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Panda Security axes jobs, gets new chief exec

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Boo hoo!

I hope this spanish galeon of ineptitude sinks. They false positived one of our programs and caused a large chunk of lost sales. After many calls, we were finally offered a solution that would cost us money. Blackmail much?

Peaches Geldof explains Kubrick's 2001


Re: I came to a similar conclusion

Her dad?

Assange: Facebook a ‘spying machine’


Surprise, surprise...

Another anti-wikileaks post on the Reg? Surely not.

Spanish city shuns Brit 'Saga louts'


Notes from an expat...

As someone who has spent the last 15 years living in Spain and seeing first-hand how the economy is in the toilet due to typical Spanish mis-management, this is yet another case of a spaniard forgetting where his bread is buttered.

Patched DNS servers still vulnerable to cache poisoning


RE: Easy fix: replace BIND with DJBDNS

Isn't the problem with how the protocol itself works?


RE: DNSSEC opens another an of worms

The client side could wait for a response from two servers and compare them? Not perfect, but it could help.

SMS used to land plane


@M A R Heald

"There was no need to text the pilot to tell him that the wheels were down. The pilot can tell better from the cockpit than the ATC guy from his Ivory Tower."

How? You know, with the wings and the nose cone in the way?

SWIFT to stop processing EU banking data in the US



Does this mean that by moving to Switzerland, they can make themselves immune to Europe's data protection laws?

US teacher fired for non-literal bible reading


RE: Shouldn't the college have asked for an appropriate biblical punishment

"Perhaps stoning?"

It is a college, there should be plenty of stoners.

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