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Holy moley! The amp, kelvin and kilogram will never be the same again


A mole of X

As I understand it, the definition of "mole" as a measuring unit is simply a fancy way of saying "In a mole of X there are 6.02#### * 10^23 units of X".

As always there's a relevant XKCD.

Send printer ink, please. More again please, and fast. Now send it faster


Re: Cashing cheques

In my country you can generally cash cheques, provided that you bring them to the branch where the issuer's account is, the amount isn't too high and you show your ID. If there's any doubt, the cashier can verify via phone with the issuer.

Source: that was my job until a couple of years ago.

A certain millennial turned 30 recently: Welcome to middle age, Microsoft Excel v2


Re: 30 years on...

Assuming it was a same-named file in a different directory, it used to be possible; up to Excel 2010 you could do it by launching another instance of Excel.exe and opening the second spreadsheet in there with file-open. You had to switch by alt-tab instead of control-tab, but it was no biggie.

Sadly on Office 2016 applications are limited to a single instance, so this workaround is no longer possible...

New Column Width

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Seconded. To obviate this, the past two days I've been using the print option a lot more than usual, even if I have to enter the URL manually. If this goes on I'll have to write a userstyle for Stylish or somesuch...

McDonald's sues Italian city for $20m after being burger-blocked


Re: @JR Hartley TTIP

>> (This is happening without TTIP.)

Yes, but at the moment McD cannot sue the city using as a venue an arbitration panel where "judges" are mostly nominated by USA-dominated international trade/financial bodies.

With the ISDS provisions in TTIP and CETA the odds are heavily stacked against non-U.S. entities.

Missing Milky Way mass blown away by bingeing supermassive black hole


The Milky Way. Pic: NASA

I wasn't aware NASA has a telescope stationed outside our galaxy...

Unicode serves up bacon emoji


John Travolta emoji

I don't know how I managed to survive to this day without it...

Discworld fans stake claim to element 117


If only had it been element 118, it would have fallen in the column of the noble gases – whose names all end in -on – so Octiron would have fitted right in, under Xenon and Radon...


In Discworld, wasn't Octarine just a colour? The eighth in the spectrum, that only magic-proficient people could see... The element was called Octiron IIRC.

Facebook: Oi, Lizard Squad – we can take down our own site, ta


Am I the only one to find strange how all those web properties have fallen more or less at the same time? Perhaps some not yet publicly disclosed vulnerability requiring a mass reboot to patch?

End well: this won't. European Copyright Society wants one EU law to rule 'em all


Much ado for nothing

Whatever one may do to harmonise national copyright laws, content markets will remain heavily segregated anyway because of different languages... Not that this will deter anyone from trying, of course.

Pick a superior Christmas No. 1 from El Reg's computer crooning compilation



As for "Technologic", I like more this remix ( http://youtu.be/WRvipYTeVp0 ) with Beastie Boys' "Yeah" and Capsule's "Starry Sky" .

You have a 'simple question'? Well, the answer is NO


Good of him to not know anything about computers but still be aware that there's something called Street View...

BOFH: Attractive person is attractive. Um, why are your eyes bulging?


Re: too subtle ending

I read it as the prominent "hottest place to work" was the company for which the BOFH and the PFY work.

Assuming the circled photos were of women, the thought of the husband having ulterior motives in opting to join that company would be a fine trigger for the CRAZY...

Shingle me timbers! Seagate brags of 1m SMR drives - where are they?


Re: "That's shipped, not merely manufactured"

Now this explains why my USB3.0 Seagate portable drive reads data fast but it's slower than a USB2 when writing...

LOHAN cops a faceful of smutronyms



Human Activated Network Gear for On-demand Vehicle Emergency Release .

Living with a 41-megapixel 808 PureView: Symbian's heroic last stand


Re: Wifi hotspot

Sorry to rain on your parade, but chances are it won't work for your setup.

Symbian can only create ad-hoc wi-f networks, and Android (at least, up to the version 4.0.3 that my tablet sports) doesn't support ad-hoc networks, it can only connect to infrastructure-mode ones.

VTOL hybrid flying car promises the skies


1341 hp, according to Wolfram Alpha. Those propellers seem kinda small for such power, I wonder what RPM do they have to do to generate enough lift to take off.

'We are screwed!' Fonts eat a bullet in Microsoft security patch


Latest release 8 months ago. Hardly '90s software...

My brother still uses it daily at his day job. Hard to switch when you've got years of work saved in that format.

LOHAN to slip in sexy little black number


Well, since the PCB is black I'd suggest Nominal Altitude Orbital Motor Igniter.

I cannot shake the thought that such a backronym is best reserved for a future major project, though...

Chinese gaming giant NetEase opens pig farm


Next they'll open a second farm for the rearing of irate avians. How they'll train them to use slings is anybody's guess...

Akihabara unplugged: Tokyo's electric town falls flat


Re: Maids

The depressing bit is that nobody gets to photograph maids because of a few pervs that, when given the opportunity to grab a picture of a girl, always try to do upskirt shots.

Apple desperate to prevent nightmare scenario of iPad in Iranian hands

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Re: It's simply because...

