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Small.biz flocks to Google Apps

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gApps is unusable, I don't know how they do it

there is no, zero, i mean absolutely no support for contacts as I understand them (data fields, GUIs, bidirectional synchronization (hell, even unidirectional synchronization) are all absent and/or impossible).

Do this if you doubt me. Take a reasonable contact list (let's say 500 contacts with an average of 10 data fields (addresses, phones, etc) in each) import them to gApps/gMail then export them and reimport to your source contact manager (phone/program/whatever). Your data will be mostly gone and what remains will be so hopelessly mangled you may as well shoot yourself.

Which is what I wanted to do after a 2 week review of gApps where I tried EVERY workaound imaginable to their contact non-management left me despondent.

I ended up keeping my clients either on Exchange or in Yahoo.

Too bad the rest of gApps isn't bad.

Google Apps digests Postini, doubles enterprise email inboxes


it's the contacts stupid

the reason I haven't OK'd migration off exchange 4 2 of my clients is gApps contact management, or complete lack of. Until they get proper contacts (bi directional synch, indexes, DATA FIELDS for christ sake...) they're dead as an enterprise tool, imho.

New cracks in Google mail


excellent I was looking for this feature!

it's a pain to keep all your gApps users synchronized - there are a lot of things like contact management that can't be done centrally, this could allow me to create common user experiences across the domain by crafting a special login page that acts more or less like a login script, pushing changes to their account every time they log on.


thank you gmail!!!

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