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HP and Sun in Solaris bear hug

Andy White

Just rude

So 'both' Matt Bryants are rude then

"he always folows Bill and has the same poor level of eleoquence"

presumably Bill can't spell either - oh no that'll be you! How can you slag off someone else's eloquence with a sentence like that? As a fellow Brit I would expect a bit more sophistication.

And at the risk of getting back to the issue at hand - Solaris has been a supported OS on Proliant for ages. This is an OEM deal and therefore generates a revenue for Sun which wasn't previously there - albeit probably a small one in reality. Eg in future you should be able to order your Proliant with Solaris pre-installed rather than doing it yourself. Although to be fair putting it on yourself is extremely easy. What this doesn't do is suddenly open up a new option for customers to buy HP and run Solaris because that option was already there.

Andy White

@Matt Bryant

"You guys are assholes..."

Now, Matt, that just isn't very nice. Are you having a bad day??

IBM reneges on Solaris GPFS promise

Andy White

@Matt Bryant

"You'd think all those old instances of Slowaris chugging away on the existing installed SPARC base would be a tempting target for IBM. Which implies IBM isn't having that hard a time enticing those customers over to AIX on Power or Linux on xSeries."


Your logic is really warped. The fact that IBM won't do the work on GPFS doesn't imply they aren't having any trouble enticing customers onto AIX. There could be a whole host of reasons they aren't doing it. Perhaps the install base is too loyal to Sun for it to be worth their while. Perhaps the SPARC install base is happy 'chugging away' and doesn't want to move. Perhaps they like the guaranteed binary compatibility of Solaris. Perhaps it is a harder job than IBM thought and they can't be arsed. Perhaps they see that ZFS is the way forward. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.....

Matt, I know that you have a Sun hate thing going - and that is fine - but at least hate them with some logic!

Galaxy's smallest known black hole discovered

Andy White

Schwarzschild Radius


The Schwarzschild radius (also called the event horizon) is the point at which the curvature of space-time (gravity pull) is so great that light can't escape. So we don't know much about anything inside the schwarzschild radius because no light gets out for us to look at. The only thing we can know about a black hole is the mass, angular momentum and charge because they affect the curvature of space-time and we experience that directly even when outside the event horizon.

Does that help?


Science and religion collide for galactic conference

Andy White


Overall I think religion and science ask different questions. Science generally wants to know how and religion asks why. In my mind that has always been compatible.

I'm a "fuckwit fundamentalist" (thanks Steve) but I'm also did a PhD in Mathematical Physics (Perturbations Of Black Holes in Einstein-Cartan Theory) having studied the Torsion extension of General Relativity for three and a half years.

Can't we just live and let live?


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