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Treaty of Roam: No-deal Brexit mobile bill shock

David Neil

Re: So predictable !

Why blame Westminster, this is what people voted for in the referendum.

Not quite what you expected? must be someone else's fault

You were told to clean up our systems, not delete 8,000 crucial files

David Neil

Worked at a large insurance company in 98/99

>1Gb HDD on desktop was not uncommon

This just in: What? No, I can't believe it. The 2018 MacBook Air still a huge pain to have repaired

David Neil


Everything OK at home there mate?

ICO poised to fine Leave campaign and Arron Banks’ insurance biz £135,000

David Neil

Re: Will of the people my arse

However the death penalty was removed as an option for Treason under 1998 Human Rights act, the via acceding to Article 13 of teh ECHR

Tata on trial: Outsourcer 'discriminated' against non-Asian workers, claim American staff

David Neil

Re: An interesting experiment...

Even money it's EY

Zip it! 3 more reasons to be glad you didn't jump on Windows 10 1809

David Neil

Brightness Issue

Bugger, that's been driving me nuts on my Yoga 920

Morrisons supermarket: We're taking payroll leak liability fight to UK Supreme Court

David Neil

What controlsand monitoring did Morrison's have around data useage?

Anyone copying that amount of sensitive data should be setting off alarms and having to account for it

Building your own PC for AI is 10x cheaper than renting out GPUs on cloud, apparently

David Neil

1080Ti v 2080Ti

Be interesting to see what performance you get using a 2080Ti given it has Tensor Cores on the die

Experimental 'insult bot' gets out of hand during unsupervised weekend

David Neil

Working at a Scottish bank

Got the day off

Abracadabra! Tales of unexpected sysadmagic and dabbling in dark arts

David Neil

The buzzing noise

Many moons ago I was doing desktop support at a large insurance co. and a call came in from a rather irate PM who was insistent her Hard Drive was on the way out.

Off I went, ran the full set of checks, no issue - she was not convinced, said it was making a buzzing noise and she'd had that before when a HDD died.

I stood in utter silence as she tried to replicate the fault, nothing, not a peep.

Happened a few more times over the next day or so, and on at least two occasions the helpdesk did report hearing a buzzing noise while she was on the phone to them.

Off I went again, by this time fully expecting to be told how I was useless etc. and again, tested everything, and was out of options. Suggested we swap the base unit, after much huffing she agreed and as I dialled up the lads in stores there it was!

Buzz buzz

"See I told you it was making a buzzing noise"

Bit of poking and there it was, a pager down behind the CRT .

Not even so much as an acknowledgement...

Boss regrets pointing finger at chilled out techie who finished upgrade early

David Neil

Re: Usually gets worse, the bigger the company ...

That's quite a blanket statement, AMEX do offer Credit Card products as well as Charge Cards

Visa fingers 'very rare' data centre switch glitch for payment meltdown

David Neil

Oh they are asking EY to have a look at the root cause

The same place that is dumping all it's own IT off to TATA as fast as it humanly can

Airbus windscreen fell out at 32,000 feet

David Neil

Re: Hero ?

Well I seriously doubt the training can replicate the physical sensation of a 400mph wind coming into your face at -35c and the attendant loss of oxygen, but whatever

Apple MacBook butterfly keyboards 'defective', 'prone to fail' – lawsuit

David Neil


That's what a class action suit is

Virtue singing – Spotify to pull hateful songs and artists

David Neil

Re: Bye Bye Hip Hop

Wonder if that includes Ben Folds cover of Bitches aint shit?

T-Mobile owner sends in legal heavies to lean on small Brit biz over use of 'trademarked' magenta

David Neil

Arkell v Pressdram

No further comment

Tech bribes: What's the WORST one you've ever been offered?

David Neil


Still got that first aid kit in my cupboard, gets me some odd looks when i go looking for something and it falls out.

