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BBC Trust moots new licence laws to cope with net



The BBC should be stopped by offcom .

They have a policy of putting their putrid programming anywhere they can , on satelite and dvb , now on the internet . Then enforcing their outdated and all encompasing charges on the pretext that the whole country is now watching their rubbish ethnic propaganda .

The Internet was just fine without the bbc , WE can do without their scummy propaganda and rubbish programs and least of all charging because a computer might be able to recieve their TOXIC data streams.


Westminster forced to switch off digital CCTV cameras


parking cameras

the parking cameras issued me with a ticket in a street next to the cumberland hotel . Four coaches were blocking the exit , wilst unloaing at the hotel . the westminster parking THIEVES said that although they could see i was sitting in the car and the headlights were on I was still too close to the kerb which they decided was a parking offence . They ignored the coaches which were clearly visable blocking my exit..

This is common Theft and should be stopped as should the smart cars with cameras on the roof skulking around trying to catch drivers going too slowly through yellow boxes.

Westminster Council is out of controll , hell bent on robbing drivers who bring all the business into the capital

Drivers finger satnavs for motoring mishaps

Jobs Horns


300,001 traffic accidents are caused by motorists using ipod's as well .

Dodgy propaganda , generated by even more dodgy ministry of anty motoring and the green and safety party.

What if the green argument is wrong ? Will they repay the millions of businesses for the extra expences incurred by listening to their corrupt rantings ?

Naomi Campbell banned from BA flights



BA is as clapped out as our international image. A brand new terminal and no one bright enough to organise or run it. Roll on the olympic games .

Vienna central airport is a striking contrast to heathrow TORTURE TERMINAL , Bright intelligent staff , multi- lingual , polite and a stunning efficiency level . No ques . Like being on a different plannet . But the Austrian key instalations are run by the natives who are well educated intrested and proud of their jobs . At Heathrow its clock watchers and foreign labour dragging the quality of service lower than a third world country.

No supprise then that Naomy had her bags lost (stolen) like most other celeberities and other travellers who are unfortunate enough to stop at the heathrow disaster.

Lucky its only open till 10.30 pm . Any longer and passengers would need medication to get through the experience.

I would take the Eurostar to Paris and fly from there

Judge parks 172mph Porsche driver for 10 weeks



Nice to meet some normal thinkers here.

The speed limits in this country are designed to generate revenue in the name of safety.

The legal system is designed to punish only people who can afford to pay or have something to loose.

Thieves and rapists can usually expect counceling when convicted and very little else.

We need some bright new thinking on our legal system where the criminals are convected and punished . In America convicts are made to do manual labour digging the roads and the like . We should be doing the same here.

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