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Green Dell gets greener with new green initiative

Bryant Hilton

clarification from Dell

Hi this is Bryant, i work on enviornment issues at Dell -- want to be very sure we're clear about 3 things with this announcement:

1. that while we recognise the limitations of offsets, at the moment there is not enough power from renewable sources available for us - we'll continue to push for more availability and buy as much as we can -- offsets are our last resort to being carbon neutral.

2. we are working with a worldwide group of environmentalists to formulate the offset strategy to ensure projects are verifiable, permanent and meaningful.

3. that our offset strategy is not all reforestation.

As for Bytus - what gives with your anti-American statement? We're accounting for worldwide emissions from Dell owned facilities wiht the U.S. EPA as a third party guiding and assisting, will cut energy use as much as possible through efficiency (check our release for a few good examples), buy as much renewable power as possible, and then offset what we have to until there is all renewable power as we need to run a growing global business. It's all data driven and verified by NGOs. Don't really see your need to bash Americans over that.



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