Oh, and you reminded me I almost wandered into the breakfast bar they had setup for the Juve players that morning, did get a nice selfie with Buffon though, my Son is a goalie and was very happy for me/jealous as hell

India: Yeah, we would like to 3D-print igloos on the Moon

David Neil

Toilet witches?

Will the Igloo also suffer from the above noted blocker to uptake of basic sanitation?

Windows 10 S to become a 'mode', not a discrete product

David Neil


We’re therefore guessing that Windows 10 S mode might land in October 2017, but will more likely appear in March 2018.

RIP, Swype: Thanks for all the sor--speec--speedy texting

David Neil
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I've almost got it nailed down in learning my swear words. Been a long time user and have no intention of losing it - I'll be taking a backup.

Data scientist wanted: Must have Python, spontaneity not required

David Neil

Oh dear

Mean (average) <> Median

IBM: About those agreed voluntary redundancies ... we were just kidding

David Neil

Re: A possible solution to showing your hand.

re. point 2 - if they choose you, you'll be out whether you'd expressed an interest or not. The days of laying low and hoping they miss you are gone

Windows Fall Creators Update is here: What do you want first – bad news or good news?

David Neil

Re: Inivitably!

1: That'll teach her to save her work - something we all learn at one point or another

2: If she was in front of the machine it pops up a reminder a good 15 minutes before it goes off and restarts.

1,000 jobs on the line at BAE Systems' Lancashire plants – reports

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Job losses confirmed on BBC

750 at Wharton


Thoughts with all involved

David Neil

Re: Range

Exactly what I was getting at. The days of air forces having specialised air to air and air to ground are over as the financial reality bites (US excluded as they are a league of their own in terms of defence spending).

David Neil


The US won't sell F22 to anyone, the production line stopped after only 180ish planes were delivered and there are already parts shortages.

Canada uses the F/A18 Super Hornet for the most part and in terms of multirole it is probably better than the Typhoon or anything else on the market just now.

Ouch: Brit council still staggering weeks after ransomware bit its PCs

David Neil

Re: "Weeks"?

At a guess, lack of staff to do the re-imaging, probably lack of internal knowledge to do full rebuilds of systems and lack of working backups to restore data.

What's that, Equifax? Most people expect to be notified of a breach within hours?

David Neil

Nice email from Clearscore this week

"Many of you will have read over the past week about the Equifax US hacking incident. I want to reassure you that ClearScore is not involved in this hack. Our systems and data remain secure.

Equifax have confirmed to us that no UK financial data was compromised in this incident."

Sent on 16 September, the day after Equifax admitted 400k UK people's data had been moved offshore by 'accident'

WannaCrypt NHS victim Lanarkshire infected by malware again

David Neil

Re: Re What exactly do people go to emergency departments for if not emergencies ?

I replied to a post which stated "The Scottish NHS is run differently and I can see a GP within 24 hours if I need to."

Where did I mention A&E, or the post that I responded to? Oh it didn't, ergo yer a bawbag

David Neil

Re: Re What exactly do people go to emergency departments for if not emergencies ?

Not in Clydebank I can't.

Server vendors board the Xeon SP party bus

David Neil

Intel's marketing slides are dreadful


They really do come across as desperate - 58 separate SKU's and they end up comparing a Xeon with a desktop processor (both underclocked)

Virgin Media admits it 'fell short' in broadband speeds ahead of lashing from BBC's Watchdog

David Neil

Re: Virgin have a monopoly on cable

Why should they be forced to open it up, it was built with their money, not public funds

British Airways poised to shed 1,000 jobs to Capita

David Neil

Re: I'm old enough ...

Spoke to them several times in April and their call centre people were all Indian - no idea they had anyone this side of the world.

Swedish school pumps up volume to ease toilet trauma

David Neil

Stage Fright is real

Happens to the best of us

Microsoft delivers secure China-only cut of Windows 10

David Neil

Re: Perhaps...

Great bunch of lads

Barrister fined after idiot husband slings unencrypted client data onto the internet

David Neil

Re: Why store them on a shared computer in the first place?

