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Chew the fat

No such thing as off-topic

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Re: Just put the image over our username.

Digital rights and wrongs

Copyright, patents, privacy, surveillance, regulation, legislation

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Using a proper end-to-end control solution could've be a help

El Reg matters

Give us your feedback - your bug reports, forum wishlists etc.

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Re: Any chance of a redirect?


We don't do creationism

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Re: Is the LOHAN project officially dead.

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open Any chance of a redirect? Slarti Bartfast 5
open Where's my opt-out link gone? Sammy Smalls 4
open Upvoting / downvoting bug Jamie Jones 7
open Just put the image over our username. overunder 2
open Has El Reg been hacked? Christoph 3
open Lets make HKmk23 1
By HKmk23
open Anybody else have an automated greenhouse? jake 1
By jake
open encrypted email psychonaut 1
open Terminology and Marketing sorry, what? 1
open Is the LOHAN project officially dead. CmdrX3 3
open British Airways denies cyber attack to blame for global IT outage, flight chaos Walter Bishop 2
open Project "Backstep" Conundrum1885 1
open Efficiency v convenience. adnim 1
By adnim
open 123-reg HTTPS fail Kev K 1
By Kev K
open Fukushima worker death LucreLout 2
By jake
open Door entry keypads -- top row bias Peter Prof Fox 2
By onefang
open Brisbane gets a new erection, a giant woody. onefang 1
By onefang
open Who is your favourite world leader? LeeE 6
By Chronos
open Prenda pringe prang Alistair 1
open Editing post seems permitted if system clock is set back Waseem Alkurdi 3
open Annoying 'edit-post' bug Jamie Jones 2
open AC enumeration Sandtitz 13
open Gmail ‘verification’ WolfFan 1
By WolfFan
open Is it just me, or is there a real problem here? Data Mangler 1
open Can you help rattle Facebook copyright people's cage for a friend of mine? Rich 10 1
By Rich 10
open BETA Site steviebuk 3
open SpaceX launch? John Brown (no body) 1
open Laptop scrapping Conundrum1885 2
open God Exists? Sanctimonious Prick 12
By jake
open Facebook hacked again? shrdlu 1
By shrdlu
open @Richard C: not sure why no comments but Alistair 4
open No science stories? onefang 1
By onefang
open Nuking media Conundrum1885 2
By jake
open Badges for Commentards Drewc 415
By Kaltern
open post icons disgustedoftunbridgewells 5
By jake
open No scientific consensus' on sea-level rise? Anonymous Coward 8
open Getting strike through HTML to work in comment. A Non e-mouse 3
By JassMan
open This is AI (answers on Definition questions, NIST TRED QA) I.Geller 1
open Do dishwashers really blunt knives Simon Rockman 77
By dzlegac
open That alert sound on Silicon Valley on gilfoyle's bitcoin miner OzBob 2
By Dan 55
open Who, me? - Search steviebuk 3
open Evolving a VM that runs on a neural net. John Smith 19 1
open BBC have different rules to everyone else TDog 1
By TDog
open Quantum Mechanics describes the Cosmological chuckufarley 1
open Jokes of no more than 2 lines Charles Calthrop 154
open Falcon Heavy launch webcast is spinning up now Alistair 4
open Do computers have NDEs? Conundrum1885 1
open Litigants gonna litigate Alistair 3
open Money Saving Expert Martin 47 1
open Flaky firmware and user rights to repair Conundrum1885 1


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