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James Martin apologises for cyclist outrage

Al Storer


Um, it's now possible to buy conventional engined, non-hybrid cars that are in the £0/annum VED band- the charge is based on emmisions. I believe one of them is a Fiesta, possibly even a diesel.

Bikes do approximately 1/10000 of the damage to the road surface of a mid-sized car.

I'm a Cambridge cyclist, as it happens, but I would prefer it if it was legal for me to carry a baseball bat to deal summary justice to the pavement riding, red-light jumping, unlit prats doing all the above whilst texting.

Forgot your ID? You must be a terrorist

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Wait a minute

you mean they WEREN'T requiring ID for internal flights before? How long have we had such a requirment in Europe? I can't fly from London to Edinburgh without a Passport, Driver's Licence (photocard version only) or other approved ID. How did they actually know who's been flying all this time?

WTC collapse voted 'most memorable TV moment'

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WTC collapse

I do remember seeing it live. I'd remember it seeing it live for the rest of my days, even if it was never mentioned again.

I was between school and uni, without a job. I saw the whole thing play out live, from just after the first radio reports. That sort of thing will never go away.

I really wish the yanks would stop going on about it mind.

Restored Vulcan takes to the skies

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@ Vladimir

wonderful as Vulcans may be, the one thing they never were was Supersonic.

BOFH: In search of the lazy atom

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re: you can actually see a single atom

Tom: that's as maybe, but those pictures were produced using a Scanning Tunneling Microscope (also know as an Atomic Force Microscope), which is an entirely different beast to an Electron Microscope (be it common or garden Scanning or somewhat more expensive Transmission).


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