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Apple sued over iPhone caller ID

Ian McFarland
Paris Hilton


I don't think so.

Apple should try to get this patent invalidated on the basis of its obviousness. Evidence that it is obvious is that just about every cell phone does this already. Others have mentioned this. I expect and hope that the courts will give this patent the treatment it deserves and invalidate it without much ado.

Paris because it would even be obvious to her.


Microsoft counters VMware insanity with optimistic frown

Ian McFarland

Shouldn't VMware be looking for injunctive relief?

As lots of folks have already pointed out, this is the Netscape situation all over again, and this time they're out front saying it themselves.

Doesn't it seem like VMware should be looking to the courts to prevent them getting the same treatment?

To quote from the story:

"It is important to understand that Viridian will ship as part of Windows Server 2008," Microsoft's virtualization chief Mike Neil told us. "VMware is in a situation where they are not an OS vendor. They need a distribution mechansim through the OEMs. This is the approach they have taken."

Or to paraphrase: "Microsoft will use its monopoly position to make sure you VMWare guys get your air cut off. We're the market leader in anti-competitive practices, so our stockholders should understand that VMware will not continue to pose a threat."



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