant

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The webbie crowd have decided to get into kernel development.

This is the same problem that every fucking web monkey I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with has. Given "way everybody does it that we all know works and is bulletproof" vs. "NEW11!!!!1111 way of doing it that'll look rilly kewl on my CV",guess which one they go for? Every. Fucking. Time. Without. Fail.

Balloon-lofted space podule hits 30,000m

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Sounds familiar.

.... "designed to land intact". This is courtesy of a skid system, and promises to be an entertaining experience.

Is that a direct quote from Messerschmitt's marketing puff for the 163 "Komet" that they've reused there?

Teenage boy bailed until November over TalkTalk incident

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'Ang on.....

I thought some bunch of jihadi nutcases had already claimed responsibility here?

You mean they were lying jihadi nutcases all along?

Not to mention really bloody stupid if they thought we'd never work out who really did it.....

Dell (Michael, that is): EMC's DSSD a 'game changer'

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The trouble with flash....

.....is everyone knows that, in a minute, one of the "flash-killers"[1] will come to market.

At that point, anyone having just invested a shitload in new flash product or manufacturing capacity will see their ROI vanish and go titsup.com.

[1] i.e. One of the several RAMish RW speed, long lived[2] types well into development and already sampling

[2] Speed and longevity removes the need for complex and (relatively) expensive controllers providing parallel IO and "wear levelling" to make it work.

Fully working U-Boat Enigma machine sells for $365,000

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HMS Graph.

...even attacking another German U-boat.

In a sort of Graph Spree I suppose.

Bacon as deadly as cigarettes and asbestos

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Drone time!

Traditionally when some bunch of shifty foreigners try to fuck with our way of life, we send something to bomb the miserable bastards back into the stone age.

Where are the WHO offices again?

Is China dumping smartphones on world+dog?

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Re: "moves those emissions to China"

....the logic of what they are doing totally escapes me.

It's called politics and it has no logic.

Some bunch of third-rate fonctionnaires[1] desperately wanted an agreement for their master to fly in and sign at Kyoto to help them in their quest to become second rate fonctionnaires. As they didn't stand a cat in hell's chance of getting one if they put the lid on rampant industrialisation in China, India et. al. they played the "post imperial guilt" card, handed an exemption to the "developing world" and we are where we are.

The end result is the usual. A treaty that looks good in the press but actually isn't worth the paper it's printed on. This is why I always say that we should be spending the money on finding ways to live with a warmer climate, because there's absolutely fuck-all chance of anything meaningful being done about it, no matter how many agitprop twats wave placards and/or do their Christmas shopping for the cost of a brick.

[1] I find this invokes "parasitic waste of skin" rather better than "civil servant" and a load of adjectives.

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