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IAEA calls for mutated supercrops to feed world's hungry

Norm DePlume

Of course it will work

Radiation will induce lots of simultaneous mutations, and out of every 10 I'm sure 9 will be useful. This is similar to the way in which when people are exposed to fairly low quantities of radiation, most of their children become superheroes and the parents don't ever die of cancer.

Counter-terror police arrest Tory frontbencher

Norm DePlume


If the ministers did know, then any action they took whatsoever would be interfering.

I still think going after the recipient, not the originator, of leaked information is barmy.

Nvidia concedes SLI for Nehalem chips

Norm DePlume

The enemy of my enemy is....

I suspect they both want to see CrossFire relegated firmly to second place.

If it were not for Intel's decision to enter the performance graphics market, I suspect these two would be in bed together. As it is we can look forward to a three-way battle in the top-end of the graphics card market. Let's hope that leads to ultimately greater competition and not just the usual sue-fest.

Most 'malfunctioning' gadgets work just fine, report claims

Norm DePlume

Most retailers can't find fault even if pointed out to them, report finds

The number of times I've had to explain in depth what the problem with the device is, and then go round the loop again when I get 'no fault find'.

I've had a clock that had 12 hours in am and 10 in pm. The mouse that couldn't go rightwards and many more. Essentially obvious faults that have not been found. I wonder if the report accounts for the number of false negatives likely to occur?

The mouse was from W*tf*rd El*ctr*n*cs and they never did refund me for it.

BBC Micro creators meet to TRACE machine's legacy

Norm DePlume
Thumb Down

Pedantic, I may be

But the highest resolution for the two colour mode 0 was 640 by 256.

Sky must sell off ITV stake

Norm DePlume


Whilst I can see where you're coming from, that could be a pretty hollow victory if Virgin ultimately picks it up cheaper later on.

M&S rapped for data loss

Norm DePlume

Private vs Public Sector

I think the TJX fiasco more than proved the private sector's capabilities in this field. It's just that, generally speaking, when it comes to monumental cock-ups you can't beat a government department.

Second jellyfish pack moves on UK

Norm DePlume


"Where vertebrates fall, invertebrates increase."

Ah, another article about IT management.

IT managers caught in employees' illicit networks

Norm DePlume
Gates Horns

IT outfits

Most places I've worked have IT workers who impose such policies then abandon them when they realise (a) they need to the user to help them install applications, (b) the time taken waiting for IT to pull its finger out usually damages critical company business, even when advised as far as possible in advance and, sometimes, (c) the workload being too much. I've more than once nursemaided IT staff through installation processes of technical applications.

ARM to bash 'non-issue' Intel with multi-core chip

Norm DePlume

ARM Powered

Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me but haven't ARM already followed the 'Intel Inside' route once, at least for discrete devices.


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