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HTC Touch Dual smartphone

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Go away you retards

Oh dear an HTC review brings all the Windows mobile turds out of the woodwork doesn't it :) The original touch was a hideously unusable device that people presumably only bought by mistake, thinking it was an iphone and certainly without having tried one first. It completely seemed to miss the point of the Apple device, namely that the usability through the GUI was revolutionary, instead opting to try and abstract the fiddly Windows Mobile operating system into something usable and instead ending up with a buggy, unresponsive, fiddly mish mash which nobody understood wrapped in what looked like a 1st year undergraduate's design for the phone itself. You don't see many people still using them now as I guess they've binned them and bought the device they should have got in the beginning. I don't fully appreciate the iphone until I think back on the horror of my previous windows mobiles. FOR SHAME!

T-Mobile iPhones unlocked post-purchase by iTunes

robin thakur

iPhone...because I'm worth it.

I got an iPhone from the US for less than its currently on sale for here (£199) I might just point out having previously owned variously a N95 (UGGGly, poor build-quality slow, poor battery life, GPS not as useful as it might be) , TYTN2 (Quite good, nice KB, notionally capable but functionally rubbish and fiddly OS, TYTN (Ditto) and Blackberry 8800 (My previous favorite, it looks sleeeek, although the keyboard is sometimes a bit too teeny tiny for its own good and the hang up call buttons chrome rubs off) before.

In MY opinion and for what I use it for the iPhone beats them all hands down in terms of looks which is primarily what I want it for, being a phone, browsing the web over wifi (I have never used 3g more than a handful of times) google maps/youtube etc. The fact that I no longer need to carry my iPod touch with me as well is a bonus as although thin, they do - combined, ruin the crease of my suit. I want a phone to look beautiful, stylish and easy to use. As you have already seen with the 'Viewty' (Nice but a poor man's iPhone really :) and Nokia's upcoming touch phones, many will try to immitate this, but not even HTC has accomplished this to the same effect as Apple so far and credit where credit's due. Despite the people on heres' cynicism only one person i've shown it to in my group of friends has not gone out and bought either a iPod Touch or an iPhone once they've had a demo and I was generally impressed with its execution. One of them just had to see the way the screen flips when you turn it horizontally and he (predictably a he, eh ladies?) was rabidly clamouring for one.

I'm guessing that you aren't the target market if you are happy with your N95 or your windows smartphone or indeed if you are counting your pennies, the price alone should tell you that. Unlike my previous windows phones where several of the features just didn't work, e.g. the Wifi just works on it. It also represents good value if you were going to buy an iPod touch as well as a decent phone (i.e. not a free one) The snide comments are more about sad envy than anything else. Its alright to admit that it works, looks like a million $ and is revolutionary in at least one aspect nothing bad will happen to you.

Apple iPod Nano third-generation

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You are showing your age a bit. The benefits which iTunes brings to the table far outweighs the negatives for me. It does just work. Grag and drop the music from iTunes to iPod.

Download and install the latest version of iTunes, plug the nano in, it just works. It doesn't work for you in this case because you are an ignoramous and haven't read the manual/Quick-start guide. You expect this Apple device to behave exactly like your former no-name/no design pile-of-tat player. I'm sure we don't sympathise with you here.

iTunes recognise plenty of music formats, all which are majorly used today in fact. This doesn't include Flac or Ogg, because the majority of people don't use them/know what they are or those that do should be well able to convert them to MP3. I prefer the old last generation nano personally, it was ace, although now I own a Touch (and lo it was good)

If iPods stop being decent players then nobody will buy them. I don't see that happening any time soon. Zen/Archos/Zune/*fill in* owners can enjoy their hilariously niche, aesthetically-displeasing products while they sit in their anoraks pondering the next linux distribution or the next music management software app they want to try, while the rest of us just happily listen to the music...



Japanese Wii sales rain on PS3 parade

robin thakur

Live in the Real World

Firstly, I own all three consoles (and used to own a PSP before I sold it as there ARE NO DECENT GAMES) and I am unbiased on this subject. Let's face facts, the Wii is cheaper than its competitors, easier and cheaper to produce games for and has outsold all of them many times over. Nintendo is NOT competing in the same space as Sony and MS, it is dominating that space to a point where companies producing games exclusively for MS and Sony are massively going to lose out and struggle to survive in the long term on a purely numbers basis. Anybody who argues this point is speculating, simple as; they are not living in the real world. The Wii has a buzz about it which has been picked up by the mainstream.

Nintendo, an already extremely cash-rich company, is making profit on every unit and game which they sell, unlike the massive losses of its competitors in console production costs and *cough* reliability issues (I've had 3 of the offending console). The graphics aren't as good, but they are serviceable and I've never had a reason to complain when playing the games, as they are more involving and to me this is the whole point.

The 3rd party games on Wii sell badly because with only a couple of exceptions, they are dull and lifeless ports. resident Evil 4 sells well. Not all consumers are stupid. Only the 1st party Nintendo games get the backing of adverts, sponsorship tie-ins etc and this helps them outsell the others. As will be shown by the upcoming 1st party titles, the games do not have to be partymegaminimix type games to succeed, and Nintendo's commitment to real (not necessarily hardcore) gamers stands firm.

I played Halo 3 last night, and got bored of it after an hour. Graphics: underwhelming, Gears.O.W. is far better in both geometry and artwork. Music:great. Gameplay, unwieldy and stuck in the past although as good as the last generation's Halo 2, very uninvolving. Plot: derivative and unoriginal, see Aliens, Starship Troopers, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek with many lines of script being pilfered and whole plot lines/set-pieces 'paid homage to'. I don't play multiplayer over the net, I don't know anyone else that does either. Whenever i played online i've not really enjoyed the experience. Net result. plenty of hype, average game. I've had more fun playing Katamari...

The PS3 is built like a tank, is all well and good as a BD player, and for the odd game until you get one and realise that there are actually 1 or two games worth getting and not alot on the horizon which I might want. This is because the games cost so darn much to make! Worse is that Xbox games often have better/more features/graphics in practice (not in potential) than the PS3. Is it really useable as a media hub for the average person? Nope. Far too complicated to configure. Is it really worth spending all that money on for anybody right now?? Really? No it is not (sole exception is to use as a value- added BD player). If mine wasn't a freebie then i certainly wouldn't have bought one. Anybody out there who really does want one, needs to stop and ask why exactly you're buying one right now. Don't assume that the previous generation's performance will reoccur, Nintendo is back in control this generation and both of its competitors are painfully aware of this salient fact. Its not a fad or a trend, the Wii is a platform which has now reached critical mass in the public consciousness like the Gameboy before it, and those who are unhappy about this, for whatever reason, sorry but I told you so.

Reality bites...

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