I'm sure "shared in the most technical sense" would be fine by you if a GP's spouse uploaded a copy of your STI test to dropdrive and allowed it to be picked up by the googlebot

Fraud detection system with 93% failure rate gets IT companies sued

David Neil

Re: Wow Michigan's state government is out of control

The decision in Flint to change water supplies was taken by the City, not the State.

Uber: Please don't give our London drivers English tests. You can work out the reason why

David Neil

Re: TfL are caving in to the taxi-driver cartel

"If you want to freestyle/change your mind/get emergency medical help then don't book an Uber in the first place."

kind of missing the point of medical emergency

Health firm gets £200k slap after IVF patients' records leak online

David Neil

Is that all?

In the US at least the HIPAA has some teeth and people can get prison time. Not often I look at their practices and think they are better than ours.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update crushed exploits without need of patches

David Neil

Re: Windows is the lowest form of Desktop Experience available

So he clicked the first link he saw and this is someone else's fault?

Microsoft sued by staff traumatized by child sex abuse vids stashed on OneDrive accounts

David Neil

For all you you screaming "Muh Privacy"

Don't upload your data to their cloud - simple

Virgin surprises market by hopping into bed with BT for MVNO love-in

David Neil

Re: VM/BT as thick as thieves, due to Openreach decision. Forms a Quad-play duopoly.

There is a slight issue with your supposition that OFCOM would be able to force VM to open up their network.

VM's network was built with solely private capital, the Openreach network was primarily built with public funding and then upgraded.

Florida Man sues Verizon for $72m – for letting him commit identity theft

David Neil

Re: Nice to see...

We don't elect Prime Minister's, we elect political parties who chose who they want as their leader

Stupid law of the week: South Carolina wants anti-porno chips in PCs that cost $20 to disable

David Neil

Re: Out of State

"I wonder what South of the Border (located in Dillon, just south of the NC state line on I-95) would feel."

"ich bin ein Gaffney-er" (and yes, i know it's wrong, just using it as the quote)


It's round and wobbles, but madam, it's a mouse pad, not a floppy disk

David Neil

The RS Components catalogue on CD...

At a client site doing some desktop support stuff and get a call from a bloke in the mechanical engineering office, saying his CD isn't reading properly.

So I wander up and he's sat there cursing the PC, that the CD drive is crap etc.

So i press eject and out comes the RS Components CD, which he tells me he's just gotten as people keep nicking his paper copy, but they won't be nicking that. It's at that point i see he's helpfully scratched his initials into the printed side of the CD, nice and deep so no mistaking it's his, and you can see clear through the disk!

HMS Illustrious sets sail for scrapyard after last-ditch bid fails

David Neil

Re: This makes me feel old...

The Japanese effort was a seaplane carrier and only launched amphibious aircraft, though it did launch the first at-sea air raid on another ship.

The first ship capable of launching and recovering aircraft was HMS Argus, a converted liner, built at the Beardmore yard in Clydebank - she remained in service into WW2, primarily as a landing practice and aircraft ferry ship

Plastic fiver: 28 years' work, saves acres of cotton... may have killed less than ONE cow*

David Neil

Re: Not much of a chemist then?

That is out of date and it has been confirmed they do


Canadian cops cuff 11-year-old lad after Grand Theft Auto gets real

David Neil

Re: re yesterdays ohio shooting

Well it wasn't a shooting incident, it was a guy in a car who ran over a group then got a bit stabby with the rest

KCL staff offered emotional support, clergy chat to help get over data loss

David Neil

Re: They still haven not learnt

Or maybe they decided that putting some sort of controls in place might help highlight these sorts of risks before they find out they've shit the bed?

Build your Type 26 warships next year? Sure, MoD – now, about that contract...

David Neil

Re: historical Scottish home of Royal Navy shipbuilding

The majority of surface ships since Fisher's time were built on the Clyde.

Do you want salt and vinegar for that chip on your shoulder about the Scots?


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