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Clarkson's 'steal my ID' stunt backfires

Paul Daniels


If its that easy to setup a DD its a wonder that no crims have setup a bank DDOS scheme. Pay up or thousands of your account holders will be shafted. Oh hang on.... All these fees on my last bank statement, we already are.


Asus launches tiny PC

Paul Daniels
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Might convert people to linux.

The joke is this thing has more grunt than my home server, that I pxe boot a couple of LTSP clients from (400mhz 256MB). Admitted, the server has a few hundred gig more disk. One of these beasties 3G network card for the road and it's the ultimate road warrior tool. With a solid state drive, you dont have to sleep it or hibernate it while your on the go.

Now, how can I get one in AUS?....


Free-market think tank urges EU to unbundle Windows

Paul Daniels

Bundling only part of the problem

The free market has not stinted the growth of MS monopoly as it excels in redefining the software license paradigm.

Your MS software license is not transferable, linked to the one PC system, and bundled when you purchased the thing.

Removing any one of these licensing problems will not open the market. All three must be removed.

This would enable a second hand market to flourish, for all those extra licenses, that are forced to be discarded when equipment is disposed of.

This idea is completely pointless, of course

It would only last as long as it took MS to redefine the license into some new grey area ie. It is only licensed to work with some HW verification key, that then must be soldered onto the system.

Then we have the court processes again, the political influences, a couple more decades, some minor semblance of fair trade, then back to the beginning.

Probably enough time for a couple of new MS operating systems before we start all over again.

But that's the free market for you.



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