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UK.gov to treat online abuse as seriously as IRL hate crime

Mad Dave

>Following public concern

Strange, I don't recall being asked my opinion...

Risk-free Friday evenings, thanks to Office 365 license management

Mad Dave

Re: MS still selling shit?

>This is especially true if you for some strange reason store them in the likes of OneDrive

Don't the documents just sit on my local hard drive, synced using the Onedrive client?

I thought it would simply stop updating, not that the documents would disappear.

Prepare your popcorn: Wikipedia deems the Daily Mail unreliable

Mad Dave

Does anyone believe that Wikipedia is anything other than a US government front?

Latest Intel, AMD chips will only run Windows 10 ... and Linux, BSD, OS X

Mad Dave

-killer business class PCs

-running Chrome OS

Yeah, you can only pick one of those.

PayPal denies stiffing bug-hunting teen on bounty

Mad Dave

Re: Good old Paypal - Did you know?


Dear me, the standard of commentators on here has lowered somewhat since I was last on.

The Register Comments Guidelines

Mad Dave

Not too sure about this

Guideline number 7 seems a bit off. There are plenty of people who are paid to act on behalf of many organisations, in order to promote their goods, services, or act as online reputation managers. Not quite sure why it would be that this is something which is not permitted to be said.

All that guideline number 11 needs is "and no Daily Mail readers" added to it, and it could be out of any sixth form college debating guide.

Iranian gov mouthpiece Press TV finally gets taken off the air in the UK

Mad Dave

It was a satirical statement

I live in the UK, like the vast majority of posters on here.

A couple of years ago, that would have been commonly understood on here.

Mad Dave

Anti-Slavic racism

One of the few form of racism still acceptable. I wonder why that would be?

Mad Dave

Thank goodness

I live in a country which embraces the freedom to disseminate information without undue government censorship.

The Register to publish other sites' blacked-out content in SOPA protest

Mad Dave

Instead of wasting time disabling js

You could have used that time to simply search for an authoritative source of information, rather than the deranged ramblings of a bunch of unemployable neckbeards.

Cruel new punishment for hackers: Twitter, Facebook bans

Mad Dave


Surely the people who are most likely to be subject to these measures are the people most likely to know how to open a CD tray and stick in a GNU/Linux live CD?

Punters even more dissatisfied by Virgin Media's package

Mad Dave

Write a letter, and send it 1st class recorded. It'll get there tomorrow , and you'll have your proof of them having received it.

Anonymous shuts down hidden child abuse hub

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Mad Dave

Tor is not the issue

Isn't this merely a bruteforce mysql attack or similar?

I'm not quite sure how the compromising of a service would render a protocol used to connect to that service as being 'unsafe'?

Blow for McKinnon as extradition treaty ruled 'not biased'

Mad Dave


Sure is paid posters in here...

Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral

Mad Dave
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More censorship, and restrictions on freedom.

Great, just what the UK needs.

Don't bother with that degree, say IT pros

Mad Dave


That probably explains the magnificent job which EDS do of looking after central government IT projects...

Spamford Wallace charged for hacking 500,000 Facebookers

Mad Dave

Big Deal

He caused some electrons to be moved around which had the effect of some people seeing an advert on a monitor, it's hardly the 'crime' of the century.

12% of UK don't carry cash

Mad Dave

I don't even have a bank account.

I pay for absolutely everything with cash. I never leave the house without at least a grand in cash.

Creationists are infiltrating US geology circles

Mad Dave

So, uh...

What have you done which ranks alongside the work of Pasteur?

Mad Dave

Why so anti-Christian?

I can understand it in 14 year olds who are annoyed because their mum took away their xbox, but why on here?

Oh wait...

Fake student hacker avoids jail over ID theft scam

Mad Dave

Probably a good thing then,

that he lives in a country which values freedom unless you are found to be guilty.

Police to get greater web censorship powers

Mad Dave

Is there some reason

why the police think that the normal course of law does not apply to them?

If they have information that a site is being used for crime, then go to court, and get an order to close it.

If they're not going to do that, we simply have a police state where the police censor information they don't approve of.

Swedish prosecutors seek Assange arrest

Mad Dave


"The identification, exposure, or termination of employment of or legal actions against current or former insiders, leakers, or whistleblowers could damage or destroy this center of gravity and deter others from using Wikileaks.org to make such information public."

