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Apple 'looking into' duff Chinese hard drive claims

Martin Bentley
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My Mac and Me

My Macbook Hard drive burned out on me three weeks ago. A replacement took 2 weeks roughly but it was incredibly frustrating to lose about 6 GB of music that I hadn't backed up recently, and a LOT of creative work. I love the OSX system and despite a few flaws really do like my Mac but this really dented my faith.

Since this is now a "Known fault" I would like Mac to provide me with a new decent PC as a replacement so I don't have to worry about it, I'm going to contact them and find out what bullshit excuse they can come up with.

My only advantage is that I work for a technical support team for a large telecoms company and if they don't give me decent compensation or response I can always cost them a LOT of sales with recommending other cheaper computer alternatives. As much as I love the product shoddy quality is not going to win my loyalty.


Judge parks 172mph Porsche driver for 10 weeks

Martin Bentley

Hoping for some irony.

Here's hoping everyone who thinks that speeding isn't dangerous gets hit by a car "they didn't see coming".

It's a crowded country so why don't you all sod off to a bigger country with some more space for your selfish behaviour. If you can't share the nation then get the hell out of it. I suggest Iraq our soldiers need a few human shields and you won't be missed.

If you think speeding is the government being tyrannical then you really REALLY have misplaced priorities (hopefully you misplace your reproductive organs as well just to save the planet you having any offspring).

Selfish morons.



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