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What happens when a Royal Navy warship sees a NATO task force headed straight for it? A crash course in Morse

bob, mon!

Re: After you. No, after you!

> Meeting US Navy ships head on would be rather worrying, given the standards of seamanship exhibited by the US 7th Fleet

VERY worrying, if you think you're in the North Sea --- the 7th Fleet is deployed in the Pacific.

Raspberry Pi fans up in arms as Mathematica disappears from Raspbian downloads

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Free, but compiled for ArmHF (32-bit)

Sadly, it fails on my 64-bit devuan installation.

Distro inferno: Debian's still rocking at 25

bob, mon!


It's the future of 64-bit Raspberry Pi --- even if it is slower than the 32-bit Raspbian variant of Debian....

Julia 0.7 arrives but let's call it 1.0: Data science code language hits milestone on birthday

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They missed one goal for their language...

It should do what I MEAN, not what I typed!!!

As for array indices, there's no such thing. They're all offsets from the array's beginning --- look at the disassembly if you don't think so.

How evil JavaScript helps attackers tag possible victims – and gives away their intent

bob, mon!

color me stoopid....

...but why would IE object to "setTimeOut(10)" ?

A Spectre flaw solution, Cloudflare blips, a bank cyber-heist in Canada, and more in infosec land

bob, mon!

... Like an arrow, I know, whilst fruit flies like a banana.

And butterflies like oleo.

Router admin? Bored? Let's play Battleships using BGP!

bob, mon!

On a ten-by-ten playing field?

For added obscurity you code encode everything in BCD....

And one abbreviation for a battleship is "BB", so you'd be playing

BB in BCD over BGP.

For some reason, you lot love 'em. So here are the many ThinkPads of 2018

bob, mon!

"the many Thinkpads of 2018" ?

Did nothing happen in the P-series? Power users who need big screens for old eyes want to know!

Ethernet sales growing, but routing's been routed by software

bob, mon!

Can we coax you to stop? Find a new Gig?

Or are you too twisted?


bob, mon!

Re: Pedantic

PEIFOTS - Problem Exists In Front Of Touch Screen

Liberating SSH from Logjam leftovers

bob, mon!

2048 bits????

640 bits should be enough for anyone...

oh wait. wrong thread.

How fast is a piece of string? Boffin shoots ADSL signal down twine

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ADSL slow? Shurely not!

Here in the wilds of Pennsylvania, two hours west of NYC, I'm getting well over 200 KBps on downloads - so better than 1.6Mb/s for short bursts. LUXURY. Thank you, Verizon!

Put down the eggnog, it's Patch Tuesday: Fix Windows boxes ASAP

bob, mon!

Re: Top Xmas tip

What if it's not preventative?

Before or after, there *will* be boozing....

To fix Intel's firmware fiasco, wait for Christmas Eve or 2018

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Thank you, Lenovo?

Their list of laptops includes the T440s - "not affected", and the T460s - "affected". So where does that leave my T450s??? "Sort of affected"? "Deeply moved"? "Concerned, but not really bothered"?

Fortunately, Lenovo also listed the relevant firmware numbers, and a reboot and BIOS check suggests that I have an older, unaffected version of the ME firmware. Sure wish they'd included my machine in the list though, makes me feel somewhat abandoned.

How is 55 Cancri e like a Sisters of Mercy gig? Astroboffins: It has atmosphere

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Re: "It has a mass of about eight Earths and radius of about two so it's no golf ball."

Poul Anderson had a short story as well... its point being that high-gravity inhabitants would be smaller than humans, not larger as other authors at the time had imagined.

Much too long ago for me to remember the title, alas.

Intel drags Xeon Phi Knights Hill chips out back... two shots heard

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Are these things really 32-bit-oriented processors? Or are they x86-64 compatible? (Or - shudder - Itanium?)

Rowhammer RAM attack adapted to hit flash storage

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Re: "What was wrong with ECC in older RAM?"

In a lot of personal computers post-IBM-PC, the RAM didn't use ECC or even parity bits, because it was cheaper not to (and "it's only a personal computer").

I had a Zenith system (Z-150) with a jumper on the motherboard, that you could set if you wanted to buy and install the additional memory chips to support parity. The default was "no parity memory", though.

Four techies flummoxed for hours by flickering 'E' on monitor

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Re: "an Ohio Scientific Instruments Challenger 8P"

Wow, someone else actually bought Ohio Scientific! My first personal computer was an OSI C4MP --- 6502 processor, something like 16KB of memory, and a 5.25" floppy.

