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World's first turbine powered Batmobile hits roads

Chris Ward

The 1966 TV Batmobile was turbine powered

The TV Batmobile as driven by Adam West was turbine powered. The film company bought a prototype of a turbine car from Ford (though I might be wrong and it might have been Chrysler) and adapted the body by adding the fins, the bodywork and the paint. They had the "real thing" in the essence of the car. Making various scences and sound effects easy to film. (The Wikipedia article says that the turbine might have been added by Chuck Barris, but agrees the turbine was for real. And the car could be driven for a maximum of 15 seconds at a time.)

The rest of the series was a very well told joke. Which I loved as a kid. But the car was (as far as the turbine went) for real.


MIT student walks into airport wearing circuit board and wires

Chris Ward

In America we are afraid and we lack judgement

The two items are related. Wearing circuit boards like that is a symbol of American Nerd culture.


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