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Carphone Warehouse buys Tiscali UK


Phorm? I'm off

I've been with Pipex for a few years and have been working up to moving away since Tiscali bought them, but couldn't quite work up the energy. This may be the kick that finally gets me to move. I will not give money to an ISP that uses Phorm.

BT chief: People don't need fibre to the home

Gates Horns

Obligatory quote

"Livingstone said there weren't enough applications that needed such speeds."

And 640KB is enough for anyone...

Global warming to stone US kidneys



The cost of treatment can be far higher than that. I have just been through this:

1) CT scan

2) Faileded lithotripsy as the stone had moved into the dead zone

3) X-ray

4) Blood tests

5) Ureteroscopy laser stone fragmentation and removal

5) Pain killers (diclofenac sodium)

6) Anti-biotics

7) Tamsulosin tablets

8) Consultant appointments

That's over 2,000GBP so far.


@More beer!

No it doesn't take rocket surgery to figure it out, it takes a chemist and it's obvious you're not one. Water hardness has nothing to do with forming stones, oxalates in eg tea and chocolate as well as your sodium vs potassium balance are key. Sometimes the obvious answer is just plain wrong.

ICANN dukes it out with the USSR in cold war rematch smackdown


@Rewriting History

internet != web, go read earlier comments for details.

@Stamps, Welsh stamps have their dragon on, at least they did 25 years ago which was the last time I remember seeing one. I think even NI have something on their stamps but I can't remember what.

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