Sort of an Apple II alternative, but OSI's attitude was that they built the hardware, the OS was your problem. As in, create a disk file by first loading the monitor routines from the system floppy, using it to manually allocate as many sectors on the target floppy as you expected the file to need, then load the editor from the system floppy, edit the file (typically in BASIC), swap the target floppy back in and save the file to the disk. If you got cheapthrifty and allocated too few sectors, nothing for it but to discard all your work, de-allocate the file and start over with more sectors.

Double-sided floppies? Cut a read/write notch on the other side, and put the floppy in the drive upside-down.

Old phart icon, 'cuz that was in the 1970s.

Google unleashes 20m lab-created blood-thirsty freaks on a city. And this is a good thing, it says

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Black Helicopters

Re: Who stuffed the headline then?

"Google unleashes 20m lab-created blood-thirsty freaks on a city."

I was expecting 20-meter blood-thirsty freaks!

One thought equivalent to less than a single proton in mass

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Re: Confused units

Q. "How high is green?"

A. "The faster, the smarter."

2 kool 4 komputing: Teens' interest in GCSE course totally bombs

bob, mon!

Methinks you're conflating http/https with html.

Software dev bombshell: Programmers who use spaces earn MORE than those who use tabs

bob, mon!

Of course there's a right answer!

Mine! Spaces are the ONLY way to go!

Do you KNOW what happens when you press the TAB key on an IBM 029 card punch? Do You?? DO YOU?????????

NOTHING, if you're good! Card punches don't have TAB keys --- the 029 has an Error Reset key there, like the Good Lord Watson intended! You tryin' to put spaces in your FORTRAN source, you're living in a state of SIN! Repent! Space out!

There's a reason it's called "whitespace", not "whitetab".

Has riddle of the 1977 'Wow!' signal finally been cracked? Maybe...

bob, mon!

Arthur C. Clarke quote

Shurely more apropos:

"...the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." - Calvin and Hobbes

Whoops! Microsoft accidentally lets out a mobile-'bricking' OS update

bob, mon!

“Today was a great exercise in our whole team coming together to solve a singular problem.”

Yes, they have now worked out a rock-solid methodology for closing a barn door once the horse has bolted.

Fat-thumbed dev slashes Samba security

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Re: Interesting...

Annoyingly, the listed patches are for Samba 4.6, 4.5, 4.4, and some 3.x versions. My just-updated Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system is using Samba 4.3.11 --- I had to go into the changelog to verify that this version is in fact the patch for CVE 2017-7494. Done on May 19, BTW.

Orbital boffins cut four years off NASA mission to shiniest object in the Solar System

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An attractive idea?

So what --- did they put a big magnet on the craft, so the asteroid just naturally pulls it to itself?

Dell kills botched BIOS update that murdered punters' PCs

bob, mon!

Re: Quality? Assurance?

Than again, we've also heard of excuses, and we got lots of those.

Reading the end of the article, it would seem there was a dearth of those, as well.

User needed 40-minute lesson in turning it off and turning it on again

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Re: Can you hold down the power button

> You've told people not to use jargon, but I have no idea whatsoever what 'top-up the jets' means*.

> I'd hazard a guess he's American and means topping up the screenwash, but it is only a guess.

As an American (pity me), I've never heard of "top-up the jets", and I refer to "washer fluid" when I think of the windshield washer. In fact, "top up" sounds like a British-ism to me.

Why OpenCAPI is a declaration of interconnect fabric war

bob, mon!

a meta-view

...as I look forward to restructuring an undergraduate "Computer Organization" course for the spring...

Should I de-emphasize the CPU organization? Is it time to pay more attention to how various elements are interconnected, than to what the elements are?

Even the processor? After all, what is a processor? A CPU? A GPU? Some application-specific FPGA? Does it matter, if the system has all three, or is their mutual interconnect more important?

Maybe I'll cop out, and just hide behind discussions of "Moore's Law".

Emacs and Vim both release first new updates in years

bob, mon!

And yet Notepad hasn't changed since the Win3 days...

Gvim. I keep my shell busy doing other things whilst I'm editing.

Or SciTE, if I happen to want proportional fonts (say, for a pretty screenshot).

Childcare app bods wipe users' data – then discover backups had been borked for a year

bob, mon!

Re: Dead Data

I'd say that's just happened...