I'm sure this is all just a big coincidence.

Video vigilante site emerges from legal battles

Mad Dave

How are they going to ensure

that the people watching the streams are complying with the terms of the DPA, with regards to such things as data storage, SARs, and such like?

Sounds legally dubious to me.

Pentagon out to 'destroy' Wikileaks, founder says

Mad Dave

It has been obvious for some time

that the US DoD has been carrying out a campaign against both the site, and the people who run it.

Second piracy threat lawyers withstand DDoS attack

Mad Dave

I asuume that when you say 'Teh lulz'

that you actually mean criminal charges for disrupting the normal operation of a network.

Steve Jobs in iPhone bitchslap to creationists, Tea Party

Mad Dave


How will all the angsty teenagers have straw man arguments now?

Belarusian extradited to US for one-stop ID theft site

Mad Dave

It's not really explained here

what the dickens does this case have to do with the US?

Harrow flicks pirate thrown in slammer

Mad Dave

Vue Entertainment

The company that wants to send its customers to prison.

Taxman rejects 'lie detector' tech

Mad Dave

A simpler solution

would be to never call them, and to not give them your phone number.

Swedish far-right party defaced on eve of general election

Mad Dave


that's supposed to be a good thing?

Proportional representation is the way forward.

South African police hunt Twittering speedcam spy

Mad Dave

This guy

deserves a medal.

Die-hard bug bytes Linux kernel for second time

Mad Dave

we think a measured WTF is in order.

Is this official El Reg policy?

Linus Torvalds outs himself as US citizen

Mad Dave

The education is not free

It is paid for by taxes, not from money which appears out of nothing.

Mad Dave

Damn straight!

GNU/Hurd is the way forward!

Do the Webminimum

Mad Dave


>whilst there are some GUIs for linux, that is the minority.

The minority of what?

>I wouldn't want to experiment in there without a hazmat suit and a box of rabbits feet.

Yeah, we have these things called 'Certs'...

Mad Dave


Someone is annoyed that they can't work out how to burn an iso to a CD...

Mad Dave


If you can't be bothered to read a man page, and expect everyone to spoon feed you answers, then it's probably best that you don't engage the GNU/Linux community.

It's probably not for you.

Mad Dave

If you can't come to terms with reading a man page

Then you probably have no business being a sysadmin.

Coalition pledges free appeals for filesharers

Mad Dave


I haven't been following this much, but this DEA sounds like a way for companies with lots of money to bypass the bothersome task of actually having to take people to court to show how they have had their rights infringed upon.

Is US prudishness ruining the internet?

Mad Dave

Of course,

The idea of running around record shops and independent retailers attempting to get them to sell your 'zine is totally unworkable ...

If it's popular, people will buy it.

I'm a regular on WoS. Why does such a site still exist? Because, even though there's no money left in it, people still want to talk about it.

Get your message prepared, and people will listen to it.

Mad Dave


militant atheists making juvenile statements akin to "chrischuns sux0rz!!1111"

Adobe reignites Flash on iOS

Mad Dave

Tell it to BSD users?

Why not, both of them probably post on here anyhow.

Post Office complaints: Write to M.BARRASS

Mad Dave

Why does it matter what name is on it?

It's been signed for, and delivered to the addressee.

What difference does it make what name is used?

Bollywood 'recruits DDoS hired guns to fight movie pirates'

Mad Dave

An observation.

Making available for download a torrent file which points towards files hosted by other people is not a crime.

Denying access to that file by means of an attack on the network which hosts the torrent file is a crime.

Clegg's taking away Your Freedom

Mad Dave


You sound sorta stressed out there.

Maybe you should use some of your baking skills and heed the advice of http://forums.theregister.co.uk/post/861612 ?

Sussex police try new tactic to relieve snappers of pics

Mad Dave

I lived on a Council Estate (in Glasgow, for what it's worth) for 20 years

And never once was I assaulted by anyone other than the police.

Mad Dave

If he gets it back unaltered once the police have viewed it

Can I just say


Google Instant a potential bonanza for search scams

Mad Dave


This is like SEO?

Pushing your link to the top?

Well I never.


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