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open New Horizons eyeballs Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule, its next flyby goal 23
By hoola
open Russian volcanoes fingered for Earth's largest mass extinction 89
By Tom 7
open Jupiter suffered growing pains before becoming our system's big daddy 15
open Don't mean to alarm you – but NASA is about to pummel the planet with huge frikkin' space laser 51
open It's official – satellite spots water ice at the Moon's chilly poles 30
By Alowe
open Lo and behold, Earth's special chemical cocktail for life seems to be pretty common 89
open Boffins build the smallest transistor, controlled by an atom 42
open Kids are more likely than adults to submit to peer pressure from robots 38
By jake
open Drama as boffins claim to reach the Holy Grail of superconductivity 119
open Boffins get fish drunk to prove what any bouncer already knows 42
open Boffins blame meteorites for creating Earth's oldest rocks 22
By Alister
open Brain brainiacs figure out what turns folks into El Reg journos, readers 48
open Space, the final Trump-tier: America to beam up $8bn for Space Force 184
open First low-frequency fast radio burst to grace our skies detected at last 58
open Blast from the past: Boffins find the fastest exploding non-supernova star 23
open Get drinking! Abstinence just as bad for you as getting bladdered 81
By jake
open Build your own NASA space rover: Here are the DIY JPL blueprints 44
By rg287
open Now that's a dodgy Giza: Eggheads claim Great Pyramid can focus electromagnetic waves 217
By MrReal
open The Solar System's oldest minerals reveal the Sun's violent past 41
open Hurrah! Boffins finally discover liquid water sloshing around on Mars 40
By onefang
open All that dust on Mars is coming from one weird giant alien structure 76
By xyz
open Sorry, Neil Armstrong. Boffins say you may not have been first life-form to set foot on the Moon 116
By Mongo
open Alien sun has smashing time sucking up planets 21
open Fukushima reactors lend exotic nuclear finish to California's wines 111
open By Jove! Astroboffins spot 12 new spanking moons around Jupiter 22
open Geoboffins spot hundreds of ghost dunes on Mars 28
open Astroboffins spy the brightest quasar that lit the universe's dark ages 17
open Open plan offices flop – you talk less, IM more, if forced to flee a cubicle 164
By aj69
open Spidey sense is literally tingling! Arachnids detect Earth's electric field, use it to fly away 35
By xyz
open Universe slipped Milky Way a sausage galaxy to grow a big belly bulge 13
open Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a giant alien space cigar? Whatever it is, boffins are baffled 58
open Galileo, here we go again. My my, the Brits are gonna miss EU 370
open NASA eggheads draw up blueprints for spotting, surviving asteroid hits 46
By AK565
open Geoboffins baffled as Ceres is crawling with carbon organics 27
open Astroboffins 'sprinkle iron filings' over remnant supernova 14
By Jtom
open Astroboffins spot planets swimming in the mists of forming stars 6
open Solar winds will help ESA probe smell what Mercury's cookin' 9
open Kepler finds three Earth-sized exoplanets, but they're too hot to handle 15
By Chris G
open Woman sues NASA for ownership of vial of space dust 84
open Astroboffins trace mysterious noise from hard rock in space 25
open Done and dusted? Vast storm gobbles NASA's long-lived Mars robot 48
By spodula
open NASA finds more stuff suggesting Mars could have hosted life, maybe 50
open Japan's asteroid-hunting robot Hayabusa2 has its prey within its sights 6
open Juno finds some lightning on Jupiter is the polar opposite to bolts here on Earth 14
open USA! USA! We're No.1! And we want to keep it that way – in spaaaace 63
open No lie-in this morning? Thank the Moon's gravitational pull 86
By Mips
open NASA makes the James Webb Telescope a looker with a heart of gold 14
By tfb
open Four hydrogen + eight caesium clocks = one almost-proven Einstein theory 123
open DIYers rejoice: Hitting stuff to make it work even works in space 42
open Calm your conspiracy theories, latest glimpse reveals Planet Nine may just be a pipe dream 23


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