SpaceX Dragon capsule lands in Pacific carrying 12 moustronauts

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"Stem cell-derived hart tissue was sent into orbit and will not be assessed to give data on the health risks of a Mars mission. "

I don't understand (a) why they wanted to send deer tissue into orbit, nor (b) why the won't assess it once it came back. Although maybe they realized they sent the wrong tissue sample and just don't care anymore?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's... er, Graphene bubbles – 200 times stronger than Superman

bob, mon!

Underrr.... PRESSURE!

Great. Now I have Bowie and Queen stuck in my head.

Das ist empörend: Microsoft slams umlaut for email depth charge

bob, mon!

Re: This is the end result of decades of outsourcing.

> they have at least moved on from 7 bit

This isn't really an improvement - 7-bit ASCII, stored in an 8-bit byte, is compatible with UTF-8. The various 8-bit codepages aren't.

Kepler's K2 mission confirms 104 Earth-like planets

bob, mon!

Re: Altitude or attitude?

The article I'm seeing says "attitude" --- referring to the orientation of the telescope in space, i.e. which way it points.

The reaction wheels would have no significant impact on the altitude.

Shocker: Computer science graduate wins a top UK political job

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Paris Hilton

"Two post-war Prime Ministers ..."

Which war are you posting? The Great War, WWII, Vietnam, the Falklands, Iraq 1, Afghanistan, Iraq 2, some other war I've overlooked...?

Revolutionary Brit-made SABRE hybrid rocket engine to burn in 2020

bob, mon!

Re: My first thought was:

> "2020! That's ages. :(" <

That's unbelievably soon! They'll never get a working plane by then!

Well, maybe (probably) a drone.

Physicists confirm X(4140)

bob, mon!

Seems rather strange to me.

Mushroom farm PC left in the dark and fed … you know the rest

bob, mon!

Re: “one-man-and-a-dog computer dealer"

>"So Gerald and his boss ..."

>That may answer your question.

Maybe, maybe not. Was the boss an SOB?

Citrix bakes up Raspberry Pi client boxes

bob, mon!

> "The Pi has HDMI and composite video outputs but they are exclusive"

Actually, they abandoned the composite video with the Raspberry Pi 2 (and 3...)

Airbus to build plane that's even uglier than the A380

bob, mon!

"Oh, and F4 Phantom FTW for modern."

"The triumph of thrust over aerodynamics."

Ooh missus, get a grip on my notifications

bob, mon!

A furniture store in Boston used to have a slogan on its building: "34 years without a sale!"

I always wondered how they managed to stay in business. Rentals, maybe?

Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware storms live TV weather forecast

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Thumb Up

Re: GWX Control Panel might help here

Works great for me, I have it installed on a physical machine and on a VM. Recommended if you've a reason to stay on Win7.

Dropping 1,000 cats from 32km: How practical is that?

bob, mon!

Re: Acceleration pedantry

Properly speaking, 1024 bytes is a kibibyte. 1024 cats is a kibblecat.

'Devastating' bug pops secure doors at airports, hospitals

bob, mon!

Re: Odd.

>I can't find any airlines that fly to the Southern Ohio Medical Centre......

Maybe some LifeFlight helicopters?

Four of the top 10 places in the world for internet are, er, in the US

bob, mon!

Re: I don't want to pile on...

Just want to point out that Massachusetts, at 27,336sq.km and 6.745M people, and Maryland, at 32,133sq.km and 5.976M people, are both comparable in size but more rural than Belgium at 30,528sq.km and 11.2M people.

Granted, Belgium wasn't in the top10,but then it only houses the EU and NATO.

HERE: We're still, er... HERE

bob, mon!

Thanks for that link

I now know that my Subaru Outback uses HERE maps.Outdated ones...

Building a fanless PC is now realistic. But it still ain't cheap

bob, mon!

Re: How about

'I wonder if it runs the GIMP?"

Yes. It installs via apt-get, and runs. "Fast?" ...Don't get greedy.

disclaimer: this is actually on a Raspberry Pi Zero, as my RPi2 is presently offline.

Browser made by China's top search engine leaks almost everything

bob, mon!

Re: "sounds much more like incompetence than government interference"

These two are by no means incompatible. Why not offer incompetent government interference?

Solution to tech bros' disgust of SF homeless people launched

bob, mon!

Marketed under the Joo Janta brand name, no doubt?

After all, the homeless represent a source of peril to the affluent....


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