This wins the thread hands down.

Sony to serve Ice Cream Sandwich to tablets


Re: I know an owner

Hopefully the ability to unmount the SD card. I'm not fond of having to root mine just for that...

Drink diet pop all the time? Look forward to VASCULAR DEATH


>> "the size of New Mexico"? What's that in British Standard Wales?


Why I'd pay Apple more to give iPad factory workers a break


And it's not like they're paying any dividends at the moment, so to their shareholders would see no difference.

Apple, tech titans lead US brands to world domination


Not even Telefónica and ProctEr and Gamble. Three typos in less than thirty (supposedly well-known) brand names doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the analysis results...

Ten... earphones for mobiles


Bluetooth radio signal

Doesn't travel too well through some types of cloth like the aluminium-laced one in my ski suit, for example. Also, the human body contains a lot of water so – depending on where you're keeping your smartphone – can block the transmission, or make it draw much more power than a wired headphone.

Unique imagery of Shuttle docked to ISS released


Re: shuttle should stay up there

We can't, because shuttles haven't got solar panels. Their electricity is provided by fuel cells, which entails their max autonomy is about two weeks; in the '70s energy efficiency wasn't a major project consideration for crew-carrying space vehicles.

A shuttle could probably be made to work with a hookup to the ISS power systems, but then its usefulness as lifeboat would be moot.

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?



Just the scene of the orbital bombing of Earth would be worth the ticket.

Dutch astronaut unleashes 155 mph 'Superbus'


A bomb on wheels

I'd like to see a crash test at full speed. A vehicle of this mass at 250 km/h must be able to do some serious damage, the amount of kinetic energy it carries is staggering.

Apple cripples iBooks for jailbreakers


LCD power drain...

... is the same whatever the background color is (unlike OLED screens), so to conserve battery charge you'll have to resort to lowering screen brightness.

NASA tests amazing bailout rocket which will never be used



Zero to 600mph in two seconds is a little more than 9 g, if I've computed correctly. That's one hell of a roller coaster ride...

Buffalo Terastation III


RAID misgivings

Quote: "Configured in Raid 10 [...] two drives can fail and still no data loss."

Caveat: but not just ANY two drives; in case of failure of both HDs in the same set, your data is toast.

Dell introduces 10in netbook


Usual portage?

How many other netbooks have HDMI as video out?

Intel plans tiny energy suckers to watch environs


Body heat energy

How can they obtain energy from body heat while being _inside_ the body?

To get useful work from thermal energy one would need a temperature differential, surely?

Samsung Tocco SGH-F480 touchscreen phone


RE: Tocco is.....

Yes, but it also means "silly bordering on crazy", so it's no wonder the handset is nowhere to be found here in Italy.

Japanese woman moves into bloke's closet


@ Who does she *think* she is ..

More like Rukia Kuchiki from the Bleach anime, I think...

Mine's the black one with the sword, thanks.

Every Italian's tax bill published online


How about Prodi and Berlusconi?

As MPs, their annual income is published on the Official Gazette, and is given wide coverage by national newspapers.

New 3D chip transistor may reach 50GHz


3D is the way to go...

... everybody says that, but there are two problems to solve before: how to build the things in the first place (as it is now with only 7-8 layers, you already get enough duds ) and how to cool transistors in the centre of that structure.

@auser: silicon dioxide is on the way out, high-k dielectrics based on hafnium are all the rage these days.

ICANN speeds IDN ccTLDs

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Do people in those countries know of "bookmarks" ?

Methinks the ones pushing for this change do not actually use browsers; otherwise they would realize the only address people have to type - once - is that of their favorite search engine.

They're just bitching about the last two letters of a URL; for all the other elements it's already possible to use non-roman alphabets. To gauge the level of success it's met with webmasters, just run a search on baidu.cn, the most widely used Chinese search engine, for 中国 (=China) and see how many hits you get without a roman URL (hint: the number is between -0.5 and +0.5).

Unless those governments make it mandatory, I don't see many sites will be appearing under those domains; apart from malicious ones that is: with all likelihood, the actual implementation will be through punycode, so that a "http://evilsite.ru" will become an instantly recognizable "http://xn--vilsit-2ofg.xn--p1ag".

Well, at least it will cause a surge in click on dodgy links... Just what the doctor ordered for the Internet.

Honda to put ultracapacitors on the road in '08


@Noah Monsey

Regarding why everyone is so cynical about fuel cells, it's because it's so hard to store hydrogen in meaningful quantities. Its weight/volume ratio at standard pressure is abysmal, when liquefied it will boil off in a few days even in the more heavily insulated container (thus preventing you from keeping your expensive car in an enclosed space), the alternative forms of storage - metal hydrides - at the moment do not compare well with high pressure tanks (that give ~200 km of range and are to all effects a bomb behind your seat)...

For more details, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_economy#Storage .

There was a good coverage of the technical/economical issues of hydrogen in a 2005 issue of Scientific American, and to my knowledge there haven't been any breakthrough in the meantime.

UK police can now force you to reveal decryption keys


They will have to PROVE there's encrypted